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Drinks lots. I find diet pepsi and 9 cal jelly works as it expands in your stomach and makes you feel bloated and full.
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I brush my teeth when ever I just can't stop thinking about eating, it helps because nothing taste good after you brushed your teeth. I also try to keep cucumbers and lemons on hand s to snack on if I just have to eat something. I also stay away from the TV as it makes me want to eat if I'm vegged out in front of it, so I do allot of book reading.
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Originally Posted by blog View Post

Sometimes, when I find myself circling the kitchen, staring into my fridge like the answer to life is in there, I meow at myself. 'Cause I'm acting like a cat waiting for dinner and trying to convince the human to bring it on two hours early. That makes me giggle, which helps break the spell.
I love this! I might try it next time I go to the kitchen for the 4th time in 10 minutes!
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Default Can you share the information with meIm a begginer thanx I would appreciate it..

Please can I have the online OA meetings information they would really help me as incouragement and support
Originally Posted by Angeldove97 View Post
I go to an online chat- there's one that has an OA online meeting every 3 hours. If anybody is interested in the site, send me a message- don't want to publicly advertise.
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I do something which takes my mind off it. Whether that be exercise or read or surf the Internet. If I can find something which captures my interest, I usually forget about eating just because there is nothing else to do.

Alternatively, I have a large glass of water. I then wait about ten minutes and contemplated whether or not I am hungry. That usually helps too. (:
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I drink beer.
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Gum. I eat the whole pack. It takes about 1 hour to chew it and something about eating the sugar free gum seems to kill the appetite.
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I see this is a very old thread but I am going to post regardless.

I know that I am not responsible for what pops into my head, but I am responsible for what I keep there. To entertain the thought of eating is an act of self torture and will eventually lead to eating.

I have a pact with myself to not eat except when I am hungry, and I do not allow myself to get very hungry. When I am hungry I eat something. I have a card with a list of things I like to eat along with the calories for the portion size I do eat. I then select one or more of them, depending on how many calories I have already ate if applicable. I do not eat breakfast until I am hungry either, that is often close to noon.

As Madalinerosa says a few posts above, I also first ascertain whether I am really in fact hungry. I drink a glass of water then occupy myself with something else of a type that keeps my mind occupied and that often fixes it. However, if it has been a long time since I ate I will just go ahead and prepare something and eat it, usually staying down around 300 calories.

wishing you all the best

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I go for a walk around the block, which is a 1-mile loop. Not at an "I'm doing this for exercise" pace, but at an "I'm strolling about" pace. Or, as many other people have said, I drink tea.
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The first thing I do is get on 3FC to refocus. It has helped me in the past though I'm not home alone much now, before I was a SAHM so I needed to stay out of the kitchen. I also chew Extra Speriment gum, it helps and drink water. I find that if I put 4 bottles beside me it will definitely help.
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I will fill a tea jug with warm water and ginger and lemon and sip at that. Some times though I just have to wait the urge to binge out, for me it will normally disappear in an hour or two at the most.
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I drink beer.
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I just stumbled on this (old) thread too. I'd like to comment for what it's worth. And there are some good, and helpful suggestions here, which I will take and try out. I like the ginger and lemon in warm water idea. Love the chicken broth with kale. I do chicken broth, but never thought to try kale in it. Sounds good and healthy. I take walks, I also do hot tea...I love Earl Grey actually. I can get really bored with tv unless I have a project to occupy my hands, a craft of something. I believe in being aware of HALT and use it regularly. I call my sponsor, or a another recovery friend. I read OA literature and journal.

The online site someone mentioned is the (the recovery group). They have online meetings every 3 hrs. I first learned about it and OA on 3fcs, so I think it's ok to share it. We are supposed to take the message of OA and recovery to other compulsive eaters, so no anonymity broken sharing the site. :-) Peace!
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If I really need to eat something and I'm feeling hungry, I'll make one of those 100 calorie popcorn bags because you get a pretty big amount of popcorn for so few calories. If I can tell that I'm not actually hungry, I'll suck on a lolipop or hard candy or chew gum to distract myself, because a lot of times that's enough.
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I did a 24 fast the other day so i experienced plenty of thoughts about eating.

If you are resolved to stick to your plan, as i was, then its easy enough to find things to distract yourself with. I found lots of small easy activities to do and took regular breaks between my lazy activities like playing backgammon online or watching a movie and even took an afternoon nap. Keep breaking up time. A bit of cleaning, a few garden chores. Keep the boredom at bay since that's largely also why we feel like eating all the time.

But ordinarily, if i am hungry, or really struggling, i would go for low calorie foods. Even if you have to have a sandwich. Just keep it as healthful as possible. Soeimtes i have a cheese sandwich, or a bowl of fruit salad, All depends on how bad the cravings are and what will do the job.

Bascially if i eat real food, i won't feel i've let myself down to the point where i quit my diet and go the whole hog. But if i do then generally its all over for me. I know many here would not think a cheese sandwich is healthy or diet food, but in my book it is. wholegrain bread, not much butter if any at all, and a couple of slices of real cheese. Not plastic cheese or low fat cheese. Food has to taste good.
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