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Default thank you newcomers and oldtimers

Hi Everybody,

OA works. I know because this forum has just saved my abstinence. I am full of negative feelings this morning, and high sugary carbs are calling me – I can relate to Robin I think who shared about the ‘food talking to her’.

Huge big welcome to all the newcomers on the board. You have each helped me stay abstinent – at least up until this moment.

I have a good sense of what has me in this difficult place where my disease is pleading with me to run to food and escape my feelings. This weekend, some painful elements of my past came ‘uninvited’ into my relatively peaceful present and I’m feeling quite affected from it. One good thing, I took it serious from the outset – called my sponsor and I stayed right on food plan, because I saw straight away that this was big for me.

Basically, I bumped into a family member of my ex husband and, while I coped with the help of my HP, it was a dangerous place for me to be. I really do see today that this recovery of mine is very new and very fragile.

Reading Robin’s eloquent description of what it feels like to be crazy around food resonates powerfully with me and I don’t feel so alone. Marny’s wonderful synopsis of the OA tools is a life-saver too. I need this. Can’t get an OA meeting until Saturday so you guys sharing your struggles and your successes really keep me going.

The other thing is, I was out of my routine, spending time with my daughter – which is a wonderfully safe environment, but my food plan was not as organized as it is at home. I have to be very careful about potatoes – can really trigger me into craving unless I’m in a very good space. With a lot of help, I have let go the unhealthy relationship with spuds – as we call them here in Ireland – as a nation, we love this food!!
And potatoes are a huge part of our history – going back to the famine.
Yes I know they are full of nutrition, but I’ve learned the weirdest things about the humble potato. Baked potato are very acceptable from a low-sugar-good-carb low GI point of view but when you mash them to a puree, they become full of sugar – can you believe it!! So I avoid mashing like the plague – and of course fries or chips are real trigger foods.
At home, I now eat potato – usually baked or boiled – about once a fortnight, so thanks to OA and my sponsor and my HP, balance has been restored.
But it’s a day at a time, because I got lazy being out in restaurants, not a lot of brown rice or quinoa available, and I chose potato two days in a row. That was definitely too much wrong carb in my system because today I am full of craving. I just want to run to food. I think it's a combo of the kicked-up-emotion and the sloppy food choices. Last night I slept well, so woke expecting to feel great, but I tell you, it’s a miracle I even logged on here. I'm so glad I did. Since reading your posts, I've eaten the abstinent brekkie I did not want, and made my food plan for the day.

I have a lovely lovely day planned. A nice long walk to clear my head and get my butt in shape, and talk to my HP. Then quality time to tackle a difficult essay I’ve been putting off. Once I get into that, I’ll forget about food. But I need you people to get me to that point. Thank you for sharing.
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You are so loved and understood. You have a great plan for the day.

I also had an emotionally stressful weekend, and the food has been singing, yelling, and chanting to me. I shared this with my sponsor, my oa friends, I read, I prayed, I went to a meeting, I made phone calls, and I'm here. We're using the tools-- and we're still abstinent by the grace of God.
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