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Yes it is called the Supermarket Diet and Good Housekeeping did it..
There is a book out that outlines the plan in detail. check your local library or pick up a copy. I read the book... wasn't too impressed.. seemed almost too much work to figure out and more cooking than I expected. The other thing they gave you no specifics.i.e. names and brands rather general info.... but good luck and let us know if you do try it
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I was actually thinking about Nutrisystem but the cost of it did cause me to reconsider. I know they say you have to eat but I can feed two on what I would pay for one with them.
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I am using a combination of Medifast and Wonderslim. Wonderslim is less expensive, and honestly, tastes much better. I really like Medifast oatmeals, a couple of their soups and the new crunch bars. But, I prefer WS, most often. I incorporate both products, daily, following Medifast guidelines. I use the Wonderslim to use as a pudding or if inclined a shake, which is a great feature. I like their smoothies, also. I am overly fond of their hot chocolate varieties and Cappuccino!! Two cocoa's per day is my usual. I take supplement vitamins daily, so I don't worry about whether the product is totally vit fortified or not.

Pricewise, it probably all balances out to the same, when the cost of meat and vegetables is added to the overall cost of the program. Six ounces of chicken, etc. and 7 oz. of fish, does put a dent into a budget. I live alone, so for me, it is not an issue. One thing that has helped with budgeting, is that I order a little at a time from both companies, say, every two weeks or so. This keeps an adequate supply of supplements on hand. But, for someone with a family, I can just imagine how difficult it is to swing any program in this economy.
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Default Thanks Chinchillabes, Crenita


The Supermarket diet that i got from the library is similar to the jenny craig look a like but not exactly what I want.

I can't be more specific other that I am sure in was in an issue of Womans World magazine and this was a few years ago. Oh how I wish I had bought that magazine. It was very detailed with an example of Jenny Craig meal and next to it the home version substitute.

Thanks for your help. Currently I am trying my old ww but yesterday I ate far too many nuts and now I am discouraged. I think I could do the home Jenny but it is probably in magazine heaven.

[I]f it were in the library,I could search old issues but it is not in our library
so I am out of luck.

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Sheridan: I am thinking that you might get a better response to your question if you post it as a separate topic on the forum. That way more people will notice it instead of it being hidden in here.
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Hi, Newshinyme,

I will attempt to start a new thread but I am not sure I will be successful.

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