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Default Going to my first face2face this week.

I'm new here and to OA. I just want to say that I so appreciate all of you for sharing your time and help with us (me.) I have struggled so much with weight for so long and frankly, the past two years since my Dad died, I had given up any hope. I found this website after my doctor suggested I look into having gastric bypass surgery. I was gung-ho until I began to read on the web about folks who have had terrible complications and regrets after having bariatric surgeries.

At least he got me revved up! I have had my first abstinent week (and didn't know that's what it was) this past week after prayer. I have lost more weight than I could've imagined - almost as though I had a surgical procedure. I've begun walking every day and I can tell, even after only a week, that I'm getting stronger. I'm at peace regarding my eating but there is a nagging in my head that I will fail, fall and be unsuccessful over the long haul. Not really strange since I've failed so many times before, but I really am having to pull myself up after abandoning hope for so long. It feels a little different because I am doing this for me, instead of for someone else and because I asked God to help me and he did. Perhaps He has something that he wants me to do with my life here on earth. (?)

Sorry for the long post. I've located an OA meeting very close to my home and plan to attend. It meets on Sundays (I missed today) so I will go to a newcomer's meeting this week and begin the close by group next Sunday.

I would love to have a place online to "talk" to other folks who are working the steps of OA. If 2FC has a "meeting" for OA, please let me know. I am literally dying from my obesity and I want to recover. I know that I can't do this alone.

Thanks for listening to this really long post,
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That's so wonderful. Congratulations!

I'm back at OA after a 2 year hiatus. I first went a couple of years ago and was horrified by the meeting -- it wasn't a good experience for me. I did have a friend who proved that it could work, though, and so I started working the steps even though I didn't get to meetings. It worked for a while. I took the third step, and my life changed completely.

Life happened and I stopped working the steps. I think a bit of ego was involved because I "had it" and "got it" and didn't need to work the steps anymore.

Needless to say, here I am again. I went to another meeting, and it was very, very small. I'm trying to find others to connect with until I can find a meeting that I can attend and has more than two attendees.

I don't have a sponsor yet, but I honestly don't know if I'm ready for one. I want to just get my feet wet again. It's only been a week.
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Default Sponsorship

Hi everyone! My name is Amber Baum and I'm new to OA. I've been to a few f2f meetings but the ones in my area are only 2-3 ppl strong all of which who are unable to sponsor.

I've been a life long over eater. However, after joining the army, I was able to keep physical fitness as a mask for my ways. I married a military member as well. He was killed in Iraq when I was 9 months pregnant. I was immediately discharged and have been on a 5 year downward spiral since then.

I have come to the realization that I am powerless over food and need help. If someone on here can send me to someone who is willing to sponsor, I would GREATLY appreciate it.

Best wishes and love,
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Hi there, Abaumer -

I wanted to make sure you got a response. When I first started to go to meetings, I wanted to find a sponsor right away. One of the more experienced members advised me to take some time with the meetings, get to know people. The common wisdom is that you'll know when you've found the right sponsor when someone's story of recovery speaks to what you hope you'll find.

Three months after I joined, I realized that it was the very person who gave me that piece of advise who I was feeling drawn to as a sponsee. It was a really good move. We have things in common that I truly surprised to find in another OA member, and her philosophy around food echos my own when I'm not so wrapped up in disease.

I've found that it is worth it to wait, but I did try to have a truly anonymous sponsor at one point. (We had never met.) It wasn't for me. If you really feel that this kind of arrangement is for you, I would ask around if anyone knows of any willing sponsors because they may be able to hook you up with someone local. Its also possible to be sponsored by someone you meet in a telephone meeting.

I really like the telephone meetings. There are so many options for meetings and so many new people to meet. Its very inspiring.

Honestly, I don't think that email sponsorship would work for me. Maybe you are different. But for me, the support I gain by seeing people face2face can't be mirrored with printed words on a page. I'm not recovering because I have someone checking up on me in a logical fashion. I'm recovering because I've been able to let the love of real people come into my narrow little world and open me up a bit. Its the human connection that has made a difference for me, although the whole higher power thing is important, just knowing I have people to meet with and talk to and understand makes all the difference.
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