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hacamila 01-20-2008 07:30 PM

BISTRO MD taste?
I am considering ordering my 1st week of Bistro meals. Have you tried them, and would you recommend it?


bargoo 01-20-2008 07:47 PM

3fc have reviewed this, Go to main web page click on diet and scroll down to Bistro MD.

pridd16 01-21-2008 12:56 PM

I did the program for about 3 months. Finances have caused me to take a break more than anything. I like most of the food. The low-carb doughnuts, muffins, etc. have a very artificial taste, but the lunches and dinners are quite good. I can't stand fish, so I made substitutes for that. The only other dinners I substituted were the veggie burger (don't like them at all) and the beef marsala (I think that's it; it was a newer item). It was very easy to substitute & I liked everything else. I will say that there is a bit of "sameness" to the meals. If I get back to them, I may either go with a different company for just a bit or I will use the 5 day plan so I can do a little bit of substituting.

chinchillables 06-12-2008 03:27 PM


Originally Posted by hacamila (Post 2010022)
http://www.top5choices.com/-pics-/wl_bistromd.jpgI am considering ordering my 1st week of Bistro meals. Have you tried them, and would you recommend it?


If you can afford them, then yes, they are the best.

Frank C 11-19-2010 12:27 PM

BistroMD Taste Test and Review

My name is Frank from Fat Man Unleashed, and I have been using BistroMD for the last three months. I have lost 30 pounds and a total of 27 inches from head to toe. We recently did a short taste test video of BistroMD, and thought you might want to take a look for yourself. I hate sounding like a spammer, and believe me I am not. But I thought you may enjoy seeing a bunch of BistroMD's meals on a plate and warmed up, also you can hear what the group members think about the food. Hope you like it, and keep up the great work lady's!!

Frank C 11-19-2010 12:30 PM

Well you didn't allow the link so if you want just go to YouTube and search for BistroMD Review & Taste Test.

klc 11-20-2010 08:22 PM

You and your group are doing great! Congrats!!! I agree that Bistro is an excellent choice. The food was excellent back when this thread was started (I was on it then) and has changed over the last couple years, but it is still excellent. You and your guys come join us on the main Bistro thread. We'd love to have you.

teamup2befit 01-09-2011 03:39 PM

Is it just me?
I ordered Bistro Md because I had read that it was so much better than other delivery plans. I ordered my food on monday and got it yesterday (Saturday). So yesterday I was able to try lunch, dinner and two snacks. So far not too impressed. I think my lunch with the veggie & bean burrito and my dinner was beef Bourguingon. The burrito was too wet and soft to pick up so I ate with a fork and knife. I added salsa for flavor but it would go down as not a favorite. I was excited by the beef burg. for dinner but again flavorless and very meaty tasting. Had to add a good deal of salt and pepper. I liked the cauliflower puree but the meal itself not great.

Today I had the stuffed french toast and overall it was decent but I had to add sugar free syrup because the berries had literally no sweetness at all. I just finished the philly style chicken for lunch. The spaghetti squash was really watery and the chicken really bland. I need to decide by midnight whether I want them to send another week and I have to say I am seriously thinking no.

I have tried nutrisystem which tastes horrible and jenny craig which at this point may be what I switch to because their food I found to be really good. So my question is - have I not gotten to the good tasting bistro meals yet or is this about what I can expect? Also I am finding my meals after cooking a bit watery - is that normal?

gk1125 01-09-2011 11:27 PM

I have to agree with your assesment of the foods... Most had a lot of water and were very soggy. There are some dishes that are good some which are descent and quite a bit that are not edible. I did it for 7 weeks and decided to cancel.

teamup2befit 01-10-2011 12:47 PM

I cancelled it last night - one week of their food will be all I can take. So disappointed - It looked so good. Well now i think it is on to Jenny Craig but I have been considering Wonderslim. I'm concerned about the lunch entrees though. Probably Jenny then.

kifli 01-16-2011 05:12 PM

I'm really excited about Bistro MD. I think it's going to work for me. I personally love the meals! I don't like the snack juices too much, but the meals are great.

I did Jenny Craig after my first pregnancy and I lost 25 pounds pretty quickly, so it worked for me. However, I was soo sick of the food afterwards, that I just couldn't bring myself to start it again, now that I just had my second baby.

I might be one of those diet hoppers, in order to get the weight off. Even though Bistro MD is more expensive than Jenny, I think it is worth it. The food is much tastier and there are more vegetables. I think it kind of tastes like a diet food that was frozen from a restaurant. Whereas JC seems like the kind of diet food you would find frozen at Safeway (but a little bit better).

That being said, I would still do Jenny again, if my taste buds weren't so tired of it. Maybe I'll try Diet- to -go if I get tired of Bistro MD =) I have more weight to lose this time around!

kifli 01-25-2011 01:45 AM

Update. Okay, so I really like some of the meals. Others I REALLY detest! I decided to go to 5 days a week and eat my own snacks, since I am nursing a baby and need to up my calories a little. I called Bistro MD and asked them not to send anything with spinach. We all have our own preferences when it comes to meals =) I do like that the plan forces me to eat veggies I would otherwise not eat.

joyfulloser 01-25-2011 08:30 AM

Bistro is not for everyone. It worked GREAT for me, but then again, I followed the plan EXACTLY as it was issued. Meaning...I ate what they gave me, and did not alter the foods any. I didn't complain about preferences (with the exception of my egg allergy) because my WAY of eating clearly wasn't workin...so I was willing to try their way. Also, eating all those veggies was NOT something I was used to...and I didn't LOVE every single meal, and eating LOW sodium and LOW fat was definitely something to get used to, but I was more interested in getting healthy and dropping the fat than LIKING every single thing I was fed.

That said, I droped 30 lbs in 3 months using the program and now I cook very Bistro like (still use the black trays I saved to store my self-prepared meals in) and have lost an additional 11 lbs.

There is no doubt in my mind that this program WORKS...but I just think that people need to be more realistic about nutrition and also be WILLING to make CHANGES if they are going to succeed.

Lastly..I didn't LOVE every meal I cooked for myself...so I didn't think it reasonable that I expect to LOVE every meal shipped to me by Bistro MD. Their food is quality, healthy, they pay attention to sodium count, and quality proteins (something the other more commercial frozen delivery plans neglect).

But this is just my experience.:)

Nola Celeste 01-25-2011 04:03 PM

I did Jenny Craig years and years (and years!) ago. Lost over 70 pounds in 5 months, which is way faster than I'm losing now (but then, I'm no longer in my early twenties) and kept it off for about three and a half years.

While I haven't tried Bistro MD, if it's equivalent in price to JC meals, I'd just go with Jenny. Believe it or not, there were some meals on the Jenny Craig plan that I still miss (chicken in plum sauce and yummy rice-with-veggies lunch thingie, I'm lookin' at you <3 ).

Everyone's tastes vary and so does their tolerance for deprivation. I'm a sybarite; deprivation utterly kills my motivation, so food has to taste good. I really do have to love the taste, or at the very least have a strong affection for it, in order to have success. I enjoyed my JC food and in fact would've gone right back there to drop the weight this time if I had the money to do it.

I think the important thing to remember is that if you're doing a prepared-meal program, it IS your money that you're spending; if you're finding something inedible, you can and should take your money elsewhere. A little Googling will reveal that all the options are nutritionally similar, so whether you go with JC or Bistro MD or NutriSystem or even your own selection of Lean Cuisine/Healthy Choice meals (and I've known people to have success with that, too).

All these programs have many success stories; choose based on price and tasty food and you'll have chosen the right program. :)

Jen516 05-27-2011 11:15 PM

I've been using BistroMD for 80% of my meals for the past 10 months and I've lost 70lbs. It's worked incredibly well for me. There are some meals that I don't like, so I ask that they not be sent. There are some meals that need a little tweaking to work, but overall I've enjoyed the quality of the food (I am a bigtime veggie person though - which seems to be the biggest complaint. I love steamed spinach!). I picked BMD because it seemed to have the "wholest" foods; I was trying to avoid a lot of perservatives. The number one reason it's worked for me is the convenience of having the foods already prepared. I realize now that it's also retrained my taste buds and portion expectations. I'm starting to wean off the meals... I only get a couple of boxes a month and I make my own meals too. It's pricy, but was soooo worth it for me. I'd highly recommend it. It not only helped get the weight off, but gave me sustainable habits for the future.

my2cats 06-27-2011 01:42 PM

Overall, I think Bistro MD is great. The food is high quality and generally tasty.

My only complaints are about specific meals that I just don't like. Unlike the previous poster, I really hate steamed spinach, and that is a side on several meals. But you can just tell them you don't want any meals with spinach as a side and you'll get them no more. :)

Even after removing 95% of the meals I don't like (probably 10 meals total of ?? I don't know how many), I still have a great diversity.

The only other objection is there is not too much variation in the spiciness or flavoring. It's hard to describe - the food is far from tasteless, but it's also not "strongly" anything unless the food itself dictates it. I tend to like spicy foods like curries and gumbos and these seem a fair bit milder than that, probably to avoid putting off people who don't like it - I have my own spices and condiments to add to some of these meals.

Some of the meals I just love though - the BBQ Beef Brisket is so tasty. I also love the asparagus and corn medleys that are the sides, and the mango chutney is delicious. The berry crepe and stuffed french toasts breakfasts are really delicious (and hit some of my "Dessert" cravings just right).

Overall it's so easy too - I have never been big on cooking so I knew it had to be a simple no-brainer. This is that.

I started out with snacks but I really didn't like them - they get them from 3rd parties and they're hit or miss. Some of the shakes (like Proticcino) are great; others I had a hard time choking down - tasted like liquid Jello mix. The soy crisps I mostly did not like. Overall the snacks didn't feel worth it. Instead I typically have 1 Atkins shake (since the 2 BMD snacks usually are about ~200 calories together), or a ~250 calorie salad that is really more like a 4th meal. (Exception - a couple of the snacks they make themselves are mini cheesecakes and cream-filled cake rolls and these are delicious and amazing. But given I only got about 1 of those a week it wasn't worth it. Maybe if I requested they only send those... :lol:)

The other thing I like about not having the snacks is it gives me a little leeway. I can eat 200 calories of whatever I want - so if I'm havng a desperate craving I can throw it away on a few squares of chocolate as long as I manage my meals for the rest of the day so I don't get hungry. I don't usually do that (often I find I'm craving the salad.. weird for me), but I think knowing I "can" makes the cravings easier.

FattyFatFat 02-29-2012 10:51 PM


Originally Posted by my2cats (Post 3909574)
Overall, I think Bistro MD is great. The food is high quality and generally tasty.

My only complaints are about specific meals that I just don't like. Unlike the previous poster, I really hate steamed spinach, and that is a side on several meals. But you can just tell them you don't want any meals with spinach as a side and you'll get them no more. :)

Even after removing 95% of the meals I don't like (probably 10 meals total of ?? I don't know how many), I still have a great diversity.

Nice! Also, in the recipes section there are a lot of ways to flavor up your dishes without a lot of added calories and sugars. Might want to give that a go as well. ;-)

Betsy3491 01-27-2014 03:43 PM

Better than some, not as good as others
I've been on the Bistro MD diet for three months.


1. Healthy, wholesome ingredients, more so than for any of the other delivery plans I've tried. A variety of vegetables accompany the main entree.

2. The meals are tasty and, at times, even delicious. The breakfasts are almost always good. Excellent use of seasonings.

3. I'm losing weight-about 1 lb. per week. I supplement the diet with salads and fruit, but I'm sure I'd lose more if I ate only at the frozen meals.


1. The meals contain ingredients such as: malic acid, hydrolized soybean protein, "natural flavorings," and tricalcium phosphate (caking agent). If you want to avoid synthetic ingredients, this isn't the plan for you.

2. At first I ordered the snacks along with the meals. The cheesecakes were tasty, otherwise I didn't think any of the snacks were good. Waay too much chicken in the main meals. Lunches and dinners need a bit more variety.

3. The dry ice (included to keep the food fresh) has occasionally caused the plastic trays to crack and the food to leak.

4. On two occasions I asked for a refund because I lost the food due to the tray shattering. They agreed to refund my money but only AT COST, that is-their cost. In other words, they offered $4.50 for each of the meals. This is unfair! When I return an item to a store, I get the entire amount I spent refunded-not only the manufacturer's cost.

5. The website isn't useful. The FAQs don't answer the questions a real consumer would have.

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