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Default 30 Days of Abstinence

Hi everyone,

Today is my 30th Day of abstinence; I went to my first OA meeting 31 days ago and with the help of my higher power and the steps I have been abstinent since the morning after that meeting.

Over the last 30 days I have had to learn how to feel things again without relying on food to numb me out; I have noticed some positive changes in the way I interact with my family; I have connected with a higher power and enjoyed that connection, I have made calls, read literature, written a lot, been to meetings, eaten 3 healthy and balanced meals a day, lost around 12lbs and have started on a journey, one day at a time, getting better physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I am so grateful. I have been listening a lot to the OA podcasts and they have been a huge help in keeping me focused everyday, as I only make one meeting a week, although this week I found a second meeting to attend. Visiting this forum and reading back through the posts here have given me hope, if OA can work for other people then it can work for me if I am willing - so thanks guys!

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Talking Congratulations


I wish for you an abundance of strength, courage, and all around blessings as you continue your journey! You are an inspiration!

Sending you lots and lots of...

and God Bless!
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I am so happy for your 30 days -- although also quite envious, as I have not had 30 days of abstinence for many, many years. We don't have any OA programs in my little town -- or in the towns within 50 miles radius. I struggle with this addiction on a daily -- hourly -- basis.
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Thanks Joy, how lovely; it is nice to think there are other people around rooting for me. I have totally given up on will power - or infact any me based power since doing OA as it could never be strong enough to beat the food obsession - higher power is much better for me! All my previous, failed attempts at dieting have shown me that my will power will never ever be enough.

Lizzy - thank you too - have you tried an online OA meeting - there is a meeting every 3 hours at http://www.therecoverygroup.org/. If you can't get to face-to-face meetings that might be an option for you.

It is so not easy, and even after 30 days I know I am not free from food or obsession with it and it still has great power over me. On Saturday, I was sitting with my boyfriend on the train and he was eating a huge bag of some salted snack and I was nearly in that bag - I am just grateful he is supportive and I have my higher power. I still have to be fully aware of my powerlessness over food or I will slide into wrong eating before I know it.

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congratulations! I mean that! I have not gone 30 days without binging. I do good to just make it through hourly by hour. I hope you can continue your success! You can do it!
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YAY! 30 days is fantastic. I'm glad you've felt how amazing recovery is!
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Hi Malinki,
Our speaker at the retreat this weekend is talking about how we each define abstinence. The suggestion is it is spiritual, emotional and physical like 3 legs on a stool. I am really intrigued by this as for awhile now my program has felt more like a food diary. I am working on my Spirituality and exercising more I just have not been putting all 3 together. Wow I am learning so much.
Great job on your abstinence.
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Awesome! You rock-- 30 days!
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Thanks Sidhe, Bumps and Marny! You guys have really inspired me though my OA journey so far and have shown me how totally possible this all this. When I used to diet I felt so hopeless and like I was just waiting to fail. With OA I feel hopeful and positive that day at a time, it is totally possible to recover.

Thank you, all of you xxx
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Good for you! That's great! I can't wait to be in that spot!

Where do you get the OA podcasts?
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Lightbulb I have returned

I have always embraced my OA and other 12 Step programs but I felt like I didn't have anything more to learn. How wrong could that be?

Lately, I have been thinking that I will never lose this weight and something is really wrong and different with me than other people. I read about people losing weight in a very short period of time (like 100+ lbs in 9 months) and I think, "No way could I do that!" Yes, I can't but HP can and will.

I have returned to my "roots"---the 12 Step Program or what I would like to say a Way of Life. I just need to be brave and humble to return to what I know is the truth of my life as I know it today.

Thanks for sharing, I am getting stronger each post I read!

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