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BleuMaus 11-12-2012 07:43 PM

What do you do when your home alone and all that you can think about is eating?
So yeah.....
What do you do when your home alone and all that you can think about is eating?

seagirl 11-12-2012 07:52 PM

I clean my kitchen. Then my bathroom. Then dust the baseboards, all the bookcases, etc. Then I go for a walk. Or I write in a journal. Or I lie on the floor and do stretches while watching a movie. Or I lift my weights. Or I have a cup of tea.

What are some things you might do?

atmos 11-12-2012 09:08 PM

I live alone - so I'm alone a lot. It's definitely enabled my binging.

Sometimes I just have to sit with the thoughts and fight them. Basically just sit and not move until the feeling passes. If I want to eat because I'm angry/upset, I feel better if I can motivate myself to kickbox. It's a great outlet for aggression.

Crocheting keeps my hands busy. I have a chore schedule that I try to complete everyday. I just recently put together an exercise schedule too. Sometimes I get out of the house to run errands, shop without buying anything, or go for a hike. Also a couple hobbies that get me out of the house for meetings/practices.

I also try to remember my health goals. I jump on 3FC and browse the forums and remind myself that food may temporarily numb whatever is making me feel less than, but it's not going to fix the problem. I window shop online, especially with business clothes because one of my goals is to look and feel great at an upcoming conference. Last year I had to run out and buy new dress pants a size bigger the day before I left because I binge ate my stress of preparing my presentation.

Darby1 11-12-2012 09:08 PM

Hot tea works for me. Also, I go through magazines/catalogs and pick out all the things I'll be able to wear when I lose weight. I straighten my closet and find clothes I will be able to wear soon. Or get on the phone with somebody you haven't spoken with in a long time.

Good luck!

Beck 11-12-2012 09:23 PM

Another tea-drinker here; I drink lots of herbal and green teas sweetened with stevia. I also pop on 3FC; it helps to bring me back in focus.

AilsaPearl 11-12-2012 10:24 PM

I drink tea, occupy my thoughts somewhere else IE cleaning, listening to music and fidgeting around, paint, color, call someone, and if worst comes to worst I just leave my place and go for a quick walk

drixnot 11-12-2012 10:51 PM

read a book.

Calmontflor 11-16-2012 11:42 PM

Do something active instead of passive - poke around the garden, walk the dogs, journal, figure out if I'm angry and hit or break safe things if I am, call old friends out of town, write a real letter and mail it, bead cheap jewelry, draw whatever I feel like with soap paints on the shower wall. Back in my old state I used to chop wood and/or go for a swim, too.

geoblewis 11-17-2012 10:22 AM

I do one of three things. I clean something (because there's always something that needs to be cleaned or organized) and I find something to watch on TV that is really compelling for me. And has no commercials. And then, I also end up on the computer where I surf the Net, pay bills, participate in some online education, or watch the commercial-free TV or movies that I love.

I guess there's a fourth thing...I set a timer until I can eat again. No going into the kitchen until the timer goes off.

seabiscuit 12-04-2012 10:38 PM

Now that I am back in OA, I sometimes pick up a piece of literature such as one of their recovery books, go to an online meeting, make an outreach phone call, go for a walk, do tasks around my home, etc. If I feel hungry, I sometimes ask myself if instead I am really thirsty and have a beverage that I consider abstinent/safe.

Take care :hug:

melfitstar 12-28-2012 09:22 AM

I am the same way, and while having a strong personality is good for some things it does not seem to be so good for discipline with respect to food. I can plot out all the chores or errands I want, I can even look at the list as I eat. It's hard for me. My therapist recently told me about HALT, which I think there are more, but when when you go to eat you're supposed to ask yourself if you're hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. I thought it was silly, but does actually help me identify why I'm eating and then gives me a chance to address the actual issue. If not physically than at least mentally and emotionally. Recently I also started keeping 5lb weights by my couch. If I want to go eat, I do a couple sets first and then reconsider munching. And generally chug some water or crystal light.

wendyland 12-28-2012 11:33 AM

I like the HALT idea. I'll use that.

I drink hot tea or have broth with chopped kale. I make my own broth with chicken wings. It's so good. I try to keep busy cleaning, knitting, organizing a closet, go for a walk, look at pictures, play a game on my ipad, call someone.

vabs 12-28-2012 01:47 PM

If I can, I go out for a walk and listen to a book on tape. If I can't, I try to find some TV shows online to watch (love Korean dramas! No commercials and you can watch a bunch of episodes at once). Sometimes coffee helps, so another vote for hot drinks. Drinking a bottle of water can help sometimes.

If that fails, I'll make a very light salad with lettuce and low cal dressing, and eat that as a snack.

Also, if it's a ton of junk food in the house, I will throw it away PRONTO. I hate to waste food, but me bingeing on it is bad, too. I am not a trash can.

Angeldove97 01-03-2013 06:52 AM

I go to an online chat- there's one that has an OA online meeting every 3 hours. If anybody is interested in the site, send me a message- don't want to publicly advertise.

blog 01-22-2013 12:00 AM


Originally Posted by BleuMaus (Post 4526978)
So yeah.....
What do you do when your home alone and all that you can think about is eating?

I find someone to talk to, and if no humans are available, I talk to god. (Sorry god, I'd put you first, but I'm new to this whole prayer thing.)

Sometimes, when I find myself circling the kitchen, staring into my fridge like the answer to life is in there, I meow at myself. 'Cause I'm acting like a cat waiting for dinner and trying to convince the human to bring it on two hours early. That makes me giggle, which helps break the spell.

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