Carb withdrawal? Super grouchy.

  • I started low carb a few months ago. Doing modified paleo (I eat dairy). But I planned to splurge on major holidays and family birthdays. So July 15 was my son's birthday. I didn't go crazy or anything. Didn't have any cake or ice cream. I had 2 breadsticks, a couple of bites of Mac & cheese, 2 squares of chocolate, and a glass of soda. And for the next week I was such a witch I wanted to smack myself. Not my time of the month. Could I really have such a bad mental reaction to carbs? That seems so crazy! Anyone have experience with this?
  • Yes if I eat too many carbs I become a witch. Nobody can do anything right. I yell and scream at the drop of a hat. I recently switched back to LC and I really feel the difference.
  • Hope you are feeling better thinpossible. I have stuck with the program even though I have had the urge to cheat. I am going to make some fat bombs and maybe that will squelch my sweet tooth