starting HMR diet

  • Hi all,

    I'm starting HMR today and wanted to find others who were on it or who were starting it to start a support group! I want to lose about 70lbs (from 200 to 130). I have tried so many things and I'm liking this b/c with the shakes it makes it easier to "pick the right things" to eat. Today is day one and I made myself a strawberry banana shake this morning for breakfast and it was AMAZING. I loved it!
  • Hi Karen

    Is this the liquid only diet? I did it back 6 years ago and lost 60lbs - sadly, its all found its way back. When I joined it was a 4 month commitment then you can go back onto regular foods.

    It was easy because there were no other choices .. no cheating -- but my teeth suffered from the low-cal diet.

    I still like the shakes and would compliment any other diet -- although the diet itself in the dr's office was $$$

    Good Luck!!!
  • No its a 3 shakes plus fruits and veggies plus 1 healthy meal per day. You can have more fruits and veggies or an extra shake if you are still hungry. I think the liquid only one is the VLCD that is medically supervised but you are right it is super expensive so I'm doing the slightly less expensive "HMR at Home" version. Yeah the shakes are great!!! I hope i'm lucky enough to lose 60lbs!! That would be great!!!!
  • How Are you doing
    My post was deleted but I have no idea why. Anyway how are you doing on the HMR plan?

    What do you eat for the one meal?

    Are you hungry?

    What do you think of it overall?

    Does the company offer guidance on meal preparation ? Since you only get one solid meal I would think this would be very important.
    Thanks and Good luck.

  • Hi, I am on HMR for about 2 weeks. I have lost almost 8 pounds.
    I did HMR after my last child was born 6 years ago and lost 45 pounds in about 7 months..I kept it off for that last 5 years but started back to my old ways and now need to lose about 20 to get to a manageable goal. The program is easy and you shouldn't be hungry. Make sure to eat HMR food when it hits and you'll be ok...Double up on shakes and add sugar free instant pudding to thicken them up. ABout 1/2 teaspoon per shake. I also wait till the evening to eat the peanut butter bar and I microwave it for 10 sec's and then throw it into the blender with the shake and make a really amazing shake...
  • Ideas???
    Hi Everyone I have tried every diet known to man with a little success but none that lasted. I was on WW at least 20 times and I still think it is the best way to eat but for some reason I can't seem to stick with it. I am thinking about joining HMR I investigated this before but I guess I wasn't desperate enough!! Food has been such an issue with me I can't imagine just eating what they tell me! I have also wasted sooo much money on every kind of diet I am worried this will be the same with no results. I need to lose about 65 pounds and I would appreciate any insight
  • I can tell you that HMR WORKS. My best friend has lost nearly 100 pounds in just a few months. I think the diet is all about balance.. or "staying in the box" as she says.

    I wish I could afford it! I know she spends a ton on the shakes and meals.. plus she goes to the meetings.

    I've been doing south beach diet, but I supplement some meals/snacks with Dr. Walker shakes.. and they taste exactly like the HMR shakes except I think they come in more flavors.
  • I'm currently doing HMR and have lost 50 pounds in the last 6 weeks and it does work. I'm blogging all about it at