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Default food dream

I haven't had a food dream in a long time. Last night in my dream I was eating huge spoonfuls out of a mixing bowl. Afterwards, I was contemplating if that had broken my abstinence or not and if I should tell my home group.

Wow, eating and lying all in the same dream!

I was really glad when I woke up and found that it was a only a dream. I'm thankful for these because I learn from them without actually having to go through the experience.
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No kidding!

For the past two weeks (since beginning my new eating lifestyle) I've been dreaming about food non-stop. One of the dreams was all about hot dogs smothered in mustard and onions (my fav) and in another I was eating all the bread and butter as I could find... There have also been dreams about whipped cream Taco Bell and Long John Silver's. Sigh...

Only last night did I not dream about food. Instead I drempt that my husband accidently drove my SUV into a narrow swimming pool. Apparently we were on vacation because I saw myself standing over the pool looking down through the sunroof at my laptop and digital camera that were sitting on the seat in the truck, all under water, wondering how I'd be able to post photos of this disaster to my blog without them - a good part of the time after that was spent trying to borrow a camera because I have the picture feature blocked on my cell phone (because I have teenagers that sent $682.00 worth of pics and texts one month). Finally, I began worrying about what this accident would do to my insurance rates and about how to find a tow truck... I can tell you that I was sure glad to wake up and find that my laptop was safe in its case on the dresser and my SUV was still in the driveway.

I was sure I'd dream about food last night since it was my husband's birthday and I served him cake. Hum...

Dreams are strange. Food dreams don't bother me as much as others though because at least I'm eating something in them and the calories don't count!

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I have had the following dream twice and man is it satisfying. If I could program myself to have it once a week I would:

I'm in a grocery store and I'm the only one there. I'm walking up and down the aisles eating EVERYTHING that strikes my fancy. I chomp a couple of donuts (then drop the remaining boxful on the floor) and move on to crackers, cookies, candy, cake, salad dressing, peanut butter, nuts, chips... on and on. In the dream I never get full and food flavors are WAY over the top just BURSTING in my mouth. It's really incredible.

The best thing about this dream is that I don't wake up hungry, I wake up feeling satisfied as if I've actually tasted all those foods.

I'm sure the dream means I have a horrible relationship with food, but what can you do.
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Oh, you are so lucky! Anytime I have a food dream the food doesn't taste AT ALL, which makes me realize I'm dreaming and I wake up.
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I don't usually dream about food (at least not in the unconscious state!)

But last night, strangely enough, I dreamt I was driving around looking for an Arby' friends were waiting on me and apparently the Final Four basketball game was taking place at Arby's! my friends kept calling me, wondering where I was and I just kept driving around and around the mall and surrounding store parking lots but I could never find Arby's.

What struck me about this dream was that my friends were so mad that I couldn't find Arby's...they kept describing it...I could remember where it was in my mind but every time I turned a corner expecting to see wasn't there.

Arby's is not a trigger for me...I could take it or leave not sure what that was about. BTW, I'm not a basketball fan I have no idea where that came from.
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Default addictive dreams

Isn't it funny the way the brain works? When I sobered up, I dreamt about drinking and smoking pot. Then I quit smoking and I dreamt about Marlboroughs. Now the food dreams. And it is always junkfood, lots of it. Of course I still get the occasional "drunk" dream or cigarette dream thrown in. It amazes me how strong the addiction process is.
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Unhappy hi

Looks like u r as awesome as ever...miss u lots
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Hey there Heather-

Miss you too. What is going on with you? I haven't seen you in ages. I saw your daughter at the school the other day.
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lol i do this too. but when i awake im sure glade it was a dream
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It's weird isn't it! Last night I dreamt about a massive sundae thing, with loads of ice cream, cream etc. And it was filled with proper big name chocolate bars all crushed up inside. Most notably Rolos. Which I haven't had for like, 20 years, and don't actually really like! How odd.
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omg... this is hitting home... I never had a dream in which I was smoking until I quit smoking.................. and never dream about food unless I'm eating healthier. WTH!
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