accountability thread

  • So here we go! I am going to post everyday here to hold myself accountable. Last time I was on here I didn't even have a smart phone, so today I got busy checking out all the nifty apps for calorie counting and such. Trying one out!

    Made my goal weight as 175lb for now. I would like to get lower but starting with that. I am currently at 215lb. Set my calorie intake at 1777 and striving to boost my fitness to moderate level instead of light. So far so good.

    This weekend will be spent putting together a weight bench that I got for Christmas!
  • Made it below calorie intake goal for the day. Added some extra stretching in for the day.
  • I once again made it below goal for calorie intake. Thinking maybe I can set it lower but will wait it out a bit since I am mid cycle for menstruation. I tend to be ravenous the week before Aunt Flo visits.
    Got a bit more exercise in, easing into a routine so I don't burnout before starting to lift next week.
  • Just realized I didn't post yesterday!
    Did great on calories again and light exercise.
    Going to be working on putting together my weight bench this weekend!!!
  • Met calorie goal for the day.
    Unfortunately I didn't get much exercise in besides walking because I had housework to do. Which was mostly organizing and filing, so not much of a workout.
    Realized I also need more room for weight bench to go up so have to reorganize the room a bit more.
  • Went a bit overboard on calories. Was thinking I would have weight bench together but ended up not having the right tools. Got some shopping done and got the proper tools.
  • Still went a bit over calories but not as bad as day before. Got my weight bench together!!! Now I just have to figure out how to keep it from sliding on floor. Thinking foam mats but I don't want the animals chewing on the foam. Got some brainstorming to do.
  • Still need to figure out what to place under weight bench, however, I did try it out a bit. Felt good, a bit sore but not overly so I know I can probably add weight already. Just have to be careful with tendonitis in my hands.

    Doing great on calories! Just need to keep cutting the carbs. I am also considering doing IF.
  • Staying on point with calories. A tish bit sore today. On top of a work out I got out and shoveled the driveway. Finally warm enough to break up the ice but may have gone overboard. No lifting today so just working on cardio.
  • Extremely sore! Definitely went overboard when I decided to shovel the whole drive. Stayed in range on calories but didn't get much of a workout in.
  • It's been an interesting week. Stayed within goal for calories most days but wasn't able to exercise as much.
    Had the roof of my porch partially collapse last weekend and tweeked my back a bit trying to at least get it braced. Work was ridiculous, everyone getting the flu.
    So hopefully back on track this week for exercise!