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Default June=Step 6

Step 6
Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character

Step Six means CHANGE!

What my sponsor had me do:
Read page 75 from the Big Book, last paragraph, to page 76, second paragraph
Read "Freedom from Bondage" pg 544
Read Step 6 in the AA & OA 12&12
Write about how you can relate to the readings.
Willingness is the key to Step 6. After you read, are you willings to have your defects removed? Or are you willing to become willing?

Questions to refect on from the OA 12&12:
What is the difference between saying I'm entirely ready and ebing entirely ready?
Why is it so hard to be entirely ready to part with my defects?
Am I fearful? Do I feel I would be less interesting as a human being without some of my defects?
What are the choice defects that I would rather keep?
What does being entirely ready mean to me?
What do each of my defects do for me?
What do each of my defects do to me?
How has each of these old tools for coping with my life outlived its usefulness?
What harm is it doing me to cling to each of these ways of thinkingand acting?
What do I believe is the essence of the sixth step?
What is my attitude regarding change?

Sixth Step Big Book Style!
Read page 76, paragraph 1, lines 3-7
It is decision time again - Ask God for the willingness to have Him remove all of the shortcomings we found in our inventories. Are you now ready to have God remove from you all the things which you have admitted are objectionable?

What else can you do?
Make you a spreadsheet, an inventory of character defects, as follows:
Column 1 "Name character defect"
Column 2 "What does this defect so for you? How is it helping you?"
Column 3 "How is it now hurting you? Do you believe it has now outserved its usefulness? Are you ready to let it go?"
Column 4 "What would you/your life look like without this defect?"
Column 5 "What is the contrary action of this defect?"
Daily Plan of Action:
1)Abstain from compulsive overeating
2)For the next 14 days "Humbly ask God to remove these defects of character".
3)Practice this contrary action until God removes your defects from you "act as if"
4)Gratitude list, list at least 10 items.

Please respond with your thoughts about this Step, and suggestions you may have from your experience with this Step or even any questions about this Step.
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