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Default Occasional problems after "cheating"?


It's been a long while since I've been on here!

Some history: A couple of years ago, I was on Ideal Protein, for about 2 years, then slowly started quitting. Then, we had 2 years where I spent 3 months away from home (at another location) due to work, where I gained weight. I don't remember exactly, but I think that with Ideal Protein, I think that I went from maybe about 310 lbs to about 250 lbs (when I eventually stalled). I've been off Ideal Protein now, for maybe 1.5 years.

Then, earlier this year, I heard that my daughter had started on different diet, and seemed to be having good results, and their diet seemed a little easier to follow (5 fuelings per day, plus 1 meal), so I started with that and from 5/2018 - now (11/3/2018) I have lost ~50 lbs and am now at ~225 lbs, so I think I have done well.

The reason I am writing is I've been having some problems after after the occasional "cheating" (= maybe one meal in a restaurant), and I wanted to find out if this is "normal".

The problems I am having are that sometimes, I am having bouts with bloating/gas, vomiting, and pain, going from the lower area of my right ribcage to the back. I don't remember if this is "always" happening, but when it does happen, it is after I wake up the morning after I have cheated.

I have seen multiple doctors (urologists and gp) and had CT scan (this is usually awhile after the incident) and they all said that they don't see anything wrong, and my "coach" says that she thinks that this is because my stomach has shrunken, but the last time this happened (yesterday), I don't think I ate that much.

My wife thinks that it is the diet that is causing the problem, and is pushing me to quit (for now, at least), but I feel like I need to drop a bit more, maybe to 195-200 lbs (I am 5'8").

So, like I said, I wanted to check with you all here: has anyone heard about something similar?


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I never heard of this but if it continues I would see another doctor. It does not sound normal at all.
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I think I am going to have to do that (see another doctor) this coming week, because, this weekend, I've been trying to deal with continued bloating feeling (and I've only been eating lightly). I think that bloating is what was causing the pain I had noted (in the lowest rib area on the right side).

This is kind of crazy !!

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Hi ohayah! Have you checked what the ingredients are in whatever you are eating that seem to bother you. I have Celiac disease and cannot eat any gluten so that affects what I use on my food plan. If you only get these dietary issues when you cheat, what is it about the cheat meal that is different from your usual food plan? I know many have issues if they are eating low carb or keto and then cheat with high(er) carb food especially junk foods like mixed grains/sugars/fats (as opposed to fruit or higher carb veggies like sweet potatoes, etc.)
Or if you are eating low fat/WW/calorie counting type of diet, maybe the cheat meal is too high in sudden fats.
Hope you find the answer soon! Try using some Gas-X first to see if that helps and definitely go to another doc and describe exactly how you are eating differently from your norm. Also, gallbladder attack comes to mind... check this site out for more info The site and description of pain/vomiting etc fits and if you are having gallbladder issues, sudden change in diet will set things off.
Good luck!
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