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klc 01-22-2009 08:45 PM

Princess, thanks for the reports. You know we're all dying to hear how your weigh-in goes this week. Hope to hear wonderful news!!!

PrincessDietMuch 01-23-2009 03:29 PM

Thanks KLC! Well so far so good. I know I should wait to weigh, but I actually felt lighter today if you know what I mean so I was curious. I weighed in and lost two pounds so that's a good start for just a few days! :)

I had the tomato and spinach omelet with sausage today and thought I had died and gone to heaven. I am very surprised by this food! This is the kind of food I would expect to get at a restaurant, so I don't feel like I am even dieting! You should see the catfish I get to have later. It's a massive piece of incredibly fresh looking catfish with veggies. My husband was looking through the freezer at some of the food and could not believe it himself. Last night I had what they call Hamburger Pizza (really it's a gourmet hamburger with lots of cheese on top). The smell was making him crazy while it was cooking. I had a bite and I swear it is one of the most delicious hamburgers I think I have ever tasted and I am VERY funny about hamburger! He wanted a bite so I gave him one and he suddenly wanted the link to Diet To Go! He is thinking about doing it too because he has about 30 pounds he could lose. He's freaked out by the expense, but of course I explained this is actually one of the cheapest plans out there when you compare it to others (and the food is so gourmet and top quality)!

I just got today those infamous ChocoPerfection bars and OMG those are good! They are very low crab and have lots and lots of fiber and use none of the fake sugars that usually tear up your gut (though they might tear up your wallet at nearly $33.00 for 12 bars)! I will have those on stand by for those days I simply must have some chocolate.

So far I am very impressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The biggest thing for me is that I am not shaky like I normally am when I am dieting. I really do think it's the low carbs that is helping to keep my blood sugar stabilized. I can go for 4 hours and not be hungry (a major first for me)!
I love that there are no artificial sweeteners and stuff like that on this diet The breakfasts are real breakfasts and you feel really full.

If it had not been for cheeseheader, I would have never even known about this diet (never ran across it in my research). I can't thank her enough! This is awesome! :carrot:

cheeseheader 01-23-2009 04:45 PM

Glad to hear things are going well! I get my new shipment next week and I"m excited since I did some substitutions. I owe it to these boards that I found Diet to Go, these forums really do have great members and great information!

klc 01-23-2009 07:24 PM

Cheeseheader, congrats on your results. If I'm reading it right, you lost 5.8 lbs your first week, so you've lost another 7 over the last 2 weeks??? That's great.:bravo:

PrincessDietMuch 01-23-2009 07:50 PM

Well this was a first. Just had the catfish and the fillet they gave me was so huge I shared it with my husband (totally serious). Cannot believe they give you that huge a piece of catfish! My God! It was larger than what I have had in a restaurant! Delicious! Incredibly filling.

I actually spoke to someone there today because I was actually worried that the food is almost too good (meaning what if I don't lose on this). I spoke to a very nice lady who actually explained that the low carb is the plan people lose the most on (not the regular low fat). That often people will use it to jumpstart their weight loss and not stay on it because it can be strict for some. Strict with all this incredible food! She said that it's because they miss the carbs, the muffins, pasta and stuff like that. Actually I don't miss that because I didn't like the feeling I had on that food. I was always hungry and shaky. I went 5 hours before having dinner and was not even hungry and that's truly miraculous for me. The only thing I do miss terribly are my Starbucks Frappuccino's. God I do miss those.....

I hope to be able to afford this for a long time to come. This is the bomb!!

cheeseheader 01-23-2009 07:56 PM

Thanks klc. I actually lost the 7 before I did DTG and then lost 5.8. The last week I tried Bistro to see which company I liked, and I stayed the same :(. But no gain. This coming week I'm back on DTG, so I expect to see a loss, YAY!

klc 01-23-2009 09:28 PM

cheesehead, those are still great results! We'll look forward to hearing about your and princess's journey (we always love success stories!!!)

PrincessDietMuch 01-24-2009 04:07 PM

Jumping up and down here! I have lost 4 pounds! Not only that but I am no longer hungry all the time. I don't get all those insulin spikes from muffins, bread, rice and pasta. I feel wonderful! The food is incredible (although I do not like the meatloaf at all..that was a surprisingly bad dish considering most of their stuff is so top quality). I threw that away and had a string cheese and a glass of milk instead.

Their scrambled egg breakfast was so good this morning, that I was shaking my head in disbelief! The ChocoPerfection Chocolate Bars let me have my chocolate every day without hurting my carb plan so this is totally working out!

I may reward myself with an occasional Frappuccino because I will go crazy without those in my life but other than that, I am certain I made the right choice and am so grateful for this place! I would never have known about Diet To Go!!!!

I still can't get over that prime rib and salmon! Can't wait to try the Cioppino...mmmmmm. :carrot:

crenita 01-25-2009 08:25 AM

Princess and Cheeseheader:bravo: Good for you two.....Glad you doing well and liking the process......:dancer:. It is so exciting to find something that works and that you feel you can stick to.That is the most important thing no matter what plan you use

A question for you .....what kind of instructions did they provide re add on's or snacks..... It has been sooo long since I had their low fat program and I don't remember what was said about the low carb plan......

Anyway, have a wonderful week and keep posting.. It is fun to see your excitement and enjoyment.:cheer:
Best to you both........Renita

cheeseheader 01-25-2009 09:29 AM

There is no instructions for adding snacks, it's a breakfast, lunch and dinner plan. They do provide a menu with the calorie intake of each meal and the total for the day. What I did is just add a few low calorie snacks between meals and it worked fine. I'm trying to stay between 1200-1500 calories a day.

PrincessDietMuch 01-25-2009 02:32 PM

Actually I looked at their low fat plan last night because I've heard it's just as scrumptious. I honestly think this is the perfect company because they have three menu plans and all three have amazing gourmet dishes that are even cheaper than the other programs. I was looking at it because I thought if I begin to get tired of the food at some point, I will do what some of the others are doing over there (switch back and forth to keep my body guessing and not getting used to something for too long). It will keep things interesting and keep me losing weight with fewer plateau's. As Cheeseheader said, they give you three full meals (and trust me they are full...loaded in fact) and if you are hungry in between, you wing it according to what you need.

Here's the part that trips me out about the low carb plan. I am not hungry in between meals! I am not kidding either. If I do get hungry, I plan to have string cheese or an apple if I must (carbs so I try not to) or a glass of milk. Right now I have added a low carb chocolate bar every day and I am still losing and doing very well. I was actually worried that they did not include snacks, but then I realized that most of the snacks other programs have, I cant use anyway (soy based) and they only serve to make me hungrier. The fruit that most of these places send is not as nice as the fruit I can buy myself, so I am cool with buying maybe $10.00 worth of snacks if I get hungry. I keep Lactaid Fat Free milk, string cheese, apples and low carb chocolate bars in the house. Because my blood sugar isn't spiking and my insulin is better stabilized on the low carb, I don't get that horrible shaky feeling and all those hunger pangs so it works out very well.

I rewarded myself today and am having a Starbucks Frappuccino right now in caramel (mmmmmm)! I wanted to reward myself for a good week and I love those! I have gotten conflicting reports on the low fat plan. Everyone seems to agree that it may actually be the most delicious food out there of any plan but some swear they hardly lost any weight while others say they lost just fine. I guess it's very individualistic but the general consensus seems to be that everyone loses on the low carb for sure (which I have no trouble believing)! I like that they have this many meal plan options so that if your body gets tried of one, you can simply switch to the other food and it's all fantastic and delicious. I am thrilled to have found this place!! :carrot:

P.S. I must admit I prefer having UPS than Fed Ex so that's another reason I love this plan (they ship UPS which has always been so much more reliable for me than Fed Ex which manages to screw up a great deal no matter where I have ever lived). I am not a Fed Ex fan that's for sure! I love love love that the food is fresh than flash frozen (no worries about food spoilage) and that they use dry ice which keeps it even colder and all for much less than everyone else charges). And because they have so many centers all over, it only takes one day for it to get to me! VERY pleased! :)

crenita 01-25-2009 03:00 PM

Princess....... my only experience with them has been with the low fat plan.... and if your body is a protein lover.. like mine, it didn't give me enough protein and too much bread( which I love)) but need to stay away from. I appear to be very carb sensitive and that along with some of the higher sodium content items did not work with my body chemistry.

The low carb is another thing.. until I tired these various meal plans I had no idea how sensitive I am to the lack of protein or that carbs really send my hunger meter into over drive. I can tolerate a little each day but if I do normal recommended amounts I am STARVED.. and fruit is the worse. Of course I live in Florida with all this lovely fresh stuff. I had a family member send me the best honeybell oranges as a gift and ONE starts the engine going for that day and it won't stop..... I had to give them away ( that was sad).... but just can't manage them.
Glad your doing so well....... keep on updating us..

PrincessDietMuch 01-27-2009 01:04 AM

Still going strong. Down 6 pounds. I keep looking at that low fat plan and really excited to try that version as well because the food looks unreal (and I've heard that it is incredible). Whoever does their cooking does a darn god job! I think what I will do is rotate every 3-4 weeks so I get the best of both worlds. The prices are more reasonable and their food is better so for me the choice is easy. I just know that I will get tired of eating the same thing if I don't rotate from low carb to low fat. Really liking things so far! :D

kari1980 01-27-2009 09:02 PM

Totally agree! I am looking forward to next week's meal plan! This is a lifestyle that I can definitely stay on permanently...and a cheat day here and there. Plus I feel like I save money cuz otherwise I'd just be eating out all the time.

klc 01-29-2009 05:40 AM

DTG Buddies thread
I know I'm back seat driving, but why don't one of you DTG guys start a DietToGo buddies thread, so that all the DTG discussions and info will stay in one place. It will help the new guys out when they're looking for info on the different meal plans. If someone posts another question about DTG, one of you can point them to the thread. It looks like y'all are picking up steam, and starting up a 'community'.

Congrats on your weight losses:bravo: Wonderful news. And kudos to DTG (if they're monitoring the board) for providing tasty food that you guys are losing weight on. I am totally hooked on premium meal delivery, so I'm wanting all of these guys to stay healthy.

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