I went to a medium on www.etsy.com

  • It was a recent transaction, the medium even let me bargin the cost down to $75 as opposed to the $125 she wanted to charge when I told her the situation. The information she gave me today was just really depressing that I got really angry. Apparently, she said I didn't have a past life with a guy I really love (who recently broke my heart), and that there were no ghosts in my apartment. Also that apparently I do have ancestors who want to talk to me if I summon them but they also wanted me to get over a situation. It's a bit complicated of why I can't get over a certain situation but if something didn't set right, does that mean she was wrong or mean spirited?
  • Unfortunately there's a lot of charlatans out there. People who will make things up in order to pray on the hopes and fears of others.
    There's also a lot of information out there that's either difficult to interpret, or something that you just straight up don't want to hear. Just because it didn't resonate perfectly, it doesn't mean that she's wrong. It could just mean that you don't want to hear her answers, or don't understand the exact meaning behind everything she's said yet.

    Personally I'd take her advice and speak to your ancestors. Listen for their quiet voices and subtle hints. We often want things to be cut and dry and quite obvious but generally they're not. And try not to be frustrated with the medium. It's not her fault if the message that she's given to relay is depressing. Most people who are faking it will try to give you all good info to make you think they're fantastic. The fact that she didn't makes it more possible that she was genuine.
    If you're REALLY not convinced, ask her if she can give you a confirmation reading for $10. Ask her to try to provide something that no one else could know to help validate her reading for you. If she's worth her money she'll probably do it. If not she'll likely decline because she can't give you anything.