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  • Happy Beltane to any who celebrate!
  • Atmos - I have the same problem making my religion a priority!
    I've been meaning to set up my new alter so I think here in the next few weeks that is what I'll do.
  • Ciao - Setting up a new altar should get the energy stirred up for sure. Great idea! I'm looking forward to moving around my altar and shrines when I move next month.

    Just a quick drop in to see how my pagan chicks are doing! Hope all is well. My work stress is still here but decreasing in severity now that another deliverable was turned in last Friday. I have a draft due in a couple weeks, then the next two reports aren't due until the end of June. Maybe I can science again soon?

    I had a very nice visit to my grandpa's farm. I was a bit creeped out this time, though, as I brought my boyfriend and he was sensing spirit activity. I always figured there were people hanging out there as my family has been there for something like 50 years and people have died in the house, but I'm not sensitive to such things so I never thought about it. It was also creepy as it was just us and my brother, and I'm used to the "adults" of the family being there, aunts and uncles and such. But it was a nice visit.

    I'm slowly easing back into a good fitness routine and still searching on my diet. So far so good with exercise since I've returned. The diet is slower coming (Friday was pizza rolls, cheetos, and wine and it was excellent), but I'm getting there.
  • Where my paganchicks at? I'm FINALLY done with a stint of overtime work and turned in the project end report yesterday. I also just finished moving to a new apartment and turned in the keys to the old place yesterday. It feels sooooo nice to be free of all the stress of the last couple months!
  • Sorry I've been away! I learned soon after I last posted that I was pregnant, so I just stayed away since then, but am back now after having the babe.
  • Anyone still around here???