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Hi, am an Aussie who does JC and really want people to talk to about it. I'm on a different fitness site as well and I don't talk about it much as it's pretty much blasted. It's working for me and I love it! Even with the cost!

I originally started JC about two years ago. Lost 15kg but stopped because of 'cost' (could eat take out five times a week though!) I tried to tell myself I wasn't putting it back on but I felt beyond gross. Ended up cracking after my birthday in July and cried for a week over what a loser I was. I made a snap decision and went back to JC on the 21st of July this year. Stepped on the scale only to discover that not only had I put ALL the weight back on but I was 5kg heavier than I had been. Pretty much sobbed through my initial consultation, bought my food, went home and cried all night. Found a calorie tracker app as I don't journal (I don't stick with it, having it on my phone is so much easier and I've tracked every day since)

Not even six months later and I've now lost almost 25kg (around 54lbs) I feel AMAZING and I WILL get to my goal weight.

I'm planning on dieting till 90kg (which is around 200lbs I think?) with them and then I'll try and lose the last 20kg myself. I've just hit halfway and here once you hit that point you start doing two days by yourself. I'm going on hols next week so I'm not doing that till I get back.

When I went back I did make some changes. I don't eat their breakfast's (I usually get one breakfast wrap a week) and generally just do a ham and cheese toasted sandwich or cheese on toast. Not stopped me. I have Subway once a week (training, too difficult to take food that night) My big change has been water. Gone from drinking 3-4L of Pepxi Max to 2L of water a day. I truly believe that has helped me change.

What is this arm band you guys are talking about? We don't have that here.
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the arm band is the body media fit, it's a device you wear on your upper arm that measures the calories you burn. You plug it into your computer and log your food and it tells you your calorie balance. It's pretty neat, and it helps. You can buy it on eBay or on the body media fit website.
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the food in canada usually runs about $150 a week for the planned menus. and then whatever program you purchase if you need to purchase one.
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hi everyone -- i am going to jenny craig tonight to start. looking forward to getting to you know you. I have 50 lbs to lose by October 1.
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Hi! I'm new, I joined Jenny in mid-January and am loving it so far. I've read past posts from people who said they didn't want to go see someone, etc., and trust me, I've been there. I have always said I'd never go to a group or consultant, etc, have done NutriSystem because it was on my own & did ok (but got sick of the food), WWonline did NOT "click for me", and I kept telling myself that I KNOW how to lose weight, I've done it before, I KNOW what to do. But I realized I've been losing and gaining the same 10 lbs (and gaining back more with it each time) for the last 3 years, so whether I KNOW what to do or not, I'm not doing it. I finally "cracked" when we came back from Disney over the holidays and I realized I wasn't in ONE picture with my kids. That's ridiculous. So I committed that 2012 was going to be the year I took care of ME first, so I could then take care of everyone else even better. And the next time we go to Disney, I will be in ALL the pictures!

I found this forum because I googled something a JC consultant told me about, Turnip Fries. She told me she'd bake up a crispy batch of Turnip Fries and munch on them at night - they're a free food & a veggie, so you can eat what you want, they'll satisfy crunchy/salty snacking urges & fill you up because they're a veg. I had honestly never tasted a turnip before in my life, but she swore they're "just like" french fries when you bake them up. So I just made a batch and while, no, they are not "just like" french fries, I must say, they were yummy and satisfying! I'm a fan!

Anyway, side note - that's just the story of how I found this forum. I hope everyone's doing well -- I'm yo-yoing in the 12-15lbs lost range -- I REALLY want to break through to hit 20, then I'll feel like I've moved forward and gotten past where I ever have on my own lately. And for those scared of consultants, I echo what's also been said --- after being the BIGGEST naysayer about it, I can GUARANTEE I would have fallen way off a couple of weeks ago, after I'd lost 12 lbs, felt good, but then had a really busy few days that made it easy to fall off. My knowing I'm going to see my consultant on Tuesday keeps me motivated to keep going, and even when I have a "bad" weigh-in, they keep me positive and encouraged, where I would have just beat myself up (and probably had a snack). If I'm going to get where I want to be, I KNOW I need the support I get from JC. And, it's the only real "me" time I have scheduled every week and I really look forward to it!
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woohoo! i just got back from my 2nd weigh-in, i'm down 5.6 lbs in 2 weeks. i'm really surprised -- i knew it would work but i didn't expect it to work so well! (hopefully i'm not jinxing myself!)

hope all of you are having great luck too!!!!!!!!
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Default I'm excited to start Jenny Craig

I start tomorrow, it's expensive but I like the food.
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I am loving Jenny Craig too. Is there a place on here that discusses substitutions? I am past the halfway point now, but time for cooking isn't there.
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I completely forgot about the Jenny Craig diet until seeing this thread.... so many cheaper alternatives out now, but I've heard the food is quite good. I don't remember ever trying it though, but it's obviously working as TONS of people are on it and have had success with it over the years.
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Hi everyone,

I am rejoining JC on Monday. I have lost weight with them before and felt great. I really look forward to having success again and to having all of you for support- I'm here for ya too

take care everyone!

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Default switched to Jenny Craig from Ideal Protein

I realize i cannot do Ideal Protein and stick to it. I need more "real food"and a variety, incl. fruit. Jenny Craig offers that. The food is good since I have tried it before and it works.
First step, I called today and had my consult. Tomorrow I start the food plan. I need the accountability with a consultant too.

Anyone else just starting out on this plan?
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I'm back on Jenny Craig, just finishing up my second week. I've lost 3lbs so far, which feels pretty good! I really love the food, and I love having a consultant.

I'm really interested in meeting some other folks who are doing the program too, but it doesn't seem like this thread is super active. Anyone out there looking for a Jenny buddy?
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Default Hi Anna

I just started Jenny and have completed day 4, which is not much help for you , but I will post here and cheer you on. So far, I am doing fine with no cheating. The food is decent , but the portions are quite small, though when you add veggies or a salad , then it is satisfying.

Interested to know which foods you like and how you volumize. Today I had the broccoli cheese potato and topped it with some grilled red pepper strips and onion. That really added to the flavor. Tomorrow I will be adding lots of veggies to the beef bean chili. I do not do the Jenny breakfasts to cut down on the cost. Instead I eat 3/4 c of Kashi , loaded with protein, and skim milk. Yesterday i had the fried chicken/mashed potatoes, which I was disappointed in. I never tasted any chicken, that is how little of it there was. Tonite I am munching on the lemon cookies. They are okay, but looking for a snack that provides more volume. I guess that would be the popcorn. I also make choices to handle my sweet tooth and chocolate attacks too. Let me know how you are doing.
We can do this!!!!
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Hi Josie!

Nice to meet you! I'm about to finish up my second week... one more day to go... very excited to see what the scale says!! I lost 3lbs last week, which was great!

I thought the chicken/mashed potatoes was pretty good - but as you said, there's not a whole lot of chicken in it. My favorite lunches are definitely the broccoli & cheese potato and the beef chow mein. The beef chow mein is pretty good with some added vegetables (especially lots of broccoli!). I don't mind the stuffed sandwiches either. They're kind of like hot pockets. Have you tried the orange chicken?

When it comes to volumizing, I really try to work in those non-starchy veggies every moment I can. For example, I try to have at least one large salad a day with lots and lots of greens (organic, if I can), like spinach, romaine, cucumber, tomato, peppers, etc. Overall, I try to keep to the green stuff.

One thing I tried was using one of my milk servings as cheese for my salad. With the macaroni and cheese, you have to add some protein, so I usually use this as some grilled chicken on my salad, too! Top that with some fat free dressing and I'm good to go! It can be a really, really large "extra" meal.

I also like cutting cucumbers into slices and snacking on them.

Honestly, I think breakfast is my favorite meal at Jenny Craig, and lunch is my least favorite. There's a lot of breakfast choices that I really like, but not so many lunch ones.

Here's to a great week! I'll keep checking in - good luck to you!! Keep up the great work!

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Default great info Anna

Thanks for all the helpful info and congrats on your success thusfar. Yes, I have tried the orange chicken and really liked it. I added steamed broccoli but next time will do a version of a stir fry to go with it. I loved the spaghetti, though I really bulked it up with grilled red peppers, onions, and mushrooms with a little extra sauce from the jar.
I just bought some fat free feta cheese and plan to do the same thing with my salads, as you are doing.
My first weigh in is in two days, so I am hoping all goes well. I hurt my back earlier in the week so I have had two days mainly in bed. I have not been as active as I had planned, but with the back, i am trying to take it easy.
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