semi low carb dieting

  • anyone following a semi low carb diet.
  • Yes I am
    I am doing everything. 900 calorie attending WW,Bright Line and low carb. lol Really.
  • Me. I use low carb and intermittent fasting, but not 100% consistent. Breakfast is usually coffee with heavy cream or I fast (so keto or IF), lunch is usually keto (boiled or scrambed eggs, or leftovers from a keto dinner). Dinner on the other hand, varies. Much of the time it's keto. But not always. Last night I had lamb with mashed potatoes- definitely NOT keto. So thus the "semi low carb" as sometimes I do have very high carb foods. But they aren't present in most meals or even most days.
  • I'm beginning my food plan keeping my carbs to 50g/day! We'll see how that goes!