Carb-Sensitive Dieting (Thread 5)

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  • A quick flyby as we are getting ready to leave. I've got my head on strait again. Stayed OP this morning with lowfat low carb breakfast of 1 sl Canadian Bacon, 2 eggs and a slice of 2% American cheese.

    I hope I do as well when we eat out.

    BBL to catch up on individuals and report if I did good or not eating out. I think and hope we are going to Cracker Barrel since I do really good there even doing a CAD RM.
  • I bought some sparkling water in the supermarket today. They had qt bottles, 2/99 cents. I bought one plain, and one flavored to try it. I tried the flavored, raspberry lime, and it's OK. Not great. It wouldn't replace my Diet Coke. LOL I want to try the plain with my whey protein. For that price, I can afford to experiment.

    I am also interested in making some low carb egg muffins. Since it's hot in the summer, I want to try making them in the microwave instead of turning on the oven. I have a microwave muffin pan. I know you can cook scrambled eggs in the microwave. I know they won't brown, but I want to give it a try. I can't find any information online about making them in the microwave.
  • Trish to be honestly I rarely look at the menus/daily logs on MFP. That' why I never "like" the has completely the daily food and exercise comments. It's so many people I just pay attention to you all on 3FC when you post your meals. How do you make your own sausage mcmuffin? Is there bread involved or is it all eggs and meat. I have never bought one at McD's or even looked at one for that matter Cookies I can't stop at one or three ... maybe five or six the zucchini noodles sound really good. I need to buy one of those gadgets to make them since I know they are much healthier. I also need to get back into the spaghetti squash again Whew storage and staying with family for two months ... it is bitter sweet,

    Oh PrairieQueen I miss my Auntie and Uncle's gardening days.

    Carol Sue, Dollar Tree has them periodically. When I see them I get about 4 bags Carol Sue I have this egg thing that I bought that makes puffy eggs (an as seen on TV item) don't know if it would do the same thing as an egg mcmuffin since I don't know what the consist of but when you cook the egg in this thing in the microwave it looks like an English muffin to me and it doesn't taste bad. I like most of the sparking water flavors however they won't ever replace a good Coke Zero or Pepsi Max

    Jacqui, Rosinate, Katie, melissa

    todays weight was up 182.5. I ate white rice with meatloaf for dinner last evening so I'm surprised it wasn't higher. Today I've been pretty good. One Indiana brand kettlecorn as a snack and no other junk ... one day down
  • Straight home today and took Mr. Darcy, my male cat, to vet for allergy shot and to pick up flea stuff for all four pets. I hear they're going to be bad this summer. Took him home and back up to lowes to buy an "auxiliary" freezer. I have a decent sized chest one now and the freezers of three fridges (for two people plus e erything I gift my kids). Last year it got yo be a pain searching for things when they were so crammed in. We get a whole hog in January and a side of beef in June. Plus I freeze a boatload of veg, pies, soups, etc. I don't feel bad though my farmer friends have me beat.

    Tonight i was able to pick the first of the spring mix lettuce from the is my fave? It was so good. I had some other lettuce reseeded from last year that I hate but I mix it with spinach and it's edible (bitter). I planted anorher 36 pepper and tomato plants tonight as well. I've still got a load to do before Sunday, but I love doing it.

    Break - sausage mcmuffin
    Lunch - pasta e fagioli (without the pasta) soup
    Snack - DQ Reese Cup Blizzard
    Dinner - 2 more cups of soup, spring mix salad w/balsalmic vinaigrette

    We had a cookout at school today for lunch w/blizzards. I refrained from having anything except the blizzard my first one since last year's cookout. The Air Force JROTC provide it and the class teachers do the grilling.
  • Well my RM at Cracker Barrel would have been okay even though I ate the one piece of fried fish and 1 small (smaller than I ever saw them serve) cornbread. It just kept calling my name. LOL I came home and wanted to eat something to so I could take the Metformin and it was a carb snack. Don't really know what it is called.

    Rennie I use a Light Multigrain English muffin it is only 100 calories and was recommended when I was on WW. I fry in Pam Olive oil spray 1 egg and I use 1 Jimmy Dean 70% less fat turkey sausage patty or 1 slice of Canadian bacon and a slice of American cheese. Today I purchased some Walmart equivalent eggbeaters because I like using them for omelets and mcmuffins instead of the egg. It just folds better to put on the muffin.

    I usually purchase 2% American cheese but I checked the label and it was not all that much less fat than regular cheese I buy. I am also watching the sodium content and the regular had less than the 2%. I know if I'm going to watch the sodium content that lowfat/no fat often has more sodium. So may not always be able to use low or no fat products.

    P.Q. DH and I used to get a blizzard once in a while during the summer months, but we always make it a substitute meal.

    Going to be back CAD 100% and I just may not be using MFP.
  • Rennie, I rarely go to Dollar Tree. We had a small one nearby for years but I only went in there if there was something in particular I wanted. A lot of the food items they sell in there for $1 I can get for less at Aldi's or Walmart, but I do love their household items. They just opened a new bigger Dollar Tree about a mile from here, so once the grand opening crowd has dispersed I will have to check it out.

    Trish, I didn't realize that you were referring to McDonald's type egg muffins. I thought you were talking about the egg muffins that are like quiche, with no bread. I really want to try them, with egg, swiss cheese and broccoli. I want to try in the microwave with my microwave muffin pan. Since I can't find any information online I will just try a small portion and see what happens. As long as it's edible, I will eat it. It doesn't have to be "pretty."

    I could totally binge on McDonald's Sausage and Egg McMuffins!! Yum!!
  • Carol Sue The low carb egg casserole I make could be made in a smaller portion (1 serving) no bread, in the microwave. I used to make those 1 cup flax muffins that was so popular for a while in the microwave. You could have an egg and whatever fillings you wish to put in it and then cook in the microwave. I just cook mine as a bigger batch in a regular 350 degree oven because, I have it cooking when my friend comes over for breakfast. I use the multigrain English muffin for the grain/fiber.

    I'm not going to use the CAD plan per se. I've decided to kind of use the WW theory of at least 5 fruits and veggies which will be the bulk of my carb count. I seem to forget that fruits and veggies are carbs... good for me carbs. The starchy carbs will be kept to one meal a day. But I find it difficult to eat all my starchy and fruit carbs all in one meal. I don't like the stuffed feeling it gives me.

    B - Egg/sausage/cheese mcmuffin and 1 c watermelon
    L - chicken tenders, salad with EVOO & ACV, broccoli & Lactaid milk
    D - chicken tenders stir-fry
    S - yogurt and blueberries

    Edited: Calories 1221 Carbs125 even fiber is in a fair range of 21
  • l[B]ove2be150[/B] - Hi! :waves:

    Natural Live Yogurt has live culture in it, and there is some evidence that they can work with our own gut bacteria to improve our intestinal health. Then you can get "Bio" yogurts with additional cultures in. Apparently (I'm new at this), all yogurts labelled "natural" in the UK must, by law, have live culture in it. Apparently again, Greek yogurt is particularly good but real Greek yogurt, not Greek-style. I'm sorry, I don't know US brands.

    I've just finished the 5 day Phase 1 of The Harcombe Diet, and lost 4.7lbs. Apparently (am I getting prizes for the number of times I can use this word in one post? ) someone lost 17lbs in Phase 1 but I imagine they had a lot to lose and were coming at the Diet as a complete newcomer. I'm quite happy with my 4.7, taking me back to 72lbs since June last year (using a variety of dietary techniques). Phase 2 for me is Phase 1 with milk added back in, this week. As the weeks go on, the idea is to add more things back in and see what, if anything, causes sensitivities or stalls.
  • Rosinante, I don't eat a lot of yogurt, but I have never seen yogurt that does not have live active cultures. That doesn't mean it's not out there, just that I've never seen it. I try to eat some every week, but not every day. I buy plain Greek Yogurt, and some regular flavored yogurt and mix them together. The plain is too bland for me, but the flavored tastes too sweet.

    Good for you on losing 4.7 lbs in just 5 days. That's great! You must be following it to the letter. I hope you are able to add some things back in without much problem.

    Trish, the problem I'm having with planning my microwave egg muffins is timing. I can't find anything that tells me how long to cook them.

    EDIT: I found the solution to my problem. I googled and found some recipes for Microwave Fritatta, rather than egg mufflins. I don't know if I am going to be able to make 6 and keep seems that they have to be eaten right away. But they only take a matter of minutes, so I could make them when I want them.
  • Good morning everyone!

    Rosinante wow! on the weight loss. I could never stick to an official diet "plan." I don't like to be told what to do Carol Suelad you found a recipe that works for you. I've never experimented much with eggs other than omelettes and desserts. Rennie thinking about you and your restart. I hope yesterday was a good day, and today is as well. I think the hardest part of weight loss is right after the "honeymoon." We get all geared up and motivated for the first week or two and then we start to get frustrated with non-miraculous results and boredom with our food choices if we are on a defined plan. Just stick with it and they loss go (the pounds). Jacqui hey there! Hope you're having some nice family time.

    Yesterday was the last day of school and we were able to check out at the end of the day and not have to come in today!! I cleaned the utility and dog rooms this morn as my new freezer is being delivered this afternoon. I cleaned out my vintage kitchen cupboard so we could move it last night. I keep most of my home canned goods there. It allowed me to inventoryeverything and throw away old and/or taste failures. I found two three-year-old pints of pickled beets and ditched 6 jars of reg. pickled radishes and Korean daikon radishes. They were okay but not was a good idea at the time.

    I can't seem to stay off the higher calorie dinners lately so, I've only lost a pound this month. I'm hoping all the walking I'll be doing on vacay will help me out. I do not like the food in general in England (sorry Rosinante) and find it easy to make good choices when I'm there.

    Yesterday's menu...
    Break - sausage mcmuffin
    Lunch - soup
    Snack - 7 almonds
    Dinner - copycat Tuscan garlic chicken w/pennette (soooo good!)
    Snack - lite beers
  • Rosinante Congratulations on the 4.7 lb loss. You are doing great!!!

    Carol Sue When I cook eggs in the microwave, I start with 1 minute and add 30 sec and check until I get it the way I want it. I think you could make your menu and divide it up in the microwave muffin pan you have and even freeze them. I know when I started making the 1 Minute Flax Muffin that SB dieters use, they said you could make it a head of time and freeze them for the week. You might search for it on 3fc although I realize you probably aren't adding flax seed to it. But I could have sworn Atkins or SBD had a quiche you could make in muffin pans and freeze a weeks supply of them for those who are in too hurried to cook in the mornings. I'll see if I can find one for you.

    P.Q. I bet your busy vacation will help you with weight loss. I know my 45 minutes on the bike has helped me. I think for me the exercise, moving more has made a difference for me.

    I started working on cleaning out my closet and packing up things I want to give to AMVET when they come around in a little over a week is really doing it for me. I've got 3 bags of clothes and I just started going through my books to give away the ones I don't want. I am keeping all my books on diabetes and low carb.

    I didn't get my 5 miles on the bike yesterday only because I was so tired I couldn't make the last 1/4 of mile. I had done 3 yesterday morning, but actually got busy cleaning and packing and forgot to do the other 2 miles. Last night around 10 pm, I decided to go ahead and do the last 2 miles because my back was hurting so badly and riding the bike helps ease the pain. I went as long as I could. I tried to do the 2 miles, but felt like I would pass out if I continued so I quit. I will add the 1/4 mile to one of my rides on it today although I a getting a lot of exercise with the cleaning... bending etc.

    My calories today will be 1337 and carb 130 g. I ate a little more than I planned yesterday to keep going, but amazingly, I was down 1.4 lbs this morning. Still over what my ticker says, but if I can keep it going down, I will have a weight loss this month. 2 days on Metformin and so far so good. I think it actually curbs my appetite as I don't seem to want to snack all the time. When I eat, I am actually eating for energy. That is good.

    P.Q. I don't remember when you leave for England, but in case I miss you leaving, enjoy.

    Jacqui, Rennie and others

    Y'all have a great holiday weekend.
  • pattygirl thanks! We leave Sunday....busy day tomorrow. Cats get boarded, dogs go to daughters, laundry to do, more garden stuff needs to get done, blah, blah, blah. It's exhausting getting ready to go on holiday to "relax."

    Allergy flare up again after cleaning utility/dog rooms (even though I just scrubbed it less than three weeks ago and I'm not allergic to dogs). My lab is shedding like crazy, so m sure that was it and he was stuck to me like glue today. Hubs and I went out to eat (I ate half of my meal, and brought rest home) and did the last of the gift shopping for our trip....we had one granddaughter left to buy for because her dad never sent us her current sizes until this week days after our previous excursion.

    Break - leftover Tuscan garlic chicken
    Lunch - chicken cilantro mini wontons
    Dinner - 5 wings, 4 onion rings
  • Have a good and safe trip, PQ!
  • Thanks Carol Sue! We're sat at the airport with time to kill. We arrived early to make sure we didn't really n I not any less nag TSA love new.....but there were not me. So, two adult drinks later in m at my gate killing time.

    Yesterday's menus (with several hours of gard Ning)....
    Break - leftover wings (yep, you read correctly)
    Lunch - soft taco
    Dinner - two yummy copycat Romanos pork chops, sweet corn, salad
    Snack sky nancy margarita

    So far today (after morning in garden).....
    Break - 1 egg on me kettle w/cheese
    Lunch - soft taco
    Snack - two lite beers
    Dinner - plane food ��
  • Quote: Rosinante, I don't eat a lot of yogurt, but I have never seen yogurt that does not have live active cultures. That doesn't mean it's not out there, just that I've never seen it. I try to eat some every week, but not every day. I buy plain Greek Yogurt, and some regular flavored yogurt and mix them together. The plain is too bland for me, but the flavored tastes too sweet.

    Good for you on losing 4.7 lbs in just 5 days. That's great! You must be following it to the letter. I hope you are able to add some things back in without much problem.
    I suspect you're right about the yogurt, my nutritional education is sadly lacking. I think they're trying to make sure we eat natural stuff, not the long-life yogurts or soya ones.
    I've found if I buy the full fat ones, like Total Greek yogurt, I find it so rich and tasty that I don't add anything else to it.

    I added cream and milk on days 1-4 of the Phase 2 - it was yummy! but played a bit of havoc with my insides. Don't know if it's the dairy per se or just the cream was too rich. I'm keeping the milk but losing the cream this week. We'll see