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Default NutriSystem or Jenny Craig?

I'm considering this...I'm getting married in about 8 months and I really want to focus on my weightloss a little more aggressively. Does anyone recommend this? I tend to be really picky with food. Is Jenny Craig better?
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Ive never been on Jenny Craig but know a few people on it and are having success. I have tried Nutisystem tho, I couldnt stand the taste of the food....even the desserts!

Congratulations on getting married
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I vote to try Purfoods instead. They are behind eDiets and 3 Hour Diet meals. Excellent food! No contract, and you can pick a few meals/snacks to try and not be obligated to buy a whole week's worth of food.
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Depends on what you are after, Nutrisystem is edible and some things actually taste pretty good but certainly not gourmet food. Kind of like eating airplane food, it will get you where you want to go for less money, food delivered to your door, and no required meetings so it will save you time and money.

Jenny Craig has a lot of frozen food, I personally think it tastes better then Nutrisystem (or the grocery store frozen foods too) but for me (Iím doing Nutrisystem right now) Iíve really burned out on meetings or having to go to JC to purchase my food each week so NS is the right fit. That doesnít mean the JC might not be the better choice for you, they both are good companies with well balanced food that takes little or no thought and time to prepare. Iíve done very well loosing weight on both programs.

That Purfoods looks like it would be very good but $35.00 per day is a bit out of my budget so that would be a deal breaker for me but if you have the cash flow you might want to consider it.
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We reviewed Jenny and NS and hated them both. BUT we didn't try the frozen dinners (unless Suzanne did on her own). I have heard that the upscale version is pretty good. But we didn't like the standard meals with the soups, etc. We got a pizza from NS that was moldy. I'm serious!

Purfoods is high $$ to do all day. They all are pretty expensive... But breakfast is so easy, that one is easily replaced, and often lunch is pretty easy to do. Maybe a partial day would be an option for you? Purfoods lets you order single meals. The other plans do require a larger order.
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You should have tried the frozen stuff, Jennifer! I think it would have changed your mind!

I chose Jenny Craig, not only because their food is good, but it gives me all the support and consultations I need to be successful. If you like one-0n-one knowledgeable support, then you should call Jenny!

(*Jen415 is NOT a paid spokesperson like Kirstie or Valerie! LOL)
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