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Originally Posted by AnnRue View Post
I would recommend HMR. It is what worked for me. It might depend on where you live but if you could go in person there is this plan called "decision free" where you only eat their food. You are medically monitored and you take supplements (and some is in the food). That was perfect for me because I could be sure of my calories. I hate to cook. And I could be sure I wasn't hurting myself.

I found the HMR food great and you could make different things with it.

The decision free made you go to a real class (not like weight watchers) where they took it seriously and every 1/2 week you would call in with your coach.

I lost the weight fast and I was not hungry. There is something about their high volume low calorie food and just eating their food that really helped me not engage in the usual cheating behaviors. I lost 60 lbs.

The Simple Diet by Dr. James W Anderson and Dietician, Nancy J Gustafson is an at-home, DIY plan, based on HMR, but using grocery store equivalents. The authors give you guidelines for each category of meal replacement (shakes, entrees, soups, and bars).

I don't recall the authors mentioning HMR directly, but they cite research support for the simple diet protocol, and if you go to the research articles cited, you'll find that many used the HMR protocol and HMR foods.

The down (and up) side is more options and the need for grocery shopping.

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Originally Posted by kaplods View Post
The Simple Diet by Dr. James W Anderson and Dietician, Nancy J Gustafson is an at-home, DIY plan, based on HMR, but using grocery store equivalents. The authors give you guidelines for each category of meal replacement (shakes, entrees, soups, and bars).
Oh wow thanks. That could be a good supplement to when I am maintaining and get a little stick of the HMR food.

I have actually returned to HMR though I don't know for how long, to get the rest of the weight off. I really love it and find the accountability something I really need to lose. Though not to maintain.
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Wow .. there are soooo many options not in NZ lol .. we have WW and Jenny of course .. and we have started getting Celebrity Slim (I think thats what its called) .. and Kate Morgan .. and other shake ones ..

This time around I have been counting calories. I find it actually helps me more than getting told what I can or can't eat, because when that was the case I just ate without thinking about what I was eating or how much it was in calories or what nutrients were in it .. someone else was thinking all of that for me .. so when I went off it I fell right off and put the pounds back one (bringing a bunch of friends with them!)

So I have a Xmas challenge (its really my wedding challenge lol .. but I figured anyone joining may want a different reason lol) .. at the time I was 317 or so pounds .. todays weigh in Im 292.3 .. so almost 25 pounds lost in 6 weeks .. Im stunned really .. my wedding goal is 50 pounds .. I thought I would be pushing it to get there .. but now .. its looking a little more realistic.

On Friday I started a new plan which involves the calorie count .. not sure how long I will stay on it but I have the incentive so will keep pushing it .. its the Venus System. It involves fasting 12 hours a day .. having 1000 cal 5 days, then 1980 for 1 day, repeat 2 times then 3 days of 1000, 1 day of 1980 .. basically I think it works out to be 8000 cal a week for 2 weeks, then 9000 cal a week for 2 weeks, then you go back to the 8000 cal.
The only thing I binge on is chocolate and chocolate biscuits .. I cant just open a packet and treat myself to a piece or a cookie .. its the whole packet every time. Soooo .. until I can control it Im just not having it around me .. I did the same when I gave up smoking. At the time you could smoke in bars and restaurants, so I stopped going to any while I got through the worst of the cravings ... its still a work in progress .. and I think while plans overall are great .. everyone is different .. so maybe its not a specific plan you need .. maybe you need bits from a lot of different plans to create something that works for you.
What foods fill you?? What foods have a guilt button?? What are the triggers for the binge?? I think a lot of the weight journey isn't the food, the scales, the tape measure or the exercise .. its in your head .. until you can identify those triggers and come up with something to counteract them you will just keep doing it again and again.
Good luck .... and if you want to join the Xmas challenge please do .. would love to have you on board .. still 3 months on it .. so it could be fun!
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I would recommend Ideal Protein. I've been on every diet it seems, and this I have never seen results like this. It's not cheap, but it works. I'm rarely hungry and my cravings are gone!
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Hi all,
I have been on the Personal Trainer food for 4 1/2 weeks. The idea is to eliminate processed foods and insulin trigger foods like sugar, breads etc.
The plan is expensive, but the food is really good and since I have a problem with portion control, this has helped alot. No thinking about or measuring portions. And not stepping into a grocery store for over a month has kept me from buying things I shouldn't eat.
I know it is not a permanent way of eating, since so many foods have sugar and I absolutely love home made bread! But it is helping me learn new habits and I have lost 20 lbs so far and feel great. Once I quit eating carbs my cravings disappeared. I have tried Nutrisystem and it is mostly carbs in the form of pasta and that doesn't work for me. Weight Watchers requires me to control my portions and I am not equipped to to do that at this point. So I am going to try real hard to stick to this for a while. (of course I better see that scale keep moving or I won't be motivated!!)
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You may have already started something..but my husband and I love ITGDiet Plan. They have great FREE coaching and the food is great. We lost 70 lbs already and are back for the last 25 or so. We are both huge foodies so it was hard to switch to something so structured..but it has been a relief to only have to pick the food for the day. My daughter once drove an hour for her favorite pizza..funny you mentioned something similar. The issue of your dinner groups, etc.. is handle-able just have to make the right choices and be able to say no. I know..its easier said then done...We just got sick and tired of being sick and tired. Best of luck to you with whatever route you take..anything will work as long as you commit to it!
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