8 days binge free :)

  • And down 5 lbs

    I promise I won't post every 3 days - but this is big for me to make it this far. My goal for this week is binge free and 1.5 lbs.
  • ROCK ON! I'm so happy for you! How do you feel? I think it's great, and go ahead and post every 3 days if you want to. We're all about support here.
  • Yeehaw!
    8 days!! That's 192 hours free from compulsive eating. Both a blessing and an accomplishment.
  • brilliant to hear about your 8 binge free days
    Hi PinkTiara,
    Well done on your 8 days. I appreciate your sharing it too - because from where I am on Day 1 of abstinence, 8 days is a huge achievement. Thanks for your kind reply to my first thread. It's great to get the support.

    Well done again,

  • I'm actually feeling great - I like not feeling SO full, and miserable at the end of the day - and not going to bed hating myself.

    We're currently working on getting pregnant so I may not get to my goal weight before that happens (actually, I think I want to lose like 60 lbs, so I really hope we can get pregnant more quickly than it takes to lose 60 lbs) - but I want to be a health pregnant woman, and a healthy mom.
  • Go Pink! Awesome!! Good luck on the baby! That's a great reason to want to get healthy.