Weigh-in Wednesdays???

  • Anyone interested in having this as a weekly thread?? (I don't mind posting it!) You can weigh in on Wed or your normal day and post it for that week.

    Might be a fun place to give praise, encouragement and support!

    And of course, for us to show off how good we've been!

    It would be fun to get this board hopping! I used to post over in the general support board and it was nice and busy... but I just didn't get a real sense of warmth there. I would love to have a really supportive friendly NS board!

    Anyways- ill post this if it seems like people like it.

    me- 140lbs this am
  • Freddy why don't you come and visit us in NUTRICHICKS?
    There are a few of us that post daily. I am a Monday weigh-in and post there.
  • okay - thanks, i will. i just thought that since we had our own subfolder, we didn't need to post in just one topic. but if thats preferable to everyone- its aokay with me!
  • Mondays are my weigh day too..however, I am opting for leapfrogging my weigh day with a measuring day. I.e. one week weigh one week measure instead of weigh. That way I feel I will see more progress despite what the scale says. Come see us in NutriChicks!!!!!
  • Wednesday is weigh in day for me too
    I've been on NS since 3/22 and weigh in on wednesday as well (okay I am obsesed with the scale and weigh in everytime i'm in the bathroom - I know it is not good for me to do it - but I can't seem to stop). I started at 252 and am down to 236. We are going to Disney World on the 30th and I wanted to lose 20lbs before that, I'm close, but not sure if I can do it or not. Then my goal is not to gain any, then get right back on track when we return on the 13th. I am motivated this time to lose the weight. I have 2 adorable little boys that I would like to be around to enjoy.
  • go GB! thats awesome!
  • GB I'm so jealous that you're going to Disney. My hubby took me for my b-day which falls a few day after Halloween but when we were there they had the Mickey's Not So Spooky Halloween. It was amazing. It was my very first time at Disney & I want to go back so badly. I hope you have a blast... well I don't how you can't. It's the happiest place on earth!