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  • Nice to see that there is a Pagan subforum. Unusual to find.
    I've moved recently and am still unpacking and setting things up... my altar table isn't really dedicated yet. I'm thinking of putting up some of those small shelves in my bedroom, one in each direction, so that the whole room could itself be a focus.

    I'm working to visualize my weight release this time (its not a loss, I don't want to find it again!) .
  • mirihawk- Lol, wise words! I've never had an altar before, I'm hoping that this year will be the first. My last roommate was Catholic and put up a huge crucifix over her bed.

    So does anyone take their practices from a particular culture? I'm Celtic/Native American shamanism. Oh, and does anyone know any good air and fire substitutions for candles and incense? I've heard reed diffusers look like incense but don't smoke, but what about fire? I'm a little stuck on that.
  • Honestly, Weight release. Ingenius. Wow. I wanna release too. I've lost it & found it too many times, lemmie tell ya!

    You know, I'd love to learn more about paganism. I've claimed for about a decade now & haven't really had time since my daughters were born to practice much. Not to mention their father was an abusive jerk that made feel dumb for believing in anything. That would be my last weight release, bout 180 pounds to be exact...

    I went to catholic school for 4 years in junior high, the very reason why I started looking into other religions! A cross above her bed huh? Reminds me of one the Nightmare on Elm Street movies.
  • Merry Meet!

    I was looking for a Pagan thread - but I was looking in the 'faith-based support groups'!

    Name: Halsey
    Age: 18
    Religion/Spirituality: Pagan
    Beginning Weight: 270
    Current Weight: 210
    Goal Weight: 170-180
    Goal Date: October 1st, 2008
    About me: My religion is a big part of my life, and I am very open-minded.
    Because of this, I have faced a lot of hardships in my relatively conservative small town. But... I will change my beliefs for no one - my faith in the Lady and Lord is unending. I was raised in a Pagan household, and have been Pagan over half of my life. I am solitary in nature - I am in no coven. I do not actively Cast. I simply believe.
    Faith in the Goddess has helped me on my journey to Weight Loss. I am not only doing it for myself, I am doing it so that I may better serve Her.
    I can't really go on Nature walks or dance a spiral dance and worship her properly if I can't make it up a hill without being out of breath, now can I?
    Future Plans: I plan on enlisting in the US Army as soon as I'm down to weight. I would also love to immerse myself more spiritually. I used to have an Altar, but it was gathering dust - so it's now boxed away. *Bows head in shame*
  • Quote: So does anyone take their practices from a particular culture? I'm Celtic/Native American shamanism. Oh, and does anyone know any good air and fire substitutions for candles and incense? I've heard reed diffusers look like incense but don't smoke, but what about fire? I'm a little stuck on that.
    I'm an eclectic wiccan that tends toward the Egyptian dieties, but I don't practice nearly as often as I'd like to anymore, mainly because when my son goes to sleep, I'm ready to crash as well.

    Speaking of which, when he was born, I had to find a fire substitute as well. I didn't want to risk getting careless and leaving matches within his reach. I landed up settling on a pen-light-type flashlight and fake candles (with the LED light thingies inside). The flashlight is handy to put into the cauldron light-end down if I want to "simulate" the use of fire.
  • Yay! I found the Paganchicks! I was thinking I was all alone on here.

    I'm not sure where to start! My religious path is Celtic Reconstructionalist, and I am a member of Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship which is an international fellowship devoted to creating a public tradition of Neopagan Druidry. I am also the Senior Druid of the local Grove... Sort of like the High Priestess of a Coven.

    I'm actually going to a Lughnassadh ritual today, we did ours last week.

    I would love to hear how some of you have come to your decision to lose weight. In my area it doesn't seem that is much of a concern for pagans.
  • I guess I'd be the newest Paganchick. I don't follow a traditional path. In fact till a few years ago I didn't realize what my family has taught me from birth is Pagan, but I've learned that its considered being a green witch. I come from a long line of thousands of years...long line. My family is from and continues to live in Alaska where we have deep roots. Can't wait to meet more of you!
  • Welcome
    Welcome to Paganchicks!
  • Ghost - that is cool about your family traditions of herbalism.

    My family background consists of spiritualists from my dad's side and my grandmother, uncle and father have some "gifts" as well. I think that growing up with different beliefs and religions around me has helped lead me to my own path.
  • Name: Lil
    Age: 29 and holding indefinately
    Religion/Spirituality: Asatru
    Beginning Weight: 303
    Current Weight: 233
    Goal Weight: 150
    Goal Date: 09/01/09
    About me: I am a 29 year old science teacher living deep in the Bible Belt. Fortunately, I don't teach evolution. I get enough flack for teaching Physics! I am a Heathen, and have been for the past 5 years. Prior to that I was a Norse leaning pagan. I also practice hearth and kitchen witchery. I see this as something that, while having a spiritual concept, is a art and not a religion. I live with my partner and we have been adopted by a cat named Kreature.

    When I have spare time, I am an avid photographer and I LOVE to spend time exploring abandoned buildings. I find a sense of peace and spiritual awakening watching nature overcome man's handiwork.
  • Rebeca or Raven
    Hello My name is Rebecca but in some circles I'm called Raven.

    I am 23 years old. Married to an amazing man for now almost three years.

    I have two childeren a bunny named Lillith and a bird named Cloud. Aslo I am expecting a little boy he will be born in Febuary but I wont see him till April his name will be Dresden and he is a chocolate Lab. =)
    Thogh one day I am sure I will have at least two human babies too just not yet. =) I with my hubby have already picked there names as well my girl (goddes providing) Will be Amarha Blake and My boy (again if Lord and Lady provide) Connor Wallice

    I should be starting school in the fal to get a teaching dagree.

    My hobbies are writing, reading, and art.

    Music I like is anything I can move to, I love to dance and sing as well.

    I am here because I am tired of looking in the mirror and not just hating what I see but really hating myself.
  • oops forgot to add I think my whieght is at 275 ish (dont have a scale) and I want to be at 150 at the least. (under that would be very nice) I am Wiccan my mother started teaching my we I was 13. I also lean more toward the Eygption Gods and Goddess as well. Merry meet and Bleesed be.
  • Merry Meet
    I was very surprised today when I first joined and scanned through the forums to find a pagan one. My name is Teresa and I've been the co-coordinator for the Central NY Pagan Pride Day for 10 years now. I also volunteered in 4 state prisons for 3 years teaching classes and facilitating rituals for Wiccan inmates. I no longer go into the prisons, but am continuing the prison ministry. I recently joined weight watchers and, much to my surprise, have lost 14 pounds in the first month being on it, and eating more food than I ever have in my life. The group I celebrate with has 3 of us now on weight watchers, which makes for interesting after ritual potluck conversations, but we try to come up with food options for us that the guys in the group won't groan over

    I look forward to getting to know you all better.

  • Welcome Raven and Webdancer!
  • Merry meet,
    I'm a crone at 52, live in the gorgeous Pacific NW of the US, and have practiced my own eclectic pagan path for about 10 years now, before that I was terrified to admit it because of my fundie upbringing. What a load off!

    Today is a wonderful adventure, I am just starting my diet and I stumbled across this forum and this group on this forum within a short time. Mother knows what I need!

    I really look forward to hearing from this group, what a wonderful resource.

    Today my weight is 211.

    Question, how do you get one of those little weight loss register bars that everyone has?

    Blessed be to all of you,