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I'd like to check your group on Yahoo, seem just what I've been looking for.
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Default Still waiting

If anyone's still out long did it take you to get into the Yahoo Jennyonmyown Group? I applied 4 days ago and my membership is still pending. Guess I'm anxious to start, and it's frustrating.
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does anyone know if this yahoo group is still active? I requested to join a week ago and I haven't heard anything back. Thanks.
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Default Jenny on my Own - Summary from the Website

Hi - I will leave it up to the moderators whether or not this stays. I summarized everything from all the files I received from the Jenny On My Own Yahoo group. It does take a while to hear back from the moderator but she is fairly busy. Hope this gets you all started.

Jenni Plan or Jenny on My Own Plan

This was developed by a woman named Amanda and is posted on Yahoo in a user’s group (Search for Jenny on My Own). If you want updates, you will need to go over to the Yahoo group and join it. Here are some basic ideas for replacements for some of the Jenny meals. While not exactly matched in calories and nutrients, they seem to be close. YOU ARE MISSING THE CONSULTATIONS FROM THE CENTER, EASE OF ORDERING, AND WEIGH INS. THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE A MONEY MAKER NOR IS IT FROM JENNY CRAIG OR ANYONE THAT WORKS FOR JENNY CRAIG. Please read the rest of the disclaimers below and be aware you are following this plan at your own risk:

“ DISCLAIMER!!! From Amanda -The Yahoo group moderator
By receiving this in your email and/or reading it you acknowledge that I am not a nutritionist or medical professional. I am not responsible for your health or well being. I am just a woman with an idea and the time on my hands to research and a need for structure in a weight loss plan. You should always consult your personal doctor before beginning any weight loss plan. In other words if you should have any adverse side effects from using my ideas you are responsible.

By receiving this in your email and/or reading it you also acknowledge the fact that I am in no way related to Jenny Craig.I in no way wish to take business from Jenny Craig. I only aim to provide support/ideas for those people who may not currently have the means to join Jenny or purchase the food products Jenny provides. This is first and foremost a support group and is strictly to be used as such. “

Visit the Yahoo group for more information about Amanda and to participate in the group! Otherwise here are some initial ideas. Feel free to critique or add items to the list.

Amanda’s Story:
"Welcome to Jenny on My Own or "The Jenni Plan" as I will call it.

My name is Amanda and I have been over weight since the birth of my first child over 12 years ago! During those years I have gained and lost many times through pregnancies and births, and other life changing events.

This winter I was at the end of my rope and weighed the most I had ever weighed. I decided to join Nutrisystem. The program worked and I lost plenty of weight. I loved having my meals planned out for me and the structure really helped me change the way I ate and thought about food. The only problem was the food was not the best and got boring. So here I am months later and some of the weight I lost has creeped on due to stress and not eating right during a move that left us with out income for a couple months. I want to use a structured plan again but I just can't afford it.

Eventually I am hoping to be able to afford to join Jenny Craig and purchase their food, however now is not that time. So agin out of desperation I formulate a plan. This time I put my mind and the internet to work and developed a list of foods comparable to those offered by Jenny Craig. These are all mainstream foods found in the average grocery store. These can be used with the menu plans on the Jenny website. My plan is not intended to take away from the Jenny plan it is intended for those of us who can not afford the plan and want an alternative or for a Jenny member who may have fallen on hard times and needs to have the structure of the menu plan and foods but needs to cut down on expenses for a week or two.

Please check out the files section for the food lists. When you are done you can go to the official Jenny website and register free to access menu plans that will show you just what to eat. It's that simple! The support aspect will come from the members of this group or other weight loss groups you may be a member of. We can even have weekly weigh ins.

Thank you for joining and all the best following my "Jenni Plan" "

**NOTE - I don’t think you can get menu plans from the Jenny site anymore - I think they have caught on! I believe its breakfast-lunch-dinner, 2 snacks, and soupitizer before dinner. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CORRECT ME.


Rumor has it you can register on Jenny Craig for eTools free - from the FOOD tab click on Menus and build your own menus using 1200 or 1500 daily calories. The lists below match the Jenny item to a store bought item. The items are not exact, so you should do the math and make sure your daily totals add up. So count on a breakfast, lunch and dinner with one snack and one dessert or two snacks or one snack and a snack bar.

*Maple Nut Hot Cereal = Kirkland (Costco) Organic Maple Syrup Instant Oatmeal Packet *OR* Quacker Instant Oatmeal Maple and Brown Sugar Packet
*Oatmeal Breakfast Square (Cinnamon Raisin) = Quaker Breakfast Cookies Oatmeal Raisin or Oatmeal Chocolate Chip (nutrition content not exactly right)
*Original Breakfast Burito = South Beach Vegetable Medley Breakfast Wrap
*Breakfast Scramble = Hard to match, make your own or try Morningstar Farms Breakfast Starters with an Egg or Egg Beaters
*Banana Nut Muffin = Vitamuffin Banana Nut Muffin (2 muffins frozen or prepared from mix)
*Silver Dollar Pancakes and Sausage = Aunt Jemima Homestyle Pancakes (1 1/2 frozen prepared) Morningstar Farms Sausage Pattie (1)
*Frosted Oats Cereal = Frosted Cheerios Cereal (1 1/4 cups)
*Complete Start Cereal = Kellogs Smart Start Strong Heart Toasted Oat (1 cup)
*Sunshine Sandwich = Smart Ones Morning Express English Muffin Sandwich
*Breakfast Stuffed Sandwich = This one was extremely hard to match the two I have found have much higher and much lower calorie levels than the original sandwich. If you find a stuffed breakfast sandwich that more closely matches the original please let me know. In the mean time try Smart Ones Morning Express Stuffed Breakfast Sandwich or Lean Pockets Breakfast Ham, Egg and Cheese sandwich
*Honey Oat Bar = Quacker Oatmeal To Go Bars in Assorted flavors, these are higher in calories than the original so plan your day accordingly
*Multi-grain Hoops Cereal = Multigrain Cheerios Cereal (1 1/2 cups)

*Cranberry Almond Cereal = Post Selects Cranberry Almond Crunch cereal (3/4 cup)
*Fruit and Granola = Kashi Summer Berry Granola Cereal (1/2 cup)
*Blueberry Muffin = Vitamuffins Blueberry Muffin (2 muffins from frozen or mix)
*French Toast = Krusteaz Frozen French Toast (1 1/2 pieces) OR Aunt Jemima Frozen Cinnamon French Toast (2 toasts)
*Banana Nut Cereal = Post Banana Nut Crunch Cereal (3/4 cup)
*Triple Grain Crisps = Barbara's Original Puffins Cereal (1 1/2 cups)


*Chicken and Sausage Gumbo = Healthy Choice Zest Gumbo Soup (2 cups)
*Hawaiian Chicken Salad Kit/Chicken Salad Kit = South Beach Diet Santa Fe Chicken Salad Kit or Chicken Walnut Cranberry Salad Kit
*Italian Wedding Soup = Progresso Italian Wedding Soup (2 cups)
*Broccoli and Cheese Stuffed Potato + Smart Ones Broccoli and Potatoes With Cheese
*Spinach and Cheese Tortellini = Chef Boyardee Microwaveable Beef Ravioli in Tomato Meat Sauce 7.5 oz bowl
*Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup = Healthy Choice Fiesta Chicken Soup (2 cups)
*Rotini and Meatballs = Lean Cuisine Spaghetti and Meatballs
*Turkey Burger Sandwich = Jenny-O Turkey Store Turkey Burger Patty and Wonder Light Hmaburger Bun
*Chicken Stuffed Sandwich = Lean Pockets Chicken Broccoli Supreme Sandwich
*Swedish Meatballs = Smart Ones Swedish Meatballs
*Homestyle Chicken with Noodles = Progresso Chicken and Homestyle Noodle Soup (2 cups)
*Meatball Stuffed Sandwich = Lean Pockets Mozzarella and Meatball Sandwich
*Southwestern Chicken with Rice and Beans = Lean Cuisine Santa-Fe Style Rice and Beans
*Personal Pizza = Smart Ones Pepperoni Pizza Smartwich
*Beef Chow Mein = Smart Ones Spicy Szechaun Style Vegetables and Chicken Over Tender Lo Mein Pasta
*Chili Con Carne = Amy's Organic Chili (1 cup)
*Southwestern Chicken Burito = Lean Cuisine Chicken Enchilada
*Creamy Potato Soup = Fantastic Foods Creamy Soup Cup Corn and Potato Chowder
*Pesto Pizza = Amy's Organic Pesto Pizza (1/3 pizza)
*Chicken Sandwich = replace with a good old 4 oz boneless chicken breast, cook it on the grill or what ever floats your boat, add Wonder Light Bun
*Cheesy Enchilada = Chicken Enchilada Suiza
*Garden Vegetable Soup = (this was very hard to match up) Simply Asia Vegetable Rice noodle Soup Bowl
*Tuna Salad Kit = Starkist Tuna Salad Lunch Kit (4.3 oz) and Del Monte Diced Peach bowl

*Cajun Style Chicken and Sausage with Rice = Healthy Choice Cajun Style chicken and Shrimp Steamer Bowl
*BBQ Chicken Pizza = Lean Cuisine Brick Oven Barbeque Chicken Pizza
*Cook Out Style Chicken and Beans = Grill up a boneless skinless chicken breast, add about 1 TBS of your favorite barbeque sauce and serve with 1/2 cup canned baked beans such as Bush's Vegetarian Baked Beans
*Mesquite Chicken = Healthy choice Country Herb chicken meal
*Chicken Carbonara = Please note the Jenny website lists this meal as 120 calories. I have not checked but I think this may be an error. All comparable meals are twice the calories Both Lean Cuisine and Smart Ones have a Chicken Carbonara meal
*Beef Stroganoff = Lean Gourmet Beef stroganoff
*Meatloaf with Barbeque Sauce = Healthy Choice Meatloaf
*Cashew Chicken = Healthy Choice Chicken Teriyaki
*Cheese Ravioli = Lean Cuisine Three Cheese Rigatoni Bowl
*Traditional Lasagna = Smart Ones Lasagna Bolognese or Florentine
*Chicken Pasta Parmesan = TBA have not found anything close to matching
*Sweet and Sour Chicken = (another hard to match one) Smart Ones New recipe Sweet and Sour Chicken or Chicken Viola Sweet and Sour Chicken dinner Kit Prepared (1 cup)
*Chicken Fettuccine = Lean Cuisine Chicken Alfredo
*Vegetable and Chicken Potstickers = Lean Cuisine Asian Style Potstickers

*Salsbury Steak = Lean Cuisine Salsbury Steak with Mashed Potatoes and Carrots
*Macaroni and Cheese = Healthy Choice Macaroni and Cheese
*Pasta Fagioli = Progresso Macaroni and Bean (Pasta E Fagioli) Soup (1 1/2 cups)
*Turkey Chili = Hormel Turkey Chili with beans ( approx. 1 1/2 cups)
*Turkey with Gravy = Healthy Choice Traditional Turkey Breast
*Chicken Fajitas = Tyson Chicken Fajita Kit (2 prepared fajitas)
*Fish and Chips = Lean Cuisine Comfort Classics Baked Lemon Pepper Fish
*Lentils with Beef = TBA (no comprable item found yet)
*Penne Pasta = Smart Ones Penne Polo
*Beef and Mashed Potatoes = Lean Cuisine Beef Pot Roast
*Rising Crust Pizza = Lean Cuisine Four Cheese Pizza
*Teriyaki Glazed Salmon = (hard to match try these if your not into cooking your own fresh salmon and rice) Lean Cusine Salmon with Basil or Healthy Choice Creamy Dill Salmon

*Cinnamon Twists = Barry's Bakery French Twists Original Flavor (2 twists)
*Chocolate Mint Bar = Three musketeers Dark Chocolate with Mint Bar (this does not have as much protein as the original so it may leave you hungry)
*S'mores Bar = Hard to match with a mainstream item, try a Hershey's S'more Caramel candy Bar (fewer calories but less nutrition) or a Luna S'mores Bar (more calories than the original but more protein)
*Triple Chocolate Cheesecake = Smart Ones New York Style Cheesecake (plain,keylime or black cherry swirl)
*Chocolate Chip Bites = Amy's Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies (1 serving)
*Toffee Bites = Pepperidge Farm Crispy Waves Toffee Cookies (17 cookie waves?)
*Cookies and Cream Cheesecake = Sara Lee Cheesecake Bites (8 bites) Ok so this product does not have a cookies and cream flavor but it comes in vanilla and chocolate and is covered in chocolate...nuff said
*Chocolate Graham Cracker Twists = Keebler Fudge Shop Deluxe Grahams (3) (slightly higher in calories and fat so be careful)
*Chocolate Caramel Peanut Bar = TBA
*Bruchetta Vegetable Chips = Flat Earth Garlic and Herb or Tomato Ranch Crisps (30 extra calories per serving more than the original so you may want to eat a few less or adjust your day accordingly)
*Popcorn = Act II 94% Fat Free Microwave Popcorn
*Chocolate Chip Snack Bar = Kudos Chocolate Chip Granola Bar (regular)
*Double Chocolate Cake = Betty crocker Warm Delights Minis Molten Chocolate Cake
*Sourdough Bites = Snyder' Pretzel Nuggets (16 nuggets)
*Cheese Curls = lay' Baked Cheetos (1oz)
*Lemon Cake = Weight Watcher's Lemon Cake (2 cakes)
*Trail Mix = Teddy Grahams Bears and Bees Trail Mix (1/2 cup) Trust me on this stuff, it's actually good but if you prefer you could have the Walmart Indulgence Trail mix but with that you can only eat about two tablespoons!
*Chocolate Walnut Brownie = Smart Ones Brownie A La Mode (more calories) or Little Debbie's 100 Calorie Brownie (1 1/2 brownies, don't get too excited these things are TINY)
*Peanut Butter Bar = Mini Butterfingers (3?)

Snack Bars
Pria Power Bars (only has 5 grams protien but is spot on with the other numbers)
Luna Minis (ok these are only 80 calories and have just 4 grams of protein but if you need to cut corners to make up for a meal that had higher calories than the original this might be a good choice)
South Beach Living Snack Bar Delights (be sure they are the SNACK BAR DELIGHTS, the cereal bars are too high in calories)
South Beach Living Granola Crunch Clusters (20 extra calories but this one has the right amount of protein)
Clif Kids Z Bar (short on protein but just right for a snack)
Slimfast Protein Snack Bars (almost a perfect match!)

Dressings (50 Calories’ worth, if FF - add a healthy fat - avocado, nuts, etc)
Cains Light Italian
Kraft Light Catalina
Hidden Valley Light Ranch
Newman's Own Light Italian
Wishbone Light Blue cheese
Kraft Light Thousand Island
Kraft Light Done Right Italian
Kraft Light Asian Toasted Sesame
Kraft Light Mayo (use on cabbage to make a cole slaw)
Kraft Light Light Classic Caesar
Newman's Own Sundried Tomato
Kraft Light Done Right Raspberry Vinegrette
Kraft Light Done Right Ranch
Wishbone Berry Delight
Great Value Light Italian
Wishbone Light Honey Dijon
Wishbone Light deluxe French
Wishbone Light Thousand Island
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Thanks Bunches.
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You are welcome. Again, its not an exact science - you'll have to play around with it all. Good Luck! I'm trying my hand at South Beach again....
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Jenny's plan (which I'm on now) is not two snacks - it's ONE snack (and a dessert IS a snack). It does also allow, however, two milk servings per day.

A milk serving is:
1 Anytime Bar (a vitamin bar w/calcium)
6 oz. nonfat yogurt or 1 cup soy milk
2 oz. low fat cheese
4 egg whites
1/2 cup light tofu
1 part skim or low fat string cheese

You can also sub a milk serving for a protein serving ( 2 oz. lean meat)

Milk in your cereal counts as one of the milk servings!

There are also limited free foods, which can total 75 calories for women. I put my FF 1/2 and 1/2 in my coffee toward this. Or sometimes I forgo that and have a 100 skinny cow fudge bar! Any additional condiments come out of this total as well.

Also, Jenny allows (requires) 2 fruits. Small size, of course.

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I believe soupetizers come out of the limited free total of 75 calories per day. I personally don't care for them.

I believe anything above one low fat salad dressing serving per day comes out of the limited free total as well.

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Default Would Love the LINK

JC is soo expensive for me but I am having sucess and DO like the food. I would love a little help by doing some of the meals for myself.
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Thanks! This helps a lot
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i hate cooking but i have been considering doing some recipes.. hows it going /
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Originally Posted by harts555 View Post
JC is soo expensive for me but I am having sucess and DO like the food. I would love a little help by doing some of the meals for myself.
Call them up and say you are having some finance trouble and you are wondering if you can get a decreased pricing for maybe 3 months because you enjoy the program and really don't want to have to quit due to not being able to afford it. Probably won't work, but things like that have worked for me multiple times... You'll never know unless you ask. ;-)
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Default jennyonmyown

Originally Posted by kissesmomof4 View Post
Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you all know that I am still here and I still have the information on how to use normal grocery store products to do Jenny. If you want more information please PM me with your email addy so I can send you an invite to join the yahoo group where I have all the information stored. You are welcome to join on the no mail option and just browse. That is what most people do. Your email inbox will not be filled up with mail from the group

Thank you!
Hi: I just found this site again and I only have 6 posts so I can't PM you yet. I did register on yahoo for the group but my membership is pending approval so I'm hoping to hear back soon.

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Default weekly menus w/frozen food

Originally Posted by golfgal7 View Post
I have to have 10 posts before I can pm you. I have been searching on the internet all morning. Will pm you soon. Thanks
I'm trying to get the same type of information. Have you had any luck yet?

Thanks, Karen
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