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Skullarix 04-28-2011 03:23 AM

Midsummer challenge?
Hello chicks,

With Beltain around the corner anyone feel like weighing in (or measuring inches) and starting a Midsummer challenge?

souvenirdarling 05-01-2011 04:47 PM

I'm down - I have some big goals set for around Solstice :)

Hydra 05-02-2011 01:08 AM

I am in. I want to weigh under 200 lbs by Summer Solstice. I weigh 207 right now.

Skullarix 05-03-2011 01:00 AM

Hello Paganchicks, looks like there are just a couple of us BUT I'm sure we can help keep eachother motivated! Lets do this!

My goal is to be 176 by June 21... I think that is reasonable...

Hydra 05-03-2011 11:27 PM

We can do this...I was a little bummed this morning as the scale showed a gain of 2 pounds, boo hiss. Long story but my boss is constantly underminding my weight loss efforts. I will resist her offers of chocolate, homemade fudge, etc. She means well but I have come too far to backslide. This is a small hurdle to overcome and I will be strong and stick to my healthy eating plan! :)

Skullarix 05-06-2011 01:30 PM

Hello ladies, the scale said I was down 2 pounds this morning *gasp* I did NOT eat well this week, not sure how I managed it!

Hydra~:dust: You can do it! I don't know if this would help, but what I will do if someone offers me fudge or cookies or such I'll bring it home for my hubby or mom. Some how if I decide it isn't "my" food I can resist.

How did the rest of you do this week? :devil:

Hydra 05-11-2011 11:19 AM

Thank you Skullarix!! Good idea and congrats on your loss!! I was offered homemade brownies yesterday and I took them home to my son :)
I am happy to say I am down to 206 :) Oh, I wanted to tell you all that I will be moving at some point this month, so if I disappear for a couple weeks, no worries, I will be back and I will be staying on plan!!! Have a great week everyone and keep up the great work! :)

Skullarix 05-12-2011 06:25 PM

Glad to hear the sharing of brownies worked out for you :) Good luck with the move!

Skullarix 05-13-2011 11:05 AM

Okay... official weigh in... 189 today, so I've lost one pound since last week.

Hydra 05-13-2011 06:18 PM

Totally Awesome Skullarix!! I am down to 205 as of this morning....just goes to show me that even though I had hit a plateau then went up a couple pounds, eh, I'm losing again now :) I am super excited to be just 6 lbs away from seeing onederland!!! Have a great weekend everyone :)

NewGirl24 05-19-2011 05:56 PM

Great group and great challenge! I'm in to lose 2 pounds by Solstice. I'm zoning in on the goal weight and losses are slowing down.

BTW, I'm thrilled to see that there is a Pagan group here!

I'm a solitary eclectic myself.

Hydra 05-21-2011 03:30 PM

Skullarix! Thank you so much for sprinkling me with:dust: and thank you everyone for joining in and for your support. I have weighed 203 the past couple of days!!!!! Booyah, I'm so excited. I had hit a plateau and we all know how frustrating that can be but with the return of the bright sun, the pretty flowers and I do believe our gathering together right here and joining together in our effort to lead healthier more fulfilling lives has made a big difference for each of us! :grouphug:
Have a great rest of the weekend! :witch:

Hydra 05-27-2011 07:06 PM

I am at 202 now!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is 50 lbs lost! That is an overweight BMI for my height and age, NOT an obese BMI, ha, take that cranky old family doctor!!! If you have a moment look over at pics in the mini goals pics sections....whoa! Can't also believe it myself, I wanted to grab that scale and run down the street nude and show my neighbors what I weighed!!! I did not of course :) I have to buy all new pants and panties, can you believe I had to buy size 6 panties? Panty sizes are odd here in the usa, I am in a very loose size 18 dress pants or skirt, so I figure maybe a size 16 snug at this point? I don't know I will hit the vintage/thrift store when I get a chance, weeeeee!!!!

Hydra 06-05-2011 11:58 AM

I wanted to post here first...........I purposely stayed away from the scale until this morning, I WEIGHED 198 THIS MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!! 198, ONEDERLAND, I AM HERE AND WILL BE STAYING HERE THE REST OF MY DAYS!!!!!! Thanks you all for your support and well wishes, thanks to the Lady and Lord and every living being and just everything dang it :)

I can not explain in simple words the joy in my heart today but all my efforts and all the wonderful support from the lovely people on this forum and my friends and family, my Circle group and joyous souls around the world, well, I am blessed and thankful for a healthier body, mind and spirit. I feel on top of the world and I am sending you all good positive healthy energy so you too can feel this way too! Wow, 198! I'm a happy happy woman :) I will check in when I can, my move is planned for mid next week and I still have lots of packing to do. Keep up the great work everyone! Blessings to all and big old hugs too!!!!!

sheski 06-06-2011 02:36 PM

Hydra, that is wonderful, I am so happy for you. Your progress is inspiring, I hope your move goes well and that you have lots of help with the moving process. Your happiness is infectious, keep it up.

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