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  • In the interest of fairness, I should add that while the PFFS meals don't fill me up, I haven't been eating all of them. On the tomato soup day, I had the soup which was really good, but skipped the roll because it just doesn't look worth the calories to me (and I am very picky about how I spend my calories!) and my kid ate the cheese. So I was left with a 140 calorie dinner, which doesn't work at all for me.
  • I actually like the rolls. Here's what I do: I lightly moisten a paper towel and wrap the roll in it, then microwave it for about 10-15 seconds. It comes out fresh and doughy. That's a good trick to use for the brownies, too.
  • I noticed after I had been on PFFS for a week that the food for each day adds up to more points per day than I am allotted on Weight Watchers.
    Hmmm...concerned about this.
  • Did it use up all the points plus the extra 35 points you get every week? You also get extra points for activity points so it might be balancing out.
  • I have not been on this thread in awhile! The holidays this year did me in so I am back on Pure Foods Fresh Start. I have not lost a ton of weight but am happy to weigh less this year then last! I set a rule for myself that if I went up 5 pounds in weight then I had to go back on a diet. So here I am again. lol
    The good news is that I went to update my siggy and I had lost another 5 pounds after I left pure foods so my lowest weight was 177. This morning when I weighed in I was 181.6 so no change needed.
    I know there are lots of programs out there but Pure foods has worked for me in the past so I returned to them. I do get tired of the same foods and the cost so I don't know how long I will last this time. I also only do the 5 day program and do one diet day on my own (I use Kashi meals or plain old calorie counting) and have one cheat day. My body seemed to respond to calorie cycling really well last time so I hope it will again. I do get hungry on the program especially when first starting. At times I have to eat some celery or cucumbers or a drink with fiber added until my tummy shrinks.
    Expect a post in a day or two that I am starving! :-)
  • Quote: I noticed after I had been on PFFS for a week that the food for each day adds up to more points per day than I am allotted on Weight Watchers.
    Hmmm...concerned about this.
    Did you lose on it?

    I'm stalling out these days on PFFS, probably for the reason you mention. I also add some fruit and one yogurt each day, because I think it's healthier. But I'm thinking I may have to bid farewell to this wonderful plan if I want to see my weight go down. I'm going to give it a few more weeks and see how much I can cut back on the extra fruit before I give up and move on.

    But I do think that part of my problem is I'm just ready to eat other foods now. I still love the PFFS food, which is quite a testament to them given that it has been almost 2 years that I've been eating it! I'm just ready to try some other things.

    YouWho, I like the idea of doing it 5 days a week. I'm thinking I should probably try that first before moving on entirely.
  • Wow Lauren you are doing great... 106 pounds! I really like PFFS but man I don't think I could do two years! :-)
    I really like the ease of not having to plan out meals or shop much with diet delivery. I like that PFFS meals use "good carbs." I am sure you will find what you need to get things jump started again be it changing up diet and exercise etc. You are my hero!
  • Thanks, YouWho! I had lost some before I started PFFS; I've probably lost about 75-80 pounds on this program. And yes, two years is a long time! It's mostly testament to my own lackluster cooking. Their stuff is generally better than what I would fix for myself, with more variety, too.

    You're doing great, yourself!

    I agree with you about the good carbs; that's a big reason I like their program. Diabetes is huge in my family and my own blood sugar levels were starting to climb a bit, so glycemic index is important to me. I also like the healthy fats they use, and the lack of preservatives.

    Even when I get down to where I want to be, I'm still hoping I can afford to stay on a home delivery plan 5 days a week or so. I think having that built-in portion control will really help me maintain.
  • Made it thru my first week back on PFFS and was not as hungry as I remember from my first stint last year. Down 4.4 pounds (first week water weight but hey I'll take it). By day three I was getting a bit hungry so I put my diet on my own day as day four and upped my calories to 1600 that day. Day seven was my cheat day. I averaged my calories for the week and it comes up to 1550. My stomach has already adjusted some what because I could only eat 1/3 of my steak on cheat day. I know steak sounds bad ....but I am trying to add in red meats and high iron foods on my two days off of PFFS because I am anemic right now. The anemia is not PFFS diet related. I was diagnosed when I was not on a wieght loss program.
  • Great loss, YouWho! Way to go!
  • Anyone getting their food from Sam's club ?
    I see they are selling PFFS... is it cheaper with them or not ?
  • pffs at Sams Club

    I am glad you posted that - I didn't know Sam's Club was selling PFFS. After seeing your post I did some research. The prices are listed on on SamsClub dot com. Just do a search for Purfoods. (I tried to put a link in here but it didn't work)

    The immediate drawback I see to purchasing from Sam's is that you cannot customize your meals. On the other hand, it looks like it's a little less expensive since you don't have the shipping cost, so if you find a meal plan you like it's a good way to go.

  • We tried the PFFS meals purchased via Sam's and we really didn't care for the meals at all. Looking at the glowing comments here, it makes me wonder if they "cheapen" the Sam's version. Some of the things I particularly didn't like was the reliance on added bad fats (who adds beef fat to turkey chili?) and refined carbs. I didn't compare the two versions - purchased from Sam's and purchased direct - because we just went back to our regular meal delivery plan.
  • Pure foods fresh start
    I signed up for this program last Monday and received the food on Thursday. I was anxious to get started and after reading everything on their website I thought for sure I picked the right program.

    This is day 4 on the diet and to be honest...this is without a doubt the worst tasting food I have ever had. I have yet to eat more than a bite of anything they sent. There is absolutely nothing fresh about the food other than the fruit they send. The beef and turkey are tough and taste just plain old. The potatoes are like cardboard and there is absolutely no flavor. I have canceled the service.

    This was very disappointing and if I were you I would only try a 3 day sampler before you commit to anything else. My guess id that will be as far as you go. It was really that bad. If anyone had a different, I would love to know.