Diet soda and abstinence?

    Just wondering...I know everyones abstinence is different but do you guys include diet soda in your plan - I think I know what my own answer is but just wondering what you guys feel about this?
    Amy xx
  • Not for me
    Hi Amy,

    I used a lot of diet soda and yellow pink and blue packets of artificial sweetners when I got abstinent for 5 months last year. I ended up very sick and haven't been the same since. Most people I new in my old recovery group used it every day. I don't use it anymore myself. I have actually had to include it in my abstinent foods list. Have a great Sunday.

  • Hi Amy! Yes, I allow myself diet sodas, and I have no problem with them. Well, I stop drinking any sort of caffeine at 4pm every day, otherwise I don't sleep through the night, but beyond THAT I don't have problems.
  • Hey there-

    I see my diet soda as my last remaining vice...and I'm not about to give it up. Yes, it's a gets me through some hard times. However, it does not make me crazy, make me binge, or make me obsess about food-- so it's not a trigger.

    Each person has to make their own decision about it. So, what's important is how YOU feel when you drink it.
  • I think if I stopped drinking the soda it would make me eat other things even more.