Tarot for weight loss?

  • I was just wondering, did someone turn to their cards for aid with weight loss? Or other divination technique? How did you go about it? After all, for many people it is more about the head than the body. I have a nagging feeling that I might get something very useful out of this exercise, but I don't know how to lead the line of inquiry, so to speak, to get anywhere. It seems that I (not the cards as much) am stuck at thinking about the issue too physically and project that into the reading until the cards get "frustrated" with me
  • I think it would be a great idea. If nothing else it will put your weightloss in the spiritual part of your mind. Can't hurt right? If the cards get frustarted with you. I would put them up, maybe after I smudge them. Then sit down and try the reading from a different angle.