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Default Zone Based Delivery Meals? Other Recommendations?

Any recommendations for zone based meal delivery plans? I have done the 40/30/30 concept in the past and I really enjoy how satieted I am from these meals as well as not being zonked of energy from extreme low carb plans.

Just a little background on me, I workout 5 days a week for an hour. Normally 30 mins cardio/30 mins strength training. I do a lot of running/interval training for my cardio. It's important for me to not have my energy levels depleted so although I am trying the DTG next week, I am keeping my options open depending on how I feel with these meals. I REALLY liked the menu on Freshology but OMG it comes out to about $1,200+ a month! Ideally I really only need lunch/dinner meals as I am doing this primarily b/c I am tired of cooking and am bored with the ways I know of creating a 'healthy' meal.

So in a perfect world here are my requirements:

*Fresh foods (like Freshology, DTG)
*Adequate mix of all the food groups
*Satisfying meals
*Choice of only lunch/dinner (I REALLY do NOT want to have to pay for snacks that I don't want)
*No chemical junk (presevatives/additives)
*Adequate substition options as I HATE carrots/green beans

I know you all get asked this ALL the time, but any thoughts? Oh and I have done A LOT of reading in this forum and I think based on what I want DTG, BistroMD, and PFFS(?) seem to be my best bet, so any comments/thoughts/suggestions would help me a WHOLE lot!
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I want to know, too!
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