Re-starting Metabolism Miracle Program

  • Back in 2012, I started MM about 2 months before my wedding. I had a lot of success with the program, having lost about 30lb and 2 dress sizes. I had colleagues in different departments at work randomly commenting on how slim my face looked. The weight was literally melting off.

    Then 2 weeks before my wedding (6 weeks into Phase 1) my seamstress told me that if she had to take in my gown a 3rd time due to my weight loss, she would quit. I totally understand where she was coming from, it's a lot of work to take in 3 layers of delicate fabric and we were running low on time! But that was a massive blow to my motivation. It seemed like the perfect excuse to start eating all the wrong stuff again.

    Fast forward to 2019, I am divorced, 50 lbs over my original starting weight in 2012 and ready to take another crack at it. I'm choosing MM again because I know it works, I saw the results with my own eyes.

    Today I'm on day 3 of Phase 1. Is there anyone else still doing MM around here?
  • I used to do MM years ago, tried to find help here as well. It seems everyone used the paid subscription on a different site. I could talk about it with you if you are still around...I am not on it now, having trouble finding the right combination of foods that work for my situation.
  • I may be interested in learning more about this plan.


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