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Default Local Delivery Diets

I just signed up for my local delivery diet, Success Meals. Is there anyone else here who does a hometown delivery service diet?
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I do a great local diet in New York. The Fresh Diet. I used to do others but Fresh Diet is definitely the best. They also deliver to me when I am traveling to Chicago.
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Yep. I've done two local services. Last year, I did HEALTHIER CHOICES TO GO, which was great at first, but the quality went down toward the end of the year (holiday season), with undercooked rice and very stringy, inedible beef. Without the beef choices, I was left with chicken (dont like ground turkey), and that got old. So, I stopped, but they had lovely burritos (breakfast and lunch) and some good chicken dishes, also black beans and plantains (so a nice Latin flair). I loved their breakfasts, especially the egg-white, black bean, turkey bacon whole wheat burrito, and the waffles with egg whies and turkey bacon. The cucumber chili chicken salad was fabulous, until they changed it. It was primo, then they started fiddling with the spices and subbed zucchini for cucumber (which is NOT equivalent at all).

Now, I've started doing SHAPE LOVERS after seeing the local paper, THE MIAMI HERALD, do an article on delivery services for dieters.

I'm enjoying the quailty of the food. You only get one meal a day, which I use for lunch usually, but sometimes for dinner. They give you a soup, an entree, a side dish, and a dessert. They do offer pork and beef dishes and a lot of chicken and turkey and some fish. I can't eat seafood, and I loathe ground turkey, so I stick with pork, beef, chicken. I had a chicken burrito today, and the shredded chicken filling was delicious (had a Caribbean flavor of olives and tomato sauce), and had some cheese on top. Came with a side of veggies and an small mandarin cake. They give calories and fat and carb and protein counts at their site, so you know how much you're ingesting (more or less). Wish they had the fiber count.

I get my delivery around 11 am daily, which is great for lunch. (They deliver to workplaces, too, I think, not sure.)

They also make specialty sugar-free, low-fat desserts you can order delivered with your meal. I've ordered for family occasions (like ordering for a birthday part next Saturday). That way I know I can have a treat that's not full-fat, sugary and high in calories. My family enjoyed the mango cheesecake and three-chocolate mousse cake. This time I ordered the Tres Leches (a Cuban dessert, "three milks", very moist and sweet) and a Coconut Flan for my bro's birthday. Mmm.

So far, so good. Small portions of quality food, and the soup starter helps to make me feel full.

I'm a binge eater with emotional eating issues and a damaged metabolism (from autoimmune problems), and I tend to GAIN 10 to 15 pounds a year. Since I've actively tried to focus on changing my eating--with the help at times of delivery services--I've NOT gained past my highest (299), and I've lost 28 lbs (slowly, but it's gonna come off).

For me, delivery meals are just to make life easier, since I hate to cook. If I only have to breakfast and dinner, I'm okay. But with some deliveries, you don't have to cook at all (just heat stuff up) and that's really so easy and helpful when life is stressful or one is depressed or...well, your'e just busy.

Eventually, though, we need to learn to cook and plan healthy meals. It's the only way to really keep anything off and have what WE like (not what delivery companies decide to make, over and over.)

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Anything in WV?
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I'm in Austin TX and I've been ordering 4 meals per week at

They arent specifically a diet delivery service but everything is made from scratch and most of the soups have lots of veggies. I look at the menu each week and pick the healthiest choices. Most soups and entrees are 2 servings. I pair with either steamed veggies or salad plus whole grain bread.

If I decide to splurge on a cream soup or something I'll split it into 4 servings and pair it with a salad + lean protien. I usually spike the soups with spinach when I dont think it would mess with the flavor too much. These soups are wonderful and the entrees I've tried have been great too.

Saves me a ton of time and stress. I can workout after work then have dinner on the table in less than 15 minutes.

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I should add, I've used diet gourmet in Austin too. I liked them OK. They made interesting dishes but I was always having to add seasoning, so a little on the bland side. With them I picked up my meals once a week. I usually just did dinners but tey offer 3x a day. They are pretty affordable. The pickup location changed and was no longer convienent so I stopped. I like souppeddler much better.
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