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Unhappy Hi my name is heather and im a recovering...

Hi my name is Heather and im a recovering sugar/carb binging addict...Ive been binge free for almost 4 weeks now. Today, i woke up and its my birthday and i feel really..dissapointed. I have always had a birthday cake every single year and i have always eaten tons and tons of cake on my birthday. Right now im fighting back the feelings of wanting to go out and buy cake or go make a cake. I feel like..almost at a loss..For some reason having a cake, always made me feel always gave me assurance i guess, that i matter..and not having one right almost making me feel..sad? or un wanted? Its like.. i just want to binge right now..just pack away food right now to feel better..cause i hate these feelings of dissapointment or feelings of not being remembered.. I dont know what to just trying sooo hard right just keep going with my new lifestyle.. i mean.. i dont eat sugar or wheat or gluten and i follow south beach.and right now. ijust want cake..lots of it..i keep thinking it will make me feel better..i dont know what to do..but i gotta get through this..ive lost 11 pounds so far..and i havent binged in so long..but right now i want
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Happy Birthday, Heather! I do know that no matter how badly you feel right now, you will feel worse if you eat a cake! One thing that helps me is to know that cake will be there in the future and I will one day be able to have cake in moderation. But for me, right now, I will be better off not having cake. Why don't you have your birthday present to yourself be a "No Cake Birthday". You will feel empowered and proud if you do that for yourself! Good Luck, and again, Happy Birthday!
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Happy birthday Heather.

You deserve a wonderful birthday. Think of something else that will make you feel rewarded. Something lovely and a little decadent (non-food maybe) that won't stimulate a binge. A manicure or pedicure? A lovely little trinket, a terrific smelling shampoo?

Or if you truly need a food reward a lovely expensive something you wouldn't normally buy yourself, that won't stimulate your disorder.

If you can eat diet jello and whipped topping, how about a "Broken Glass Cake" which my sister made me for my birthday. Several colorful flavors of diet jello cut into cubes, diet lemon jello soft chilled using the quick chill method on the package, then fold 1/2 a container of FF whipped topping like cool whip, mix gently with jello cubes, spread into 9-11 glass pan, and chill till firm. Then spread with the rest of the topping and decorate with fresh strawberries. My sister used strawberry, raspberry, orange and lime for the jello flavors for my cake, it was really pretty and it made me feel very special. (and didn't awaken my carb cravings, but that's me)
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Thanks for the far i havent given in..but more and more i want to..Im so mad at my fiancee for doing nothing for my birthday that im so angry and now i really want to eat..and eat and eat..i dont think i have ever hated him more now than i do..i cant believe he didnt even give me a birthday card or a present or make me dinner...nothing.. i feel like why was i even born in the first place if he doesnt care about me..
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Hey Sweetie, Happy Birthday!
Today is turning out to be a really bad day for me too.
I binged on mcdonalds last night and i feel really horrible. on top of that i feel like i'm drowning in household stuff between a lazy fiance and 3 kids and a dog plus a full time job and one of my girls is an infant. I wonder why I was born too on a day like today I am so tired but I'm up at 11 pm washing dishes after working 8-6 on a sunday and i cannot even enjoy food.

We were not born for others were we ? Maybe we are here to learn something idk what but happy birthday and go get yourself something , one things I am learning is no matter how much someone tells you they love you . You are your own best friend. Good night heather, and get something for your bff.
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I'm so sorry you're struggling with a crappy birthday. Did you mention anything to your fiance? Does he know how upsetting and tactless it is to forget/ignore your birthday?!

Binging is one of those know how it will guilt, shame and feelings of defeat. Cake will taste good going down but it's probably not worth the crappy feeling after the fact.
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Happy Birthday!

I too can relate with overeating, especially sugary, carby foods like cake. In the future, is there a way that you can just get a single piece of cake? Some bakeries and deli's sell single pieces of cake and that way you get to enjoy yourself.

If that's not possible or you think that the single piece of cake would be too triggering, I think that the other chick's suggestions of the broken glass cake and treating yourself with a trinket, nice smelling shampoo, or how about a mani/pedi or trip to the movies, a trip to the spa/salon, something non food related to take care of yourself?

Take care and Happy Birthday!
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