It Takes A Village and I'm Looking For One!

  • Hi everyone! I'm new to 3FC and just finished my first week eating low carb. I have a long journey ahead of me as I want to lose 100 lbs. I've started this before and lost some weight but never stuck to it - for a variety of reasons. This is the first time I really felt like I was ready to make permanent changes. Age and an appreciation for your health and quality of life can do that to you.
    I'm looking forward to connecting with some people and sharing our journies.
  • Hi! I'm new too. I just joined.. I am also looking to do some kind of low carb/keto diet.. but I'm not totally sure where to start. I'm still looking around the site. I just wanted to say hello though.
  • I just joined as well and am beginning my journey today. I'm working on my low carb plan today and will go grocery shopping later. I look forward to making friends along the way. Let's do this!
  • Hi!

    The Low Carb forum hasn't been very active here lately. But it's nice to see new people.
  • Hi and welcome!
  • Hi, I want to lose 100 lbs, and am down by 36 pounds. I am on high fat, low carb. I could not exactly grasp how the diet worked at first. After a lot of reading, I found there were 2 types of weight loss theory-- calorie (or energy in, energy out) and endocrine-- (insulin regulates body fat storage). Low carb diets are endocrine theory diets. Both types can work under ideal terms. But if you are overweight it means that your insulin is out of whack, and you are on your way to a major diet-caused disease: heart disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke and others. The main reason this diet works by eliminating starchy carbs and root vegetables (all sugars). HFLC works as well because it is "moderate" protein, not "high protien" Most of your calories should come from fat. Calorie theory when it comes to fat is incorrect, because fat is basically inert, and it is also needed by your body, so it really does not matter, carbs, on the other hand, are not needed at all except for vitamins and some fiber.

    So the first thing you do is stop all eating of carbs and sugars, except for a small amount of leafy greens and "low carb" veggies. You can get amounts and types on websites, and in books. The rule is if it grows below the ground you should not eat it.

    Then, you moderate your meat use, like eat only 3 ounces. And finally you consume mosly fat. Bacon is good for this. Get fatty bacon, not meaty bacon. Always eat the dark meat of chicken. Never eat breading. Add aditional fat to anything you cook or eat. Coconut oil, lard, bacon grease, duck or goose grease, olive oil, nut oils for salads.

    What to expect. Your body needs to transition from burning sugar to burning your own body fat. When you eat (anything) you are just providing raw materials for your already large store of fat. People actually eat their body fat, but only if they do not eat carbs and sugar. One other thing that is reccommended usually, is that 3 meals and snacks per day are not necessary. If a person has 100 pounds of excess fat, they have 350,000 calories of fat that your body can eat on them already (1 pound=3500).

    So intermittent fasting and getting down to 2 meals a day can help speed up the weight loss.
  • Hi all - so how are you all doing with you low carb diets? I did WW forever and lost/gained and lately been calorie counting but looking to try lower carb as well as
    calorie count & see how that works.
    Pop in with any tips/recipes when you can
    Hi from Canada
  • I have not been counting calories with my low carb eating, but I'm think that I probably should. I lost weight during the first 3 months, but I've remained at the same weight for the last 2 months. I don't think my eating habits have changed that much... I'm also tempted to purchase a ketone meter, just to make sure I'm really in ketosis. I've heard that the urine strips are not very reliable once you've been in ketosis for a while, because your body becomes efficient at burning them up. If anyone has experience with a ketone monitor, please share.