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  • Welcome, Gaia!

    Jenn, what will you get on your shoulder when you meet your goal? I have a pentacle on my left upper arm, a dream catcher w/a bear inside it on my left shoulder, and a bear paw print on my right shoulder. :-)

  • Wow!!!!
    Holy cow! There's an actual section for Pagans here? Very cool. I'm so excited! If you couldn't tell, I'm new here...
  • Welcome FreyAlexander! Unfortunately this area has been a bit quiet lately but I would love it if we could get things going again.
  • Well...maybe people are busy?
  • Quote:
    Well...maybe people are busy?

    I haven't been around much at all, I haven't really been actively trying to lose any weight as I am trying to get my sleep apnea under control. Backsliding because of it unfortunetly. I'll be around more in a couple weeks, should be feeling better (i hope) and will be more then a lurker!
  • Wow, there is a pagan subforum! This makes me so happy.

    I'm not really sure what to say about myself, so here are a few uncategorized details:

    I'm a tall girl from Washington State, and an eclectic pagan. I draw heavily from the Golden Dawn tradition, but I also have learned a great deal from Wiccan and nature-based spirituality. I don't believe in choosing "high" or "low" magic; I think these should be integrated and that each serve important purposes. Paganism in its many forms has become a beautiful way for me to understand the universe, and I love talking to other people about their individual paths of spiritual discovery.

    I've been insecure about my weight since I was a small child. Constant exercising got me nothing but pain, so I gave up on trying to be thin for a while. After being diagnosed with a couple chronic conditions, I've thrown myself back into the struggle to attain a more healthy weight. I'm a "big girl"... tall, naturally "hourglass"-shaped, and actually "big-boned", so I was always disillusioned with weight loss, because I never believed I'd actually lose enough weight to look thin. But I've started to realize that losing weight is something I need to do for me, to be more happy and comfortable in my body, and I'm hoping that this time it will "stick".

    Hmm... I love music, and cooking, and natural whole foods, and dancing. I also adore recycled (read: second-hand) clothes, the more eccentric the better.
  • A pagan forum! Not something I was expecting, but definitely a welcomed sight!

    A little bit about me - I'm 22, single, and have no children save for a gorgeous black cat who I love to pieces.

    As far as my own spiritual path, I do not stick to a certain tradition, but instead am more eclectic in my practices and beliefs - This will be a great place to utilize my spirituality to help in my weightloss goals!

    As of right now, I have a little less than 70 pounds to loose, it's going to be a long journey, but well worth it!

    Blessed Be!!!
  • A pagan sub-forum--yay! That just fills me with warm fuzzy goodness.

    I've considered myself a Wiccan/witch since I was 13, and though I live in abig city I've never bothered to look for what must be a pretty big Wiccan community. But it's nice to come here.

    Hi all!
  • Welcome everyone!
  • Hi, my name is Melissa from Quad Cities, Illinios. I'm just looking around the site trying to see what it has to offer me. I LOVE that there is a pagan chat going on (although not very recent).

    I have 2 daughters, Acacia & Ashlynd & a weight loss goal of 80lbs. I'm looking for support from anyone willing to give it!

  • Brightest blessings and merry meet!
  • Hello
    ASHmomma I just love the names of your girls.
    I also was very pleased with the pagan site, as I live in a very conservative community and find it difficult to be myself. In fact- I don't talk religion or politics around any of them.
    I have 2 boys- Gavin-7 and Dylan Almost 2

    I am searching to fill a void in my spirituallity. As a child I wasn't raised to be anything, but have found through reading etc that the Pagan way is the path for me. Really not sure where to start though.
  • Well thank you. My older sister let me pick her 2nd daughters name & while looking through baby books I found Acacia & feel in love with it. She wanted to use it for her daughter but I just wouldn't let her. I had the name picked out for 2 years before she was born! Her middle name is snow because around here the day she was born was the first day it snowed.

    I had many psychic dreams with my second child & so when I found the name Ashlynd it just fit (Ashlynd means 'dreamlike'). Her middle name is Skye because she was born on the first beautiful sunshine filled day of the year (or at least that's how I saw it!)

    I too was raised in a faith-less family. I hated floating around with parents that "kind of" believed in christianity. So I looked around for a while & checked out a few different kinds of religions until I found paganism. Which actually has made me feel moved. So. I just know it's right for me.

    I don't get to practice as much as I'd like to, at all. But it works for me. And just because I don't "go to church" every sunday does NOT mean I don't worship at any given time.

    I'm scatter-brained today so I hope that makes sense!
  • Stitchwitch- I would start out by visiting They've got tons of articles about the origins of Wicca and Paganism, making tools, rituals, Sabbats, etc. After that I'd hit Witchvox; they have more personal articles from pagans and listings of local shops and clergy in your area. I also like, its a good basic resource.

    ASHmomma- Its awesome your daughters have meaningful names and not run-of-the-mill ones. It is an ill conceived notion that Sunday is some kind of "holy day"; why just Sunday? Why isn't everyday a day to be treasured and reveled in? I find it confusing. But I also don't get to practice at all; I'm with my parents at the moment, and per my mother's request, I don't do any magickal rituals or spells. Actually, now that I think about it, I don't think I've done anything in about three or four years, lol. I've been pagan for six!

    Its awesome to have new people here! Maybe we can pick up the chat.
  • Hello again
    I would love to continue chatting!

    I hit my 10 lbs. today