Anyone agnostic?

  • I find Christian and Pagan groups, but do we have a place for agnostic chicks?
  • It is like limbo... I neither believe nor disbelieve in higher entity.
  • Mmm... I went through an agnostic phase before deciding "pantheist" was a closer fit.

    Some people in the "taking it all apart" place sometimes take a pit stop in "agnostic."

    That's like Stage 3 to Stage 4 on Fowler faith development stages where you are trying to reconcile your previous beliefs (usually that of your family/upbringing) with your own personal beliefs (that you develop on your own). So you aren't sure yet if it is this way or that for you.

    And some pass through the sorting it out phase, and decide, yes. Agnostic is the right fit for them.

    So I don't know which agnostic you mean -- "sorting it out phase agnostics" or "settled in there agnostics?"

    And I don't think there's an agnostic specific area in 3 fat chicks... but you are welcome to post wherever.

    Could always start a thread for agnostics in the general faith area --

    See who joins in!


  • I'm spiritual, but not religious. I feel nature corrects itself, but probably isn't conscious of itself.
  • There are several agnostics on the 'Atheist chicks!' thread under Weight Loss Support Groups