The Slow Carb Diet (Thread 2)

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  • B-1.5 scoop living fuel greens
    S-sausage patty
    L-5 eggs, salsa, chipotle BBQ, mayonaise
    S-1 egg, salsa, BBQ
    D-huge chipotle bowl with tons of black beans, steak, cheese, sour cream, avocado
    (2 decaf with heavy cream)

    i was more hungry today than the last few days and eating more too

    i gained 1 lb. i think the late burrito bowl w tons of meat and beans did it. but considering how much i ate, 1 lb is not bad
  • Hi, my peeps! I really am going to have to start getting up ealier or something! I miss y'all!

    This is my 2nd time writing all this! I had explained what all was going on with me and had almost all my personals written out and absent-mindedly clicked on another page to verify what one of you had written and lost it all. Oh well! So here I go again, lol!

    I am on my 2nd week of TOM. Not fun. I've had cravings for chocolate and sweets like crazy but have stuck to the diet. I'm not sure with such strong TOM cravings, though, that I've made the right decision, because I have overeaten on other things, mainly nuts, which is not good, in an effort to offset those cravings. Even during my meals I've gone back for seconds, and let's face it, excess calories, no matter the type, cause weight gain. Because I've been overeating and I've been bloated with TOM for days (and days), I have not weighed in the last few days. I was stuck at 170-172 before that, but with all the food I've been eating, it's probably gone up. I've also not been drinking as much water or tea as usual because I've been on the go and I tend to grab a Diet Dr. Pepper when I'm running around. And I haven't been exercising because physically I've been miserable and I've been really busy. Anyway, once TOM subsides some, I'll weigh again and we'll see! Tomorrow is cheat day, and yes, I'm taking it! I am just dying for chocolate. I considered just going ahead and having chocolate and sweets this past week, but would that really have caused me not to overeat on other things or would I have just overeaten on chocolate and sweets and jumped back into the high-carb cycle? Anyway, I made my choice and whatever the consequences, I'll work with them!

    Rennie, yay on getting back into the 160's! Keep it going! It's understandable having some cake on your daughter's 21st birthday but lay off those potatoes, girlie, and keep losing weight!

    TwoTots, I hope the switch to IP helps! Yay on your clothes fitting more loosely! And of course you need to keep posting here! Also, knitting or doing something with your hands at night while you're watching tv is a great idea. I haven't been watching tv lately, but when I do, I always have my laptop on my lap!

    Steph, I'm here, lol! Great job on being another lb down! Every lb off is a success! Keep it going! Slow and steady wins this race! I hope doing some IP helps to jumpstart your metabolism too! Do whatever works, right?

    McSurf, congrats on the weight you've lost so far! You're doing great! And the water weight from the rice will drop off soon! Oriental food is so good but that rice will get ya! I'm glad the condo fix was an easy and inexpensive one! And I agree with Rennie: Besides helping to up your number of posts, going to Introductions and welcoming new members is a great way to help them. Sometimes we forget what it was like to be so new and wishful and hoping others would welcome you to this new site. Anytime I have time (and unfortunately, I haven't had time recently), I go to Introductions and welcome as many newcomers as I can. I'm sure as soon as you get 20 posts in, you'll be able to post your profile pics, as well as get a ticker, signature, and private messaging! Oh and you know, I've never been tested for osteoporosis, but I probably should because I have very low vitamin D levels. (At one point they were so low, they didn't register at all.) And vitamin D and calcium absorption are related. Losing weight slowly is smart!

    Belief, woohoo on losing 5 lbs already! Whew, I do hope you don't get tired of eggs though. Looking at your meals, you've had a lot of eggs lately! Of course, do what works for you! I just don't want to see you get burnt out on eggs. Oh, and good news, refried beans and heavy cream are both allowed on the Slow Carb Diet!

    Missy, I'm glad you got back on plan! You have a good attitude about it, so good for you! When do you leave for the Carribean? I bet you're so excited!

    Today's Meals:
    Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, 3 sausages, a teapot of green tea
    Lunch: large veggie salad topped with tunafish and ranch dressing, mixed nuts (too many!), Mio water
    Snack: Diet Dr. Pepper
    Dinner: 9 mild chicken wings, water, a cup of green tea

    EDITED TO ADD: I broke down and weighed myself, and I am between 172.5-173.5. I have to admit, I thought it'd be higher!
  • New to the site and forums
    Good morning everyone. I have spent the last two days reading the forums on the site and decided to register. I know how important support is to dieting endeavors from my past experience. I have tried a number of diets, Atkins, Medifast, diet pills, phentermine, HCG. I seem to do fine for awhile, but then get off track and gain the weight back.

    I was divorced in 2009 after a 20 year marriage, gaining back all of the weight I had lost in 2007/2008. I was only 16 lbs from my goal weight before I fell off! Then I lost my job this past December after 22 years of service and have been feeling low about all the years I invested with the company and the manner in which I was let go (I was on a vacation day when my boss sent me a text asking me to meet with her later that afternoon). I am now on unemployment and it is the worst feeling. I have never been unemployed before since I entered the work force. I am a full time student and will graduate in May, so that keeps my head up a bit.

    I bought a bunch of EAS shakes and a pedometer which should arrive tomorrow. My only brother gets married on June 14th 2014 and I look and feel horrible and am ashamed to see friends and family I have not seen in years at this weight. I am about 234 now. My lowest weight was in 2008 at 170 lbs, just 16 lbs from my goal weight of 154 lbs for my height of 5'7.

    I don't know if it is feasible to lose 50 lbs in 3.5 months, but anything is better than this. Low carb has always proven the most successful for me. I plan on doing the Slow Carb diet.

    I wish you all a good day. I want to post daily on the board and will weigh in tomorrow morning, but I'm pretty sure it is 233-234.

  • Hi Suzanne! I'm so glad you've decided to join us! Oh but I am so sorry to hear about your losing your job. I'm sending prayers your way and I hope you get a better job very soon! Good for you going to school, and congrats on being so close to graduation! Now, 50 lbs in 3.5 months is a stretch, but as you said, losing anything will be going in the right direction, and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much you will be able to take off in 3.5 months! Just don't do anything drastic--go extreme low calorie or anything like that. those things always backfire--just do the slow carb diet as intended, or a modified version that works for you, and I have no doubt you'll be able to stick to it long term. Like you, my motivation for getting started again was a wedding. My daughter gets married in April, but the bottom line is good health and the long-term results are what really matter! You can do this!!!
  • Thank you so much for the welcome! I also failed to mention I have hypothyroidism which I did not have when I lost weight in the past. I am taking NatureThroid for it, but not sure if the levels are right. I go back in 6 weeks for checkup. I hope this doesn't hurt my weight loss efforts. All of the women on my father's side of the family as well as my mom have thyroid issues. Now my younger sister does too. Wow, Jacqui, you are really losing weight aren't you! Good for you, you will look amazing for the wedding! I am sure you look amazing now. Feels great to lose!
  • Suzanne, I'm sorry to hear about your hypothyroidism and your family history of it! But if your doctor can get your levels right, it shouldn't hinder you too much. He/She definitely needs to get the meds right though! I was losing weight quite steadily and then my hormones kicked in last month and took me to a dead stop, lol! My time of month (TOM) is no longer regular (I'm 52--fun fun, lol!), and after being a month and a half late, I've now been on TOM for the 2nd week in a row. Last month and this month, my weight has been at a complete standstill. I had gotten down to 168, but I just weighed a few minutes ago and I weigh 172.5. A few hours ago I also decided to weigh (just because I hadn't weighed in a few days and my curiosity got the better of me), and I weighed 173.5, so it's really fluctuating right now. I am very bloated with TOM, and of course midday is not the best time to weigh in general, so we'll see what happens once TOM ends! And yes, I agree, it does feel great to lose!
  • Steph good job on the pound down I am trying to stay focused but I am having a really hard time. I have the soup but can't seem to continue it. It taste fine, I am just all over the place (well my mind and mouth is )

    TwoTots the IP cheat sounds like a plan and isn't it great when you clothes feel loose Good for you

    belief that's what I said about my pound. Considering the potatoes, I'll take the pound for sure

    Hi Jacqui I'm smiling because I have lost my post so many times by doing the same thing LOL. Glad you decided to re-post it all Jacqui to you on doing the right thing with your TOM cravings I am on my second TOM this month this is the second month this has happened. I'm really bloated also. On a good note my husband bought me a pair of jeans, a top and a dress for Valentine's day and my daughter said, "Wow Mom you are skinny!" I think that is so funny because I'm not skinny as we all know. Just not one-hundred ninety something pounds any more. Then I went into a store with my daughter yesterday and she bought me two sun dresses that were on sale. I tried one on for my husband this morning and his response was "WOW" made me feel so good ... so I've got to keep this going. If he thinks wow now, huh wait until this summer when I lose 20 more pounds. I've got to get my focus back though. So Mother Hen if you could check in like you used to I think it will give me that extra kick I need

    Hi Suzanne, and to thread this is a great place to be with great people I'm sorry to hear of all you have gone through and I pray that things get better soon I agree with Jacqui 50lbs is a stretch but you never know what will happen on these weigh loss journeys . I loss 30lbs in 3.5 months in 2010 but can't seem to stay as focused this go around though I am trying ... I will say together we can accomplish a lot and we usually do. The accountability and support of 3FC is beyond compare.

    B ~ protein shake
    L ~ Atkins shake ... then broccoli, bean sprouts and chicken cooked in sesame oil and garlic hoisin sauce
    S ~ cake, Chili's chips and salsa (not a lot)
    D ~ I will have another shake
  • Thank you so much for the support and welcome and it is lovely to meet you all. I am confusing the different diet plans I have done in the past. On Atkins, or any LC plan, can't we eat full fat cottage cheese and full fat dressings and full fat cheese? I read on one of the boards that ladies were eating low fat shredded cheese and I thought that defeated the purpose of low carb. I can't remember what kind of cottage cheese I ate in the past when I did LC. I thought we needed calories from full fat products and protein? Hmm. I need to go back to FitDay and see what I ate back then! I am trying to get as much info about the Slow Carb diet via web as I can't afford the book right now, or any other non necessities. Unemployment wages are ridiculously low. I thought it was a % of salary, but it is capped at a weekly benefit.
  • Jacqui, I think the fluctuation in your weight is probably the time of day you are weighing and yes hormones. I am certain I have some imbalances some where, but without health insurance now, I am not sure how to get it checked. I was let go on 12/13, insurance ended 12/31 and I couldn't get in to see the doctor to get a physical done in those two weeks as my father was in the hospital at the same time with a heart attack. Very rough month. I looked into ordering tests online. I hope they are accurate and reviewed by legitimate doctors. Anyone have experience with this?
  • Hi Suzanne I got the book from the library and since no one has requested it I have been able to renew it a few times ... just a thought
  • The library! Brilliant idea! lol, I forgot all about that, and what is funny is I go to the library the first Saturday of every month to buy books on discount! I will look for this book next month. I just immediately thought "" and forgot there are other ways of acquiring books
  • Rennie, I love hearing about your children calling your skinny and your hubby being wowed by your weight loss! You are so right: Just wait till they see you this summer! You will be smokin'! And I will try to do my best to help you get there!

    Suzanne, oh my goodness, I'm so sorry to hear about your father! My word, the stress you have been through lately, I just can't imagine! I have not ordered any tests online but I don't know why they wouldn't be reliable if the site seems legitimate. I've been to medical labs that have to send their tests off to get results, so I really don't see it as being much different! Oh, and I am one who believes we should be eating full-fat foods, not low-fat versions of those foods.
  • Good morning everyone. It's lovely to see the board buzzing again. welcome Suzanne. I have a hair appointment today, at last, my head is a mess. I weighed myself today, i'm going to use Saturday mornings as my weigh day. I'm down to 223.4 from 229. 5.5lbs since Monday. I'm very very happy with that. Happy Saturday
    BF: Green tea, Protein shake with spinach
    Lunch: Steak salad (out with friends)
    snack: Quest bar
    Dinner: Mock French toast (omlette mix and grated courgette) and WF syrup.
  • Thanks for the tip about posts! I'm looking forward to posting my pix and ticker!

    Today was calmer.....whew! The group got in late tonight. It is a small group of high schoolers, so it should be a good retreat.

    Thanks, Suzanne for the input! Always ready to learn a new thing or two!

  • Good morning! I weigh 173.5 this morning. I am still very bloated and unless I lose some of this water gain from TOM, I'll be weighing even more tomorrow morning, because today is cheat day!

    TwoTots, congrats on a fantastic loss! I'm so happy for you!!!

    McSurf, wow, a retreat with high schoolers! I hope you have a great day!

    2/22: 173.5 Cheat Day

    Today's Meals:
    Breakfast: One boiled egg with hot pepper jelly, 2 pkgs of Quaker Oats brown sugar instant oatmeal with a sprinkle of cinnamon added, a teapot of green tea, Mio water
    Lunch: a Big Mac, fries, Diet Dr. Pepper
    Snacks: 3 York Peppermint Patties, a slice of cheese cake, a slice of carrot cake, Diet Dr. Pepper
    Dinner: mixed sliced fruit, 2 meatballs, 2 pcs of fried cheese, cheese and crackers, sweet tea