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Default Hi fat moderate carb diet without food restrictions that works so far.

I had lost 18kg in 6 weeks. 135>117, my appetite is vastly reduced as well, and I can eat pastry, sweets and pasta whenever I feel like it. It seems that to me it is all about macros, and fat:carb ratio (I do eat mostly healthy fats), my diet isn't that bad as I like healthy foods as well as less healthy ones but I eat what I want, and it works even on day when I feel like eating junk. I wanted to share that diet since it is the easiest diet that I could imagine, and many things that I do are counter to what is advice to do. After eating one pastry I am full till dinner (I eat first meal about 3 hour after waking since I am not hungry I just drink coffee), after eating equal amount of kcal in bananas or rice waffles I would feel like I am starving myself after half an hour. But I do eat bananas just after fatty meal or in full fat greek yogurt. I aim at not eating more then 60g of carb per meal, and to eat fat in every meal, not having fat in a meal doesn't work for me after eating chicken with potatoes I get hungry very fast but when I add fatty salad to it I am full (and no vegetables without fat don't do that). Simple changes like that make all the difference I was on sticker low carb diet, and it worked for me but it was way too boring this feels very manageable, and it did work for 6 weeks already so it looks good. Sweets are fine meals for my appetite tiramisu, or fatter milk chocolate (the ones with 45g of carbs, and more fat) so are fatty ice creams I eat 2-3 meals a day, and I hardly snack. Usually 3 times with 2 healthy meals, and one less healthy. I sometimes snack on raw non starchy veg (since I actually like that), few nuts or grapes or cherries (but literally 4-5 peaces) or low carb fruit (those are fine in bigger quantities) most days I don't snack I am never hungry between meals.
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it looks like it is working for you, and that is the main thing. Everybody's metabolism is different, I wouldn't dare eat the starchy stuff or that many carbs in a day or I would be in trouble with my metabolism and my tummy. Besides I get too agitated with too many carbs. That being said I think you should do what works, if you are losing bless you. Most of the rest of us wouldn't be that fortunate
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