Online sponser

  • I am looking for an online sponser. I lost 40 pounds a year ago following the OA eating plan, three meals a day, one day at a time and cutting out binge foods (sugar mainly). Since then I went back to bingeing and currently do the starve-binge cycle between 147lbs and 140lbs. I would like to reach 125lbs. I seem to be able to complete up to a week of abstinence and then life takes over and I use food to block it all out.

    Anyone got any ideas?

  • i need an online sponsor too!!!!!!!!!!
  • hi, I am so new to this and ashamed that it's taken me almost 22 yrs to figure out why I binge. College away from home was my total undoing. I'm 32 now. I've always suffered from depression related issues..anxiety, etc. I need an online buddy to get me through the rough spots, as well. J
  • I originally went looking for an online sponsor--I didn't want to do the face-to-face thing.

    I gave up looking and ended up going with a face-to-face, and I'm glad. I was avoiding f2f because I didn't want someone to *see* when I was bad, and I realized it was an honesty issue for me.

    I combated this by not only getting a face to face sponsor, but getting one I work with as well.

    I would HIGHLY recommend getting a face-to-face one if at all possible.