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Packaged Meals and Clinics - Nutrisystem, Medifast, Jenny Craig, Etc For support and questions about diet meal delivery programs, or weight loss clinics that offer prepackaged meals and products.

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Default My Nutrisystem experience

Hi all. I signed up for this forum strictly because I wanted to post my Nutrisystem experience somewhere. I did a lot of research early on, but all I could find were "blogs" that looked like they were getting paid to type them. I wanted to give an unbiased opinion/accounting of my experience so far.

I want to start by saying that some will probably say "that isn't healthy" or "you shouldn't do that because ___________________". That may be true. I don't plan on being on this diet forever. I want to lose most/all of the weight, then I plan to switch to a "balanced diet" which would be healthy. For those that say that the way that I am doing it isn't healthy, my response would be "neither is this" (pointing to my body). I would encourage caution if you do the diet as I did/do. While it is working for me, I suppose different body chemestries could act differently.

Around December of last year I had started really considering my options to lose weight (for a few different reasons), and Nutrisystem was dropped in my lap by my very concerned mother. She lives half way across the country from me, and while I try to avoid the camera most of the time, she had seen enough pictures of me and was EXTREMELY concerned (and has been for a while). I wasn't sure how much I would like it, but since it was dropped in my lap I figured I would try it. Plus the timing was good as I had really been considering my options.

I started out this diet and I was 40 year old male weighing in at 440 pounds (January 10th, 2018). I work from home and have pretty much zero physical activity. I had worked very hard in getting rid of the food in the house that only I would eat. I left anything that my girlfriend/daughter would eat. I finally got it cleared out on the 9th and decided the 10th would be the first day. The Nutrisystem package that was ordered had the Turbo Takeoff for the first week, and the other 3 weeks were the standard diet of stuff that my mom picked out that she thought that I would like (Uniquely Yours plan).

To go from eating whatever to the Turbo Takeoff was EXTREMELY difficult. I am not going to lie. There was 5 meals a day, all of which was provided in the plan. It sounds like a lot, but it isn't, especially considering the quantities that I ate before. I don't remember everything that I ate during that time, but I remember the one thing that I got was "Chili with Beans" for dinner. This thing was the exact size of those little Dinty Moore microwavable snacks, with the white cover that had 4 holes in it. Some of the dinners are the size of Hormel Compleats. That whole thing was my dinner! It was very very difficult, but I was determined to make this work. I followed it strictly, and stuck with it. I ate only what they provided to me and drank at least 64oz of water every, single, day.

After that very difficult first week was over I started the regular Nutrisystem diet, but I modified it for what I think would work best for me. I was (and still am) really really good about tracking all of my meals on the Numi app. They provide a paper journal, but I am a "gadget guy", so I liked this much better. Plus it tracked my daily calories, and made it easy for me to watch my numbers. According to Numi I am supposed to have 1800 calories a day, but I am typically around 1000-1200. Once you start the Nutrisystem diet you are supposed to mix in portions of fruits and vegetables. You are supposed to eat 6 times a day, and one of those meals you provide yourself. By the time the first week was over, I was kind of accustomed to only eat 5 times a day. One of the snacks is something that I am supposed to provide myself, which is a serving from their suggested "Smart Carbs" menu and a serving from their suggested "Power Fuels" menu. For the sake of convenience I figured I would not do that part of the diet. So I stuck with the 5 meals (3 meals and 2 snacks) that they provided to me. The PF/SC (PowerFuel/SmartCarb) snack was supposed to be in the middle of the day, but I substituted the after dinner snack with that snack.

I am a creature of habit so my meals are very similar each day. Of the meals that I eat, I am supposed to eat (you are allowed unlimited veggies too, but I don't eat too many of them):

* A Nutrisystem breakfast + a serving from their suggested "Power Fuels" menu
* A Nutrisystem provided snack
* A Nutrisystem lunch + a serving from their suggested "Power Fuels" menu
* A Nutrisystem provided snack (this is the snack I was supposed to eat after dinner, but I moved it here)
* A Nutrisystem dinner + a serving from their suggested "Power Fuels" menu
* I usually have 64oz+ of water every day (in my insulated cup and it lasts a long time). Occasionally I will toss a diet soda in the mix, but we are talking about maybe once a week.

Here is what I typically ate:

* Either a Turkey Sausage and Egg Muffin or a Turkey Ham and Cheese omelet with a hard boiled egg. I put crushed pepper on the egg, and either Crystal Hot Sauce on the omelet or a little bit of ketchup on the muffin.
* Any snack that is in the box
* One of the Nutrisystem lunches. For me I usually eat a Hamburger, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Pepperoni Pizza melt, steak and cheese melt, or a Chicken Parmesan melt (the melts are like Hot Pockets) with a hard boiled egg. On the egg I would put cracked pepper. On the hamburger/chicken sandwich I would put a little bit of ketchup, lettuce, and tomato.
* Any snack that is in the box
* One of the Nutrisystem dinners. There were quite a few that I bounced between here. I would also have a salad, with 2 ounces of low fat/low sodium ham or turkey, a few crushed croutons, and a little bit of Ken's lite oil and vinegar dressing

I did this for a while (and this is largely still my diet), but I started to find the snacks very unfullfilling. Don't get me wrong, they tasted really good (some were just average), but it started to seem like "why am I ingesting all of these calories that really aren't curbing my hunger???" So most days I would only have 1 snack. Some days I would not eat any snacks. Honestly, I eat the snacks now because they are here, and don't want them to go to waste, but they just don't do anything for my hungar. If I eat them, I typically do one a day.

The only other alteration to my diet is as follows. Every couple of weeks we have a "guys night" where we go to this place about 30 minutes away that serves the best wings on the planet. They are fried, but they aren't breaded. I like the hot wings, so I am not having a sweet sauce with a lot of sugar. On the days that we go there, I don't eat ANYTHING the entire day (if I get REALLY hungry, I may have a few carrot pieces or celery pieces). The reason for this is to save my calories for that last meal which is a good amount. I have found different numbers on the net, but it seems that each buffalo wing is anywhere between 80-150 calories. I used to eat 16-18 or sometimes more, and bring the rest home and eat them the next day. Now I do 8 or 9 wings only on that night with no leftovers. I drink unsweet tea with sweet and low.

One other thing I wanted to comment about it the taste of the food. I have seen so many reports all over the place about the food being great to the food tasting like cardboard. My personal opinion is that the food ranges from OK to REALLY good. Nothing that I have eaten so far I felt like I had to "force down". My absolute favorite tasting meal is the Turkey Sausage with Egg muffin. This thing tastes AWESOME. As stated above, I eat mine with a little bit of ketchup. I found the Chicken Pot pie disappointing. I didn't really taste bad, but I didn't care for the crust. Part of the issue is that it just wasn't what I was expecting (you basically heat up the crust separately then just put it on the top of the meal). I didn't care for it. Also I find the cookies to be rather plain tasting. Just some of the stand outs for me. If you can afford it, I find most of the frozen foods really good, and the shelf stable foods to be "OK". Today I had the Fiesta Macaroni and Cheese which I liked a lot and it wasn't frozen.

My results so far? Well I have lost an insane amount of weight. It is March 22nd (2 months and 12 days later), and I am down to 372 pounds. I feel so much better already even though I am nowhere near my target weight. Before I would get winded from stupid stuff like walking fast across the house (my house isn't that big). I would always be concerned when going somewhere, how close can I park because I don't know if I can make it, if it is a long walk. I don't have ANY of those issues/feelings any more. It is great, and I am keeping it going. To this point I haven't had any exercise, but my diet weight loss alone is greatly slowing down, which I expected. I am getting ready to incorporate regular exercise as soon as my work projects settle down (hoping in the next few business days).

I wish anyone luck that is reading this. I have seen some videos of people that have gone on and off Nutrisystem, and fall off the wagon. If you are going to do this and be successful at it, you MUST get your head on straight, and you must be 100% committed to it. If you don't think you can be, you shouldn't even waste your time starting it, until you are 100% committed. Your commitment to sticking with it is a big part of what makes it successful (in my opinion). Also I strongly suggest the Numi app!!! Keep track of your calories. It is a big help.

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I am sorry for the book, but it was important to me that I document this as entirely as I could in hopes that I could help others in the future.
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68 pounds in 2 months and 2 days Wow!!! congrats!!! don't apologize for 'the book' it was great reading.

My husband was in the low 400 range last June and told by Dr. he HAD to make changes. He went from eating pretty much whatever he wanted to probably 1800 to 2000 cals a day. He is down 70 pounds and is still going strong though the rate has slowed of course. And it is so much easier for me to try to keep to 'the straight and narrow' when we are both keeping away from our trigger foods.

Your mom must be so glad that her idea worked and so happy for your better health. Congrats on getting your head in the right place to do this, and for your continued success!!
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Milkman, thanks for the detailed information!
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thank you for your honest and detailed assessment. I think it's like exercise - find something reasonable that works for you and stick with it. I'm glad you are encouraged to keep with it. Best wishes for continued success!
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Thanks for the kind words everyone. I hope this helps other people on the Internet in the future looking for honest information about the program.
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I think everyone needs to find their own way and that there are many ways to reach your goals. Nutrisystem did not work at all for me, even though I gave it a good try, but I am very glad it is working for you.
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