I need help big time.

  • I've established the fact that I'm an emotional eater and I just eat whenever I feel like it. These are the only things that are pulling me back! I workout regularly but it's just the constant eating that is making this so hard!

    I want to know what everyone else has done to overcome emotional and over eating. What did you do to stop eating to much?? If I just get over this one flaw then I could lose so much more weight.

    I live with my family because I'm still only 17 so I can't get rid of any food in the house, I share it with 6 other people and 3 animals.

    Can anyone give me some healthy meals that are really fast and easy to make so that I can make my own lunch and diner without being in my moms way?? Also, I need a list of very healthy snacks I should get because when ever i come home from practice or the gym the first thing I do is look for a snack.
  • Hi est1991,
    I can relate completely , i love being active and have no problem really working out, but then i eat too much and put on weight anyway, it's discouraging.
    what has helped me alot is eating a low sugar diet. I feel like sugar messes with my craving signals. and even if there is nothing especially sugary around to eat, i'll pick at whatever is around.

    a diet with alot of veggies, cooked or fresh, good sources of protien, like chicken breasts, fish, salmon, eggs and moderate amounts of cheese is a good start. a variety of fresh or frozen fruits and moderate amounts of nuts and seeds make good snacks.

    other quick snacks are hummus and veggies, guacamole and veggies, a small amount of cheese and some fruit, or a handful of nuts.

    Really avoid sugar and limit starchy carb intake.

    this has helped me with my cravings alot. as far as the emotional eating, i'm really not sure, cuz everyone is so different. Sometimes, no matter what the reason for the emotional eating, it just takes something clicking in your head that you really want to commit to a new way of eating.
    something else that may help is focusing on acceptance. no matter what your emotional state may be, just accepting the situation and deciding to be calm and at peace with the world around you. easier said than done
  • Hi est1991,

    A book I found invaluable is Julia Ross's "The Diet Cure." She recommends a particular healthful way of eating with plenty of fats and protein (both of which make us feel full)--along with supplements--that eliminate cravings and boost our moods. You can check out the book and the reviews at Amazon.