The Slow Carb Diet (Thread 2)

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  • HI Zucena, very little rise in weight after that cookie. That will be off in no time! I feel really lucky to have my sister doing this with me. She is about 8 years younger, but we have so much in common and she probably has a much better metabolism than I do. I have ruined mine I think from years of dieting.

    Hi Renni, .60 down is .60 down for good! It all adds up! I bought mine off of Amazon based on reviews. It is made by Ozeri and is a digital pocket pedometer. I have Amazon Prime Student account so I get free 2 day shipping; I end up buying a lot from Amazon. Saves me from going to the stores and buying way more than I need. At Amazon, I buy the one thing I need and sign out 

    Hi Sun, great job on signing up for the gym! That is the first step right there. Even if you went most days of the week, you will be doing so good for yourself! Have you heard of HIIT when you do cardio? I would suggest it. How can you eat so little food? I would be starving! I know ketosis makes hunger go away, but that seems so low in calories, what you ate today.

    Hi Cindi, your dinner sounds awesome! I love crab cakes! I am sore from painting today. Not just today, but we have done so much as of late, that I’m getting sore from that. We painted 11 hours the other day, some more today, and then we will resume again on Wednesday as I have to study tomorrow for my last final of this school term. Hope you recover soon!

    Hi Jacqui, I am horrible at taking pills too! But I finally got myself on a schedule. I set my alarm to take my thyroid pill early, keep water and the pill right by my bed, then take the pill and go back to sleep. Then upon waking for the day, I take my DHEA pill and 2 capsules of Green Magma. Then at night before sleep, I take iron, biotin, Fish oil, low dose aspirin, and Vitamin D3. I probably should be taking a multi vitamin, but I need to get more. The only medicine I take by prescription/doctor order is my thyroid pill and the iron because I am constantly anemic for some reason. The rest are just for better health. What is Pamela’s forum name?

    TOM came today for me. This is good because by the time it is over, I will have my cabinets and fridge cleared out and good food stocked. I know not to begin a diet during TOM. I need that first week big loss, even though it’s water weight. It psychologically gets me motivated for the next week and so forth. Not reporting a big loss in Week 1 from TOM will derail me. After painting tonight, I spent some time reading about the Paleo diet. I like this concept because it does allow some fruit. Still trying to gather info on Slow Carb and Paleo to determine which one is best for me. I know that when I did Low Carb in the past, I hated that I couldn’t have fruit. I would love to eat a handful of blackberries and some nice raw almonds for a snack. Or a lovely omelette with a side of fresh low glycemic fruit. Anyway, will continue to research. May I still stay on this forum with you rather than switching to the Paleo one, should I decide?

    Do any of you watch documentaries? I have been on a documentary kick as of late. I have watched several lately including one about a child’s first year of life (I have a 9 month old grandchild at home with me), one about Myanmar which used to be the country of Burma, one about the one child rule in China causing women to kill or abandon their infant girls because they want boys instead (since they can only have one), one called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead about a guy who drank nothing but fresh juice and lost a tremendous amount of weight, one called Bridegroom (absolutely heartbreaking), another called Dear Zachary (absolutely heartbreaking as well) and last night I watched one called The Sound of Insects, absolutely haunting, about a 40 year old man who commits suicide by self inflicted starvation and journals for the 63 days leading up to his death. His body was never identified.

    Wishing you all of the blessings of the new day.
  • Good morning! Yay, so my cheat day weight is back off, and now I need to get this hormone weight off, lol!

    2/22: 173.5 Cheat Day
    2/23: 175.5
    2/24: 174.5
    2/25: 173.5

    Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, a teapot of green tea, Mio water

    Belief, I've gained 3 lbs after cheat day and TwoTots often gained 4 lbs after cheat day and it came back off for her, so don't become discouraged. It's just water. For some reason your body decided to hold on to a little more. Just drink enough water so your body will feel safe enough to release what it's holding!

    Suzanne, how nice that your sister is losing weight with you! Yay on getting your pedometer in and your kitchen squared away! As for documentaries, when I watch tv, it's often on the History International channel and they do quite a few documentaries. I can't watch upsetting ones though! And Pamela's ID is Pamela631.

    Zucema, great job on the workout! And I'm glad the cravings are gone!

    Steph, yay on signing up for the gym! Aw, your dog sounds so cute, and he's smart if he has border collie in him and that much energy! Good for your rescuing him and others! I have 2 rescued mastiffs myself. That's with already having another mastiff, lol! And we have 3 cats. My hubby said that's it on the pets. I'll give him that, for now, lol!

    Rennie, oh my word, you have TOM again?! Bless your heart! I hope it at least comes with a whoosh! Oh, I don't have a Giant Eagle close by. I may just have to order Smooth Moves off Amazon. I could definitely use it, lol!

    Cindi, I hope you get your pic problem worked out soon! Wow, your meals look really good! You apparently are losing the weight in inches rather than on the scale right now, but the scale drop will come too! :
  • Good morning Peeps!
    Day before WW weigh-in - have to ge really good today!

    Suzanne- I have been dieting since mid-October when I started with Ideal Protein, a very restrictive hi protein/extremely low carb, low calorie diet where you "eat" mostly dehydrated food packets. I really didn't like it but stayed with it and lost 18 lbs in 2 months. Then went off mid Dec and tried to diet on my own adding back some good carbs like fruit and light whole wheat bread products, and occasional sweet treat for the holidays. Did pretty well but gained a few pounds so not wanting to backslide, joined WW for the weekly weigh-in/ pep rallys. Anyway, where I was going with all that was that my stomach really shrank during the whole IP diet process, and in eating less so I can incorporate a few carbs and cheat meals into my diet. And really, I was kinda hungry when I got home last night at 8:30 but just decided to go to bed instead of eating. And lunch is easy since I only have time for a protein shake while on the go. It's when I get home and start to make dinner that I'm in the danger zone and want to eat everything in sight!
  • Steph your dogs description makes me smile Wow on the gym ... that's a wonderful present hope it's near because that's our issue most times gas getting there You could have made your bowl a little soupier just a thought Steph this is me in the evenings ---> It's when I get home and start to make dinner that I'm in the danger zone and want to eat everything in sight! Hope you and I have great late afternoons/evenings

    Cindi your menu looks good, I have a crab cake in the freezer I need to cook but I need to eat my soup and chili since I've made it no waste. Hope your hips feels better soon

    Zucena for a great day ... hope today is the same for you and me ... send me some please

    Suzanne let us know how the pedometer works. I have had some that add steps that I haven't taken and it drives me nuts Suzanne what channel do the documentaries come on? I think I have heard of the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead one. I thought people in China could have two children not sure where I heard that but it's sad to know someone would abandon or kill their baby because it's not a boy. If I was able to I'd take in every unwanted baby/child. We have had our share of children stay with us for various reasons and I love it. LOL glad you can get some good out of TOM

    Jacqui WOOT! on the pound you are coming down quickly Jacqui I haven't had a real whoosh since I started this journey. I think I used them all in 2010. Just check the organic sections of your grocery store they may have it The only thing about these two a month TOM is the flow is only heavy for a day or two but then it's the week of spotting that drives me nuts.

    I have a question on stomachs ... How does your stomach look as you lose weight? Mine is flat on the sides (rather indented) if you can see that and then this poof in the center. The lower is like a squishy smile and the top is hard. The middle belly button part is like a smile flap when I sit down. I need to know what to do about this. It drives me nuts and I know it is about 15lbs. Any ideas?

    I'm up .4 to 168.6 ... hoping for a better weigh in when TOM leaves
  • Good day, fine ladies! I hope your morning went well and the afternoon is off to a good start. I am caring for my grand child Elaina today. Poor baby has pink eye. She is napping now, so I wanted to come and see what is happening on the boards.

    Rennie, that is one of the things I was looking for in a pedometer. Accuracy! I read many reviews that people counted their steps and checked the pedometer and it was right on. Many reviews about this, so that was one of the deciding factors in choosing this one. Will let you know my thoughts as well. Regarding stomachs, mine is flat but thicker because I gained back all of my weight. Now you tell me who you know that goes and does this: I lost a lot of weight and in 2008, took out a loan, flew to the Dominican Republic and had a tummy tuck and breast lift. It looked absolutely amazing. Then I go and get a divorce, see my kids suffer, my mother upset, and I go and gain all the weight back. The surgeon said if I did gain weight, I wouldn't gain the weight back in areas where liposuction was done. So I still have a flat stomach but an *** as big as Texas. Who do you know spends money on cosmetic surgery and then GAINS the weight back? I looked the best I had ever looked in my life. What have I done to myself?!! Anyway, that was then, this is now. All of these documentaries are on Netflix, but you can find on YouTube as well I'm sure. I have an unlimited streaming plan for 4.99 a month.

    Steph, that diet sounds so hard to follow. SO dedicated to stick to it for 2 months. I would have lasted a very short time. But you sure took off a lot of weight in that time! No wonder your belly shrunk!

    Jacqui, whoo hoo! Great job on getting back to where you were! Now it is downward dear! I am very happy to hear this news.

    I love all of the emoticons! Where do you get them? And that Will Power Dust graphic is just darling! I want all of them!

    Check back later. Need to see what baby food Elaina might want for lunch
  • oh wait ,forgot to tell you about my morning. Garbage disposal stopped working and I hand wash dishes, so the counters are full of dirty dishes since the water in the sink leaks so slowly.

    Then early this morning, my daughter tells me there is a beeping noise and she can't figure out where it is coming from. So I am annoyed by it and look all over the house, in the kids' rooms thinking it is something like an alarm.

    Finally find the culprit in the clothes washing machine. A carbon monoxide detector lol. I bought a new one and took it out of the package last night to give to my daughter to plug in downstairs where she and the baby stay. The baby was sleeping and she didn't want to turn the lights on, so she kept the old one in, and I tell her I will plug in the new one this morning.

    After she left for the day, I looked all over for it in her room and can't find it, but hear the beeping noise in the laundry room, inside the clothes washer. She must have grabbed it by accident and washed it with a load of clothes lol. Kids!! God bless them and their cute mistakes.
  • Hey my name is Vi. I'm new here. I just started the slow carb diet two days ago. Already down 2lbs. My diet is almost identical to the OP's. I don't count calories, but I do log what I eat on LoseIt! because at the end of the day I'm curious as to what my calories were throughout the day, guess it's from being used to being so meticulous about counting calories for such a long time. I had such a hard time doing it that way, because mentally I was self sabotaging. I'd set my calories to lose 2lbs a week and I'd go over by about 200 or so, then I'd set it to a pound and a half a week, would go over, one day I got curious and i set it to maintenance, and I went over! It was like knowing I couldn't eat more made me insane and I'd give in. This works SO much better. and at the end of the day I'm eating less calories without even trying to. I love the idea of a cheat day. I've been planning out what I'm going to eat on Saturday, lol. My mother is doing this with me as well and she's having a lot of success as well, and in just 2 days! We are both diabetics as well, I was diagnosed at 12 years old. I have notoriously bad blood sugar numbers all the time. In these two days my BS has gone down and stayed under 230. Which is amazing for me since it's usually over 400 all the time, I'm excited to see the changes there over the next few weeks. My biggest trouble is staying away from bread. I love bread, lol but I'm doing it. Last night we made lettuce wraps with chicken and bacon with a little shredded cheese and ranch. It was delicious. Didn't realize it was going to taste that great, haha. Anyway glad to find this thread, looking forward to reading through everyone's posts. -Vi
  • Suzanne I use to say that I was gonna get a tummy tuck but I have since chickened out. Plus I don't have the money for one and if I did, I have many other things that I need to do first but yay for you and anyone else that has had one We have Netflix so I'll check it out. Hope your grand daughters eye is better soon. (aw she's a baby) I love babies Thanks for the info on the pedometer when you click "Go Advanced" after completing a post, there should be an option/box to add the emoticons. Wow on the carbon monoxide detector

    Hi Vi and to the thread. I'm diabetic also. Glad you have someone to do this with, it makes it so much easier and good job on your losses so far. Keep up the good work oh, bread, crackers, chips, fries are my weakness honestly more so potatoes than bread, smh I love them. and your wrap sounds delicious

    I have done well today food wise gotta get my water in though only 33ozs today so far. One cup of tea and one cup of coffee
  • Oh man, I also love bread - my biggest threat to my diet!!! One day before weigh-in and I had a lean hamburger, but on a sourdough English muffin with leftover grilled onions, ketchup and mustard for breakfast. Okay, not the worst I could do, but not the best day before weigh-in! Then had a protein shake for lunch, as usual, with a side of a very hard, busy, stressful day! - so came home and had 2 diet margaritas while making dinner! Had a large salad and a small bowl of chili for actual dinner - and another diet margarita! (Crystal light Margarita mix, lots of lime juice and slices, tequila, and a splash of Presidente Brandy! Kinda thinking that was on the "naughty" list, but what a day! I am exhausted!!!

    Tomorrow will tell. Not expecting big numbers!!!
  • Steph for a great weigh in tomorrow ... have some water if you're not too full to combat the chili
  • Oh yeah, and could have... should have... thinned my chili...

    ... but it was soooo darn good! Best I've made in a while - and making great chili is one of my things. May also have something to do with the 2 - 3 ft of snow outside!!! Warm comfort foods.... Mmmmm....

    But then there's weigh-in! :0
  • Thanks for the reminder Rennie. Drinking water right now. Probably too little too late, but it is what it is. But thanks!

    But just think... I could have had a bunch of real, calorie loaded margaritas with a full Mexican plate! (Okay, just trying to make myself feel better now!).

    And welcome Vi. (Will try to be a better example tomorrow!).
  • Thank you Rennie & Steph
  • Was wondering if anyone has modified the cheat day? Went through the thread didn't see anything about it, but if I missed it I'm sorry. Was thinking about the cheat day and what I plan to eat (yes I'm obsessing over it lol) and I realized that it is A LOT of calories, far over what my calorie counting maintenance number. I over analyze things I know, but I was thinking, wouldn't it do the same thing (boosting metabolism) and be lower calorie to do a cheat meal (not a whole day) every 3 days? You can only eat some much in one sitting and since the rest of the day is low carb it would be unlikely to go into weight gain numbers and even if it did it would seem to me that it would be far less than an entire days worth. Anyway, thought I'd run it by you guys and see if any of you have heard it modified that way before. Thinking of doing it that way since my will power is short lived lol but if someone has tried it and it bombed out I'd like to know. Thanks
  • Good morning everyone. Very busy week here. I am off to London for the weekend. I'm going to see some friends I haven't seen for years. I know there will be lots of wining and dining so.... I will try and make good choices. We will see!!! Talk again on Monday. Have a great weekend.