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Talking Looking for food accountability partner


I am not new to OA, I simply am not able to get there now due to work schedule. I am looking for someone that I can send what I ate to them each day. You could send feed back or not. I know I don't eat perfectly, I know how I am supposed to be eating and I know I don't always choose wisely. I am not looking for a diet but a lifestyle. I already work out, drink my water and do most of the things I am supposed to. A treat now and then is what I would like to be able to do. Lately I am finding myself eating too much and I think if I had an accountability partner it might help me to not overeat, or at least be more careful. I admit I am not totally ready to give up the sweet and salty things in my life but if I could get them to my used to schedule of once per week, that would be great. Any takers or suggestions? Thanks.

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I'll be your food accountability partner if you promise to be mine!

For how long do you need a partner?

What are the rules for your new eating lifestyle?
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Smile I need a food partner too!


I am not new to OA either. But I need a group tht doesn't tell me if I want to eat it then do so. I need someone who is serious of changing their life style. Someone who will talk me down off the ledge. I want to keep it simple but even as simple as I can make it, I still can't do it alone.
My plan is to eat 3 meals a day with nothing in between and stay away from sugar and flour the best I can. When doing this plan I eat a lot of sugar free pudding. I guess I am mostly followng Weight Watcher's CORE plan. It seems like the perfect plan for me and one that I should do with ease but the problem is me doing it alone, I can't.
Hope you all will include me as a partner too!

Linda S.
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I would love a partner as well to help me be accountable. I feel as well I don't want someone telling me what and when to eat because eventually I will need to make my own choices. I want to try to stay away from bread and sugar, and eat healthier. If anyone is interested in partnering let me know!!! We can do this!!
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I am new and looking for accountability partner. How do you add people. I am new to 3FC..
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Default Me too

I would also like to help, more for emotional support and less for exactly journaling ever single thing (I get too obsessive that way). Let me know!
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I would love to have an accountability partner to email!
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I am new to the forum and I am looking for a food accountability partner. I have lost a lot of weight and because I love food I have to learn not to slip back into my old habits. I am looking for someone that I can e-mail with and if you live in Louisville that would be even greater... I just need someone to hear me out and tell me that its going to be ok we will get through this problem together. Food is one heck of a drug, but I don't want it to interfer in my new life.
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Hi, I'm also new to the forum. In recovery from bulimia since '91 but do emotionally eat from time to time. Would be great if there was a running thread where we can post food and be accountable/ support each other daily. Does anyone know if such a thing exists?


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if anyone wants to buddy up with me to let me know.I ust to go to OA but
don't like being told what to eat.My food is ok if i stay away from my binge foods which are sweets,than carbs.I try to eat healthier and exercise 30 mins daily.i like walking or stat bike best.I've been binge free since 3/9.i need to be accountable to someone so I'll stay with it trying to tell myself this is a lifestyle not diet
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Reviving this thread - would anyone here like an accountability buddy by email? Please feel free to reply or PM.
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