Free of 50 lbs

  • I got on the scale yesterday and saw that I'm down 5 more lbs. That's a total of 50 lbs since January 2006.

    Feels good.
  • CONGRATS!!!! That must be the best feeling in the world . You have worked so hard, and it shows.
  • Also Congrats!!!
    what program are you on????? great work!!
  • Marny, I'm so happy for you, hon! You've worked so hard.
  • Thanks guys!

    Baja Chick-- My program is Overeaters Anonymous. I thank God for this program every day.
  • Congradulations on the weight loss! Way to go! Good job! Thanks for telling me about the program. I really appreciate it. I'm down two more pounds this week. I'm doing lots better. Thanks again.