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Default From Narcotics Anonymous to Overeaters Anon what's next?

It was extremely hard for me to come to terms with my eating disorder. I successfully abstained from using crystal meth for 5 years, however, now I've traded one habit for another. Actually, I increasingly began gaining substantial amount of weight during my recovery, and only very recently realized this . My self esteem became considerably lowered, and I began avoiding mirrors , as a result i was able to hide from myself the truth about my changing body. Up to 4 years ago i'd never been overweight in my life, actually the opposite, however my drug use screwed my eating, sleeping, and metab making it even harder for me now to lose it. This is extremely frustrating, i've been battling my out of control eating, and weight slides for 4 years and i'm so sick of falling behind yet another time ... The drug problem was actually way easier to kick compared to my problems with food now.. Still i remain determined despite the hundreds of failed attempts , I just never imagined this could be soooo hard .. I just want to get back to my original average weight, not supermodel perfect, but what's was right for me...

I commend all of you for trying to overcome this affliction , rather it be binging or being an overeater like myself

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First of all, congratulations on beating your drug habit…that is so difficult to do and you should be PROUD of your strength and determination. I promise that your health has improved as a direct result of quitting the crystal meth and you are well on the road to being a better, healthier person. Good job on that, seriously.

A lot of us trade addictions in and out. Sometimes they are serious addictions and other times, things that might not seem so bad at first. For me, I traded overeating for shopping. I know, that sounds so silly, but I’ve blown a lot of money. It’s like I just need SOMETHING to fill the void…and it was always food before. I have this aching need all the time…gnawing, empty, gaping. I wish so much I could understand where it comes from and what I could do to close it up, but it’s always there. Just like I used to rush to the grocery store to buy my favorite binge foods, I now rush to the mall to buy a cute shirt, desperate for that brief satiation. It’s torture. I just want to be well balanced and content.

The best suggestion I have is to find healthy alternatives to meet that need. It IS really hard to beat a food addiction, because it’s literally everywhere. But now…I’ve learned to distract myself. I’ve gotten pretty into exercising and find that it takes up some time, makes me feel good and motivated, centered and in control.

You can do this. You’ve done so much. Good luck and thanks for your post!
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Hi Cultsphere!!!! I am not a usual poster in this forum but wanted to welcome you anyways. I too, am an alcoholic and drug addict. I am 14 months clean (OMG TODAY!!! I didn't realize it is the 17th, my sobriety date) and I am struggling with the same thing. Although, when i get honest with myself I realize it was always food for me, probably my NUMBER ONE drug of choice. Food and MEN, gambling, shopping, drinking, pills, needles, but always, always always food. And what is happening is that IT ISN'T WORKING! Just like all my other addictions, I am no longer finding comfort or even pleasure in the way I eat, but I do it anyways...insanity....doing the same thing over and over and hoping for different results.

I'm not as well versed in offering words of comfort but I get pretty passionate about my recovery and recovery-speak...Just want you to know YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Turn it over, let God have it, and know that whatever is happening is exactly as it needs to be at that moment. You were brave enough to come forward, so you're on your way!

Now someone else can pop in and offer you OA advice. I attended one meeting several months ago and found it overwhelming, but I was still working my 4th step in AA so I was taking on more than I could handle at the time. GOOD LUCK and I love ya already!~ xo
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Hi ThNPr....we posted at the same time and what you wrote struck a chord with me...wanted to recommend reading (for everyone) Its God on a Harley by Joan Brady. The idea behind it is that we are so busy filling our voids with THINGS, external THINGS when what we really crave and need is our relationship with God and learning to live in the moment, love ourselves, love God, do the next right thing. Oh it was a beautiful book. I borrowed it from the library but I am going to go buy it, today maybe. I really need that message again today. Thanks xo!
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I've had my own issues with drugs and have managed to stay away from them almost two years now, my hardest addiction is my obsessive eating though. It's something you can do infront of others, not something you typically hide (though a lot of us try to).

I almost have to treat them as the same thing, because I got such a pleasure from doing them both. You have a lot of work ahead of you, but you can do it. I did it, others have done it. I might binge once in a blue moon, but it's under control now to where I'm not doing it every night. And now I'm reaping the benefits, because I am losing the weight and I am feeling good. You can do the same!

If you want support, stick around. There are a lot of great people here who get where you are coming from.
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