Introduction / Positive Thinking

  • Hi everyone! My name is Frances and I'm finally getting the courage to join an online weight-loss community, and this place seems perfect!

    Quick profile: Currently 5'4" and 137lbs. Last November, I was ~117lbs BUT I reached that weight via unhealthy means (no exercise/low intake). A range of family issues resulted me dealing with them the only way I knew how - EATING. Now I realise that food isn't the answer, and if I carry on this way, I'll gain weight and unhappiness. I'm looking to get around ~117lbs again but this time I want to do things the healthy way. I now have a gym membership and wish to maintain a moderate intake.

    As I've said, I'm an emotional eater... But i'm totally going to kick that habit! The amount of money I spend buying a chocolate bar here and there, or a bottle of soda, is crazy. I need to STOP this habit asap. I eat when I'm not hungry, all I can think about is food.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who has felt like this, so any encouragement is welcomed I think I just need to take this step - talking to others like myself - to put me on the right track.

    Hope to get to know you all better

    - Frances
  • Hi, Frances. Welcome to the forums! You are in the right place. I'm glad you've decided to take a step towards better health and happiness. It is well worth the challenge.

    Here's my general starting advice to you: work on slowly changing your habits. Pick one healthy habit per month and focus on that one habit for a solid 30 days.
  • Hi Frances and welcome!

    You can find out more about overeater's anonymous by going to their webpage at That's the best place to find a meeting near you. Most members find face-to-face meetings to be the most beneficial way to do OA, but if that's not an option for you, there are lots of online meetings, too.

    The first step is just to go and listen. I recommend visiting more than one group because each group can be very different.

    I've found that the more I learn to be gentle and loving with myself, the LESS my eating disorder has a hold on me. I wish you well as you discover what is going to work for you. No one can tell you exactly what that is going to be, you have to find it for yourself.