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1Bluerose68 03-09-2015 12:19 AM

My Mom Use to read the bottom of Espresso Cups.
She would interpret the design at the bottom of the cup as a fortune to tell the person sharing a cup of coffee with her at the table. I recall watching and admiring mom for being able to share her gypsy ways with our new arian neighbor lady. Mom was very lonely after her coffee mate, next door neighbor lady moved, and mom was at home while we were all at school during the hours she formerly spent giggling and having pagan like fun with her best bud, next door neighbor lady. I like intrepreting Dream Cards for Fortunes. Haven't done that since my 20 Something(best years) of my life though.

LovesToTravel 03-09-2015 09:49 PM

That's pretty neat, 1BlueRose68. :) Did your mom learn tasseography from someone else or did she teach herself? Must've been a fun experience for her coffee guests! Did she ever show you how to do it? And do you still have your old cards?

I had a great-great aunt who was known in the family for reading playing cards quite well. Never got to meet her, sadly. I've read tarot for much of my life, but I'm about as psychic as a brick so I mainly find them helpful from a psychological standpoint- the images and symbolism can get me thinking in a new direction about a situation that I might not have otherwise considered.

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