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Default One Day Abstinent


Well, the title says it all... I have been abstinent for one whole day. I went to my first meeting on Wednesday and I felt really like OA was a perfect fit with me and the disease I have - overeating, bingeing, binge-starve cycles. I guess I have got to a point where I know for sure that I cannot control this and I cannot do this on my own. I kind of feel like maybe my higher power wanted me to get there as I don't drive and in the Uk the meetings are not in everytown or anything, however my closest meeting just happens to be about a 10 minute walk away. Seriously, if I stood on my roof (which wouldn't be a good idea) I could see the building

I am feeling quite high at the moment, strong - not over food because I know I am not, but strong that 'for today' this is possible. At the same time feeling exhausted - I think I am having a sugar/carb drop from earlier in the week, also I have decided to give up drinking so much diet pepsi, so my head is killing me at the moment. The cold turkey feeling is not pleasant, but it will pass.

I have been trying to do my phonecalls but I am struggling with the idea of making calls to be honest. One of the people from my meeting called me yesterday and that was really good I keep on thinking, oh I am going to be a pest and they will be busy and whatever. Anyway, I am sure that will get easier after I have been to a few more meetings and got to know people better. Speaking to some of the people gave me real hope as a lot of them are long-time abstinent and have done the 12 steps and have experienced recovery.

I have decided to set a meal plan, I have been writing it before bed and then putting on the fridge in the morning and eating the things on the plan and nothing else. It worked well yesterday (my first day), it felt good not to have to think about food or obsess about what I am going to eat and it was brilliant to not have to think about the calories or running a mental calorie tally (which is exhausting). It was kind of odd because already I feel like I have had a kind of awakening. I was in the car with my mum and sister and they were talking about food for the whole 40 minute journey, about what they are going to eat, what they aren't going to eat, dieting, packing lunches etc. And for a change I didn't feel like joining in the obsessing about food.

That's all really, hi everyone... I hope it is okay to join in here despite being so newly on the wagon
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YAY! 24 hours is a great accomplishment. As you continue you'll discover that you really have been set free from the obsessing about numbers and calories and food. You just set your plan, and that's all there is to it.

Welcome to the group, feel free to post about anything.
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Welcome Malinki,
How nice to have you here. I have been abstinent for only a bit over 3 months and it really is a process. Coming off the binge food can be very hard but so worth it. Those cravings don't last forever and now for me they are almost gone.
It was God's will your meeting is so close, go to as many as you can and don't forget the literature. The Big Book is full of great stories.
Keep posting we will be excited to hear about your journey.
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Default Hi Malinki

You are so very welcome to this forum. It was great to read your post. This forum was actually the catalyst I needed gave me the courage to go to my first OA f2f meeting I just got so inspired by the recovery and the peace of mind I could sense from a lot of what gets written on here.
Joining and staying in OA has been the most difficult and yet the most wonderful thing thats happened to me and I say that hand on heart, even though I am a long time sober member of AA also. But OA challenges me in a way that I SO badly need. It also supports me in in a way I so badly need!
Im 3 and a months abstinent now and I can hardly believe the difference. Its so not like being on a diet. Stick with OA and you are guaranteed some real peace of mind around COE.
Keep posting. The early days are so so tough allow yourself to be supported we cannot do this on our own and we dont have to!
Best of luck Malinki,
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