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Question Diet to Go question

I need to start a meal delivery program and I was looking at eDiets but then I saw everyone raving about Diet to Go. I checked out their website but I'm a bit confused. They offer 3 meals that equal either 1200 or 1600 calories, but they also offer 2 meals that equal the SAME amount of calories, 1200 or 1600. How can TWO meals have the same amount of calories as THREE? And if just the 2 meals alone are 1200 or 1600 calories, how can you eat breakfast or have snacks without eating too many calories to impede weight loss? I wanted to get the 2 meal plan, and I would just make my own breakfast and add 2 snacks, but it seems I would be eating almost 2000 calories if I do that. Also, isn't the price a bit steep for 2 meals with no snacks?? I'm very interested in this program because everyone is saying how delicious the meals are, but if I'm not going to lose weight, then there would be no point. I have about 40 pounds to lose. Thanks for reading, any advice appreciated.
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The way I understood it was if you order the 1600 cal without breakfast, you should have 400-500 cal for breakfast that you'd add on your own.

If you look at the menus, and the nutritional info, you'll get an idea of what the calorie counts are for each meal. I printed out the 1200 and the 1600 menus for week 1 and noted the items that are in the 1600, but not the 1200.

I've just started (3 days) so far, so good. I'll be getting the full meals this coming week, but the following week I'll just get Lunch & Dinner.

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Hi Mustang,

The food is amazing and the price is actually lower than many of the other meal programs I've looked at. They also offer superb customer service which is crucial to me.

From my understanding, the calorie differences are due to portion size. They make the diet in larger portions for people who need more calories (the same food only more of it). I am not positive of this, but one of the reps made it sound like this was the difference when I also asked about this some time back. They are very helpful so perhaps you should just give them a call and ask. It's 1-800-743-SLIM and just push 2 when you get in and that will take you directly to customer service.

I should be getting my food tomorrow for the low fat plan (I have been on the low carb for a month and lost 10 pounds). Excellent food by the way. This should really all go in the Diet To Go thread we already have in place (not sure if they can merge it or not, but thought I would answer you here because you may not realize this). They do not include snacks which doesn't bother me because most of the meal delivery plan snacks are all chip and soy products which I can't have due to my thyroid problems. I prefer adding my own and save money as well. I usually have either a cup of hot cocoa or a low carb chocolate bar at night and eat an apple or a piece of string cheese in between (I also have a glass of milk per day) and am losing just fine.

Hope that helps. Good luck to you.
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Default Thanks

Ok thanks for the replies. I didn't realize they had the nutritional info with the calories and everything listed on the site, so I'm taking a look at that now. I guess maybe I will just have to give it a try and see. Thanks for the help.
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