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Question Question?? Medifast V.S Nutrisystem????

Hey guys,

So I was looking at both medifast and nurtisystem, I was wondering which one you would suggest??? I know the food for both is not gourmet but which one do you think is the most tolerable??? Please Help!!

Thanks guys!!
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Hi I am on my 5th day of nutrisystem and so far love it! I have also done medifast (actually sold it) I really did not like medifast the food was awful to the point that I would bearly eat/drink the food. I think nutrisytem is a much better choice for long term.
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I am on my fourth week of Nutrisystem and I really enjoy it. If you look at the blogs and message boards on the Nutrisystem website you can read about real people's successes. The food is not gourmet but a lot of the food is very good and it is real food not just shakes and soups which is what I get the impression that you get a lot of on Medifast. You can also jazz up the nutrisystem foods using spices and your allowed fruit, veggie, and dairy/protein servings. Oh and you can choose to custom order so you do not get foods you think you won't like. They also take returns if you get more than one of a food and end up not liking it.
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I am starting Nutrisystem soon, so I don't know about it yet. But Medifast was awful! Even thinking about it now gives me a bad taste in my mouth!
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Has anyone lost weight on nutrisystem?
I'm on the site now, and the food actually looks good, I'm thinking about ordering.

I just want to hear if REAL people have had any luck.
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Originally Posted by thecolourblue View Post
Has anyone lost weight on nutrisystem?
I'm on the site now, and the food actually looks good, I'm thinking about ordering.

I just want to hear if REAL people have had any luck.
Read the nutrisystem buddies thread. I am a real person and have lost weight. I used NS exclusively from September through January and now I do NS foods every other day (and calorie count on opposite days). Since Sept I have lost 40 pounds.
If you follow the plan, it will work and teach you tools on portion control and what type of food constitutes a nutritious meal.

Some of the food is good, some not so good - but it's all personal taste. Some foods I love others hate, and vice versa.
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My brother did nutrisystem & he didnt like it all. I havent done it so I dont know.

I have done MF & I lost the weight quickly & I thought it tasted great. The first time I had some, I didnt like but my tastes did change over time
I also thought it was cheaper
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I tried NS and I thought the food was nasty. I am now on medifast and love it! Its easy to follow, with not much planning.
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Wink Question on diet programs

Hi I am new so I was wanting information on medifast, Jenny Craig and nutrisystem. I got most of the information I need by reading all the helpful hints. I am still worried about taste. The question I have is what would be better? I am leaning toward nutrisystem. So anyone who has tried any of these how was the taste? I have tried healthy choice and it tastes like cardboard any of these tasted that way?

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I was so worried that I would hate the food when I started nutrisystem a week ago, but I've been pleasantly surprised. The only thing that I wouldn't reorder are the veggie fajitas (and I'm pretty sure people have ways of dressing those up to make them taste nice) everything else has been very good. Even my boyfriend (who does not need to diet AT ALL) has been snacking on my extra scones and cookies and he really likes them.
I love that I get to eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies all day (I've been big on berries this week). And I love that the diet is so easy to follow.
I've lost more than 4 lbs in my first week (and I only have 20 to lose) so yeah, I'm pleased and I recommend Nutrisystem!
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I just started yesterday. So far the food isn't bad at all. I like it fine. I also like how it has a good fiber content (whereas in the past when I was on Jenny Craig the food has almost no fiber). It's a hard adjustment for me to start eating fruits and veggies but I know that's a good thing to start eating them. It's nice not having to worry about what else to eat and how much. I've told myself I'm going to stick with it for 2 months if it kills me (hopefully it won't) and THEN I'll decide what to do from there. I need to lose 50 or so, so am hoping 2 months of NS will give me a jump start.

I would love to know if anyone else has trouble accessing NS's discussion boards on their website? I can login to the site fine, and of course get into the ordering pages just fine, but for the discussion boards, I keep getting an error. Very frustrating! :P
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